Kakegurui: Who Is Itsuki Sumeragi's Love Interest?

Itsukaede is the fanship between Itsuki Sumeragi and Kaede Manyuda. Kaede was the one who suggested Itsuki join the student council. During their time in the student council, the two eventually became close friends.

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Kakegurui: Who Is Itsuki Sumeragi's Love Interest?

Mary Saotome is a fictional character from the anime Kakegurui. It is one of the best psychological thriller anime which left fans amazed with its storylines, plot, as well as animation. Kakegurui is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The anime television series is animated by MAPPA.

The music videos for the opening and closing themes were released in 2017. The plot of Kakegurui revolves around students who attend the Hyakkaou Private Academy. It is a school for the most wealthy and privileged individuals. The social hierarchy of the school is determined through a series of games where the students must wager their fortunes against one another. Itsuki uses her gambling skills as well as her immense wealth in order to get whatever it is she desires, whether it be a seat within the student council or even her collection of painted human nails. She is manipulative and business savvy and uses her own products in her gambles in order to promote them. Except when it comes to this one person, Kaede Manyuda.

Itsukaede- The Fanship

Itsuki visiting Kaede while he was in hospital

Itsukaede is the fanship between Itsuki Sumeragi and Kaede Manyuda. Kaede was the one who suggested Itsuki join the student council. During their time in the student council, the two eventually became close friends.

During Yumeko's gamble with Kaede, Itsuki comes on the stage and gets asked Yumeko, if she could lend her some cash since she has run out of it. Upon hearing Yumeko's and Itsuki's conversation, Kaede criticizes Itsuki, because she immediately tried to get on Yumeko's side after the student council abandoned her.

Though initially revealing a bad impression of Itsuki, Kaede later reveals, that he isn't mad at her at all and even asks Itsuki to come back to the student council. Yumeko decides to give Itsuki the choice to decide between her and Kaede. Firstly, Itsuki has trouble deciding, she then recalls some moments with Kaede, in which the two are agreeing to become kings together, but Itsuki comes to the conclusion that Kaede looked down on her the whole time, and decides to get on Yumeko's side.

Itsuki trying to talk to Kaede

After deciding, she tells Kaede that she needs to defeat him because they are the exact same. However, Kaede wasn't exactly happy with Itsuki's decision. To Itsuki's happiness, Kaede later loses against her and becomes her housepet. Days after the gamble, Itsuki visits Kaede in the hospital.

In episode 7 of Kakegurui XX, Itsuki visits Kaede again in the hospital, she tries to give him a sliced ​​apple, but he refuses, telling her to leave him alone. Later, Itsuki asks Kaede what he's gonna do now, and tells him that nows is his chance to take the crown. However, Kaede answers that he isn't interested anymore, because he already lost everything.

After Itsuki tells Kaede a few times that he shouldn't give up everything, she gets visibly frustrated by him, because he keeps telling her that he doesn't care about anything anymore. She states that she doesn't want to look at a "coward" like him and leaves the room.

During the Greater Good gamble, Kaede asks Itsuki to fall down that "pit" together, which she happily accepts. It is later during the gamble revealed that Itsuki is in love with him when Miroslava confronts her by pinning her against the wall. Kaede then becomes protective of Itsuki, having to be held back by Ibara from pulling Miroslava off of her.

Itsuki then later in the gamble tells Kaede that she believes in him and that it depends on him whether she loses or wins since she decides to drop out of this election. Itsukaede is the most popular ship for both characters on AO3. This ship is also one of the most popular fanships in Kakegurui, mainly due to Itsuki's canon feelings for Kaede, which made the ship increase in popularity.

Always stood by each other

It is implied that Kaede holds the same feelings towards Itsuki, but it is currently not confirmed. Kaede's feelings are more clear in other Kakegurui works, such as Kakkokari and the Picture Dramas, which portray Kaede as attracted to Itsuki. However, these works are often considered non-canon to the main plot.

Fans of the ship also seem to enjoy Kaede's seriousness and coldness contrasted with Itsuki's cheerfulness and extroverted personality. Many fans also speculate that this ship will become canon, as both characters clearly harbour feelings for each other. This pairing hasn't had much in terms of official art, unlike other ships, making it somewhat hard to come by.

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