Kakegurui: RUNA YOMOZUKI- The Referee

Anime Mar 6, 2021

Runa Yomozuki is a member of the student council. The student council is led by the head of Momobami clan also known as the Kirari Momobami. She even acted as the referee in gambling matches. Runa is a very different kind of character in the whole show.

She is shown in her first year in Kakegurui and in second year in Kakegurui Twin. Just like everybody she wears the standard Hyakkoau Private Accademy uniform. She wears a rabbit kirugumi over her uniform. She loves lollipops and is always seen with them. She likes to play games which is shown many times.

 Runa Yomozuki

Runa Yomozuki often came across as the cheerful, playful and charismatic person, especially in her broadcasts. Unlike the other members on the student council, she didn’t take her work and position very seriously. She was carefree and enjoyed her life to fullest while everyone was worried about their matches, debts, bets and reputation.

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She is shown eating snacks and playing games and being her self in every match and even during student council meetings. However, even if she looked very cool and fun to watch, she had a dark side to her. She got bored very easily and had a streak of cruelty in the matches which indicated that she was capable of psychopathic tendencies.

She has no regards and value for human life and emotions. This psychopathic behaviour of hers is shown when Midari Ikishima picked out her own eye in order pay for a debt against Kirari Momobami. And even during a match between Mary, Ryota Suizui, Miyo Inbami and Miri Yobami, showed that she has no regard for human life. Just like Kirari Momobami, she enjoyed the infamous house pet system very much.

A relatable example to this situation was when she humiliated Mary Saotome over her life planner schedule, telling that she quickly needed to boost her skills in pleasing men which was sexually offensive. She was a very important part of the election gambling matches as she was the referee. She makes sure every player in the game used fair means to play.

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Her laughs made the game way more exciting and appealing. Fairplay was extremely important to Runa as she was never biased while making decisions. She makes sure both the sides were equally listened to and were answerable in every situation, good or bad. She tries to be as fair as possible. Any attempt of cheating was unacceptable to her.

Runa was seen most of the times with the student council’s president Kirari Momobami as she was managing her work and joking around. Runa is good friends with Aoi Mibuomi. She was shown being  insecure about her height and childish looks after she was treated like a child by the younger student council members. But even after everything, she brought fun and liveliness in the show. Her jokes and cheerful character made the show very appealing to watch.

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