Kakegurui Characters Or The Engaging Plot?

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is widely popular as of late. The main reasons are its simple yet interesting setting and engaging plot.

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Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is widely popular as of late. The main reasons are its simple yet interesting setting and engaging plot. The other reason, maybe the most influential of them all, is the Kakegurui Characters. There are a wide variety of interesting Kakegurui characters throughout the series, each having their own visions and styles as they stroll fashionably through the story.

Either they are being manipulated or are doing the manipulation themselves, it’s never a dull moment with this cast. Read More about the Kakegurui plot.

Main Kakegurui Characters

Yumeko Jabami


Yumeko Jabami is probably one of the main Kakegurui Characters, who is probably the favorite character of many fans of the series. Having a simple backdrop as a transfer student to the Hyakkaou Private Academy, she isn’t much to make a fuss over initially to the remaining student body.

But this seemingly polite and modest beauty makes her presence known pretty fast in a really badass way to boot! From a simple transfer student to a Mystery transfer student, Yumeko is shown to have a maniacal passion for gambling, the higher the stakes the better.

When her passion burns intensely within her, her usual Hazel brown eyes start to glow in a bright red, and in this school, this tends to happen often. Coupled with these creepy yet beautiful eyes, she has very long straight black hair with flowing bangs, in a princess-like haircut.

As much as she loves games, she doesn’t like ones in which the outcome is predetermined or too obvious. She is very intelligent; able to deduce how a game will go, see through her opponent’s tricks, and any disadvantages she faces, and then manipulate her opponents and anyone involved to ultimately work in her favor.

She possesses a knack to see through these gambles and then counter them in full swing. Her hyperactive gambling tendencies attract the student council’s attention, and adding to her mystery is the fact that her very wealthy family is seemingly nonexistent.

Even as a “pet” she chooses to stay as such despite the ability to pay it all back easily, in exchange for more gambles and chances to challenge the Council President.

Mary Saotome

Kakegurui Characters

Mary Saotome is one of Yumeko’s classmates. Initially an adept gambler, she is soon overwhelmed by Yumeko in Rock-Paper-Scissors and becomes her pet. Though initially not Yumeko’s ally, in time she comes to support her.

She generally aims for victory and cares more about the social and monetary benefits of gambling. Ultimately aiming to dethrone the Council President, she isn’t quite as well off financially, she is one who adapted and survived through her resilience. In time her skills only grow in gambling.

Ryota Suzui


Ryota Suzui is on the other end of the spectrum, a poor gambler. Despite being Class President, he is Mary’s pet and in debt to her. But during Mary’s duel with Yumeko, he helps Yumeko who in turn pays his debt and befriends him.

This leads to him being very loyal and supportive to Yumeko and even falling for her. He attempts to get her out of her highly risky gambling habits but to no avail. Being simple, kind, helpful, and selfless, not having many ambitions for himself.

These three  Kakegurui Characters form the very core of the series and the story is built up around them. There are many other unique Kakegurui Characters who keep the story interesting as they all explore the recesses of gambling!

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