Kagaya Ubuyashiki No Monogatari

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After the overwhelming episodes of Mount Natagumo, when Tanjiro and Nezuko are taken to the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps to decide what to do with a Demon Slayer accompanied by a demon, the appearance of Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the most interesting.

With the relentless show of power and eccentrics among the Hashiras that left Tanjiro wondering where Nezuko is, to contemplate what will happen to him as a result, Kayaga Ubuyashiki makes his appearance and changes the course of happenings that would follow after this.

The serene presence and respectful tone of the words bring peace to anyone in distress, his presence seems divine and peaceful just with the way his eyes look lovingly at his children. This intriguing and mysterious man had been the backbone of the Demon Slayer corps and knows Muzan a little too well.

Looking back into the early life of Kagaya Ubuyashiki

kagaya's daughters who help him with everything

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the head of the Ubuyashiki family, also called the ‘Oyakata-sama’ (master) by his subordinates. Kibutsuji Muzan, the Demon Lord is known as a distant relative of Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

Upon his first appearance, he seems to be unwell which gradually viewers realize is due to a curse that deteriorates his health day by day. From his forehead to his nose, the curse mark is visible which makes his skin rot and thus blinds his eyes, he relies on his daughters and wife for moving and reading.

Despite the hardships and disability, his tranquil voice and lavender eyes bring peace and demand respect from all the hashiras who bow down before him, submitting to his divine presence.

Despite being the main leader, he lacks the abilities to make him a demon slayer, but his heartfelt care and his distant relation to Muzan puts him in a place to think of ways to train his children to fight evil with everything they have. His conversations carry an incredible weight of enlightenment which motivates and inspires the hashiras to seek his guidance in everything.

He vowed to look after the hashiras and the deceased hashiras, visiting their graves, thinking of ways to defeat Muzan and free the human race from that massive survival threat till his curse renders him incapable of moving.

Curse of the demon blood

nezuko healing tenzen

Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s leadership was confirmed when he was just four years old. Due to the cruel curse imposed on the Ubuyashiki members, his father committed suicide when he was nineteen, hoping that no one else would inherit this disease.

Anyone born into the Ubuyashiki clan had a span of 30 years, and the women were married off to different families with different surnames to combat the curse on them.

This was the reason he became the leader when he was just four. The reason for this curse was their connectivity to the “original demon” so they inherited the blood from the original demon.

He became the Demon Slayer Corps’ leader. He met Amane when he was thirteen and she was seventeen. A priest specifically selected her to be his wife so that she can take care of him.

This did not make Kagaya arrogant or want to be taken care of, but he acted as a considerable man would, and made her take care of him whenever she pleased, and not as an imposed conditioning. Her free will was acknowledged by Kagaya which was the foundation of their marriage.

Abilities of Kagaya Ubuyashiki

an ill man and his 2 daughters

One of the most interesting features of this character is his ability of foresight which every member of the Ubuyashiki family harbors. This ability lets the members of the Ubuyashiki family avoid any disastrous situations with this heightened foresight.

This made build a massive amount of fortune to build their lives. With this convenient ability, the curse is the kryptonite that eventually brings them to their doom. His deductive abilities make him foresee the eventual occurrences and determine the best action plan at hand.

He had guessed several outcomes of fights with the demons which had always been true. Without any prior information, he successfully guessed that Muzan’s only weakness is exposure to the sun.

Decapitating him will not end his massacre.

He also foresaw the outcome of the fight with Daki and Gyutaro and thereby deducing the start of the downfall of the twelve kizukis. He had already foreseen that Muzan will find his whereabouts and commence the final war between the Demon Slayer Corps and the Twelve Kizukis.

Another effective ability that he possesses is his soothing voice which affects everyone in a positive way, relieves them of any ailments, and makes them feel hopeful. His tone of calm and serene words would make any enraged individual feel at peace.

This ability made him an effective leader who loved the hashiras and other demon slayers and asserted his leadership in the most effective way to bring them victory through their triumphs.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the most charismatic and a person with divine peacefulness that exudes from his personality. His tranquil presence is the contrasting relief that keeps a balance between the overwhelming prowess of the hashiras.

His presence is of the utmost value in the anime that has captivated the viewers with the dynamic character arcs that symbolize many characteristics of humans in their beautiful and artistic way.

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