Kakegurui: Who Is Kirari Momobami's Love Interest?

One of the most talked-about fanships in the entire Kakegurui fandom is KiraSaya. KiraSaya is the femslash ship between Kirari Momobami and Sayaka Igarashi.

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The two female leads having an intimate moment

Kirari Momobami is a fictional character from the anime Kakegurui. It is one of the best psychological thriller anime which left fans amazed with its storylines, plot, as well as animation. Kakegurui is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The anime television series is animated by MAPPA.

The music videos for the opening and closing themes were released in 2017. The plot of Kakegurui revolves around students who attend the Hyakkaou Private Academy. It is a school for the most wealthy and privileged individuals. The social hierarchy of the school is determined through a series of games where the students must wager their fortunes against one another.

Kirari Momobami is a nemesis in Kakegurui. She is the hundred and fifth student council president and is also responsible for the current hierarchy at the school. She is also the head of the Momobami Clan.  Her family is aligned with Yumeko Jabami’s family. Kirari Momobami might look like a very nice and refined person but she is a very manipulative, cunning and psychopathic person. She knew how to play with other people. Just like Runa and Midari even she had no regard for human life. But somehow this psychopathic behaviour of Kirari is weak when it comes to Sayaka Igarashi.

Kakegurui: Everything About Kirari Momobami
Kirari is responsible for the current hierarchy at the school. She is also the head of the Momobami Clan. Her family is aligned with Yumeko Jabami’s family.
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KiraSaya- The Fanship

One of the most talked-about fanships in the entire Kakegurui fandom is KiraSaya. KiraSaya is the femslash ship between Kirari Momobami and Sayaka Igarashi.


The president combing hair of her love interest
The Brimming Love Story 

Sayaka is the secretary of the student council and Kirari's personal assistant. Sayaka admires and adores Kirari, and is always by her side. Sayaka has had a crush on Kirari since she first saw Kirari gamble, and Kirari finds Sayaka interesting.

When they first met, Sayaka was unpopular, shy, and nerdy. She watched Kirari gamble against the former Student Council President and was impressed by her victory, developing an admiration for Kirari and hoping to see her gamble again. Sayaka asked her if she could be her secretary, and Kirari accepted, saying she found Sayaka intriguing. When she was accepted, Kirari changed her hairstyle.

In Yumemi’s idol performance, and Yumeko and Kaede’s gambling session, Kirari disguised as Ririka revealed her identity during the match. Sayaka was very shocked; however, you can see her clearly blushing. Sayaka came down to do Kirari’s braids for her.

During the match between Yumeko and Kirari, Sayaka was afraid Kirari was going to lose and be kicked from the school, knowing she wasn’t going to be able to stop her (though she did try several times). She was relieved to see that the match was a tie. Kirari then hugged her, letting her know everything was fine.

Presidential Election

Sayaka was against the election, especially since the Momobami Clan was present. She was afraid that Kirari would lose her place of power and tried to stop Kirari from continuing with the election, though as usual, she was unable to convince her.

The female leads having an intimate moment

In a gambling match Kirari participated in during the presidential election, her opponent was hitting on her, and Sayaka threatened the opponent by pulling out a taser. One time, Kirari had plans to attend, and Sayaka attempted to join her so she could be safe. Kirari declined and that worried Sayaka.

How Is There Love Story Related To The Flower Lily?

During the live election broadcast, Yumeko asked Kirari to gamble. This angered Sayaka and she wanted to eliminate anyone who was a threat to Kirari, and she urged Kirari to kick Yumeko out. However, Kirari refused. At this, Sayaka offered to gamble with Yumeko, saying that they would bet their lives. Yumeko then says that their lives are not a high enough gamble; she says that Sayaka must lose everything, meaning her relationship with the president. If Sayaka loses, she must act like a complete stranger toward Kirari. This frightens her, but she accepts the bet, and they play the Tower of Doors game.

Before the game begins, Sayaka thinks that even if she loses, she will forever hold admiration and love toward Kirari, even if she is nothing to her. Kirari notices this and suggests that they heighten the stakes even further; the loser must jump from the top floor, meaning certain death. This way, Sayaka will not only die, but she will die having lost everything, and as a stranger to Kirari, severing their connection for good. Sayaka accepts, saying that she could never disagree with Kirari. As the game progresses, she gradually becomes more confident, saying she will finally make Kirari proud by winning.

Unfortunately, Sayaka lost the bet and Kirari and her had to “become strangers". The idea - along with the fact that Yumeko seemed to understand Kirari better than Sayaka did - devastated her, and she opened the door to jump out of the tower. Before she did, she proclaimed that Kirari is her one true love and that she has never loved anyone as much as she has loved Kirari.

She jumped, resigned to her fate, but was shocked and afraid to see that Kirari had jumped after her. Without knowing, Sayaka had chosen the only door to fall from that had a safety mat underneath. Kirari explains this, saying that Sayaka was logical and rational to her core. Since they are now "complete strangers", Kirari asks Sayaka to become her secretary once more. She says that she does not understand Sayaka and that they are complete opposites, but that is what Kirari likes about her. Sayaka had a scar from smashing her head into a wall, and Kirari licked the blood from it. From that moment on, both become an official couple.

The president trying to kiss her love interest

Toward the end of the game, Sayaka had a lily in her mouth. In this context, it is another reference to the nature of her feelings, as the white lily is often a reference to yuri (the Japanese word for lily), Japanese lesbian symbolism.

Kirasaya is one of the most popular ships in the Kakegurui fandom, due to Sayaka’s crush on Kirari, both of them being in a romantic relationship, and being the first canon ship in Kakegurui. While Kirari's ship with Yumeko Jabami is traditionally more popular, Kirasaya also gained a decent amount of supporters mainly because of the ship’s cannon status.

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