8 Kdramas With Evil Male Leads

Here, We're talking about the evil male leads that have their own background music that just sends shivers down our spines. Read the full article to know who all made it through the list.

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
K-dramas With Evil Male Leads

K-drama antagonists make every story even more interesting—we live for their crazy antics and revenge plans.

Especially if the evil male lead is also a sociopath it makes things even more interesting.

While most of them stress the hell out of us, there are those that are just plain horrifying.

We're talking about the evil male leads that have their own background music that just sends shivers down our spines.

1. Vincenzo's Jang Joon Woo

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Jang Joon-Woo

Don't be fooled by his comical, English-speaking character: Jang Jun Woo wouldn't even bat an eyelash and will immediately kill you once you disobey or anger him.

He really doesn't care about anything or anyone as long as he gets what he wants.

At first, he appeared to be a bumbling lawyer from the Wusang firm company who had comedic traits and seemed to work closely with Hong Cha-young.

However, it was soon revealed that he is actually the de-facto leader and supreme chairman of the nefarious Babel Pharmaceuticals Group.

Furthermore, his real name is Han-Seok Jang, and that he is the true mastermind behind all the illicit activities that Babel Group had perpetrated in Korea.

He is also the older brother of Chairman Jang Han-Seo, who is externally known as the official chairman of Babel Group at the time.

2. Itaewon Class's Chairman Jang

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Chairman Jang

There's something with the surname "Jang" when it comes to villains. This antagonist from Itaewon Class is someone who is very common to see in real life.

CEO of food company Jangga Group. In his years of experience leading Jangga, he develops a strong belief in power and authority as a means to achieve his goals.

Itaewon Class

He meets Sae-Ro-Yi when the latter has a fight with his son Geun-won in high school and expects him to kneel as a submission of his power.

He always wants to be number one, will do anything to bring others down, and not feel any regret.

Plus, his way of raising his equally evil son is by teaching him his immoral ways. Remember when he casually broke that chicken's neck in front of Jang Geun Won?

3. My Name's Do Gang-Jae

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Do Gang Jae

A former member of Dongcheon, he swears revenge against the organization after getting expelled for trying to rape Jiwoo when he lost to her in a match.

One of the most memorable scenes from Netflix's “My Name” is the many encounters between the main character, Yoon Ji Woo, and one of the ruthless gang members, Do Gang Jae.

My Name 

He assaulted Yoon Ji Woo, kidnapped and tortured her and her partner, and basically killed most characters throughout the series.

However, their scenes have developed Yoon Ji Woo’s character from the first episode to when everyone uncovered the truth.

Nevertheless, literally, everyone hates this scarred face villain, while others claim to be afraid of him.

Naturally, therefore, it means that the actor did a brilliant job in portraying his character.

4. The Penthouse's Joo Dan Tae

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Joo Dan Tae 

Baek Jun Ki is a sadistic, power-hungry, greedy and manipulative person. He is a non-basic character as a human being who shows the evil deeds that humans can do in the drama.

In addition, he is the most dangerous character in the drama, with an extremely violent tendency to lose his mind when he gets blood on his face, runs away like a zombie, and smacks the other person's neck.

The Penthouse 

When his anger reaches the extreme, he uses honorifics to others, and when he gets angrier, he speaks back and reveals his murderous intentions.

5. Mouse's Han Seo-Joon

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Han Seo Joon

He is an all-around handsome man with excellent speech, manners, and a good sense of humor.

He is always the first to be invited to TV broadcasts and lectures with a lot of followers.


When a woman he loved was killed by a robber during his study in England, he returned to Korea and met Ji-Eun while concentrating on his work.

He married Ji-Eun and had a child, and he was looking forward to the birth of "Blessings."

There were so many things that he wanted to do and dreamed of when "Blessings" was born.

But with the Headhunter serial murder, his dream plan with "Blessings" was shattered.

Han Seo Joon is a genius psychopath serial killer. He's known as the infamous "Head Hunter"—a monstrous criminal who cuts off the heads of his victims.

It's later revealed that he did this because of his great plans of performing successful human brain transplants.

6. Stranger's From Hell's Seo Moon Jo

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Seo Moon Jo

Seo Moon Jo is Stranger's From Hell psychopath killer Seo Moon Jo is a charismatic dentist who works with Eden Dormitory.

He is loved by the people around him because he is kind and gentle. But he's a psychopathic killer.

strangers from hell 

And he makes things like bracelets and rings out of his victim's teeth. He works with other people at Eden Dormiarty and he is the leader of this group.

The student he trained killed a detective, who was unaware of him, and then Seo Moon Jo killed him.

And he makes Jung Woo his student. His goal is to make him a killer just like himself.

From the outside, he is calm, friendly, and charismatic who communicates well with people.

But he enjoys killing. So he's a psychopath and has a bad personality. He doesn't feel sorry for his victims.

7. Squid Games' Jang Deok-Su

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads
Jang Deok-Su

Jang Deok-Su is a major antagonist in the first season of the South Korean Netflix series Squid Game.

He is a gangster boss in South Korea who decided to participate in Oh Il-nam's 2020 Squid Game in order to pay off the debts he owes to the mafia and to a Filipino casino.

He also is the archenemy of both Kang Sae-Byeok and Han Mi-Nyeo.

Deok-Su is a brutal and sadistic person who terrorizes other players, taking delight in specifically targeting weaker contestants.

Deok-Su is even more violent and evil than the Front Man who is controlling the games, as he lacks any redeeming qualities and is eager to get his hands dirty.

8. Happiness's Andrew

Kdramas With Evil Male Leads

Andrew’s story is complicаted, аnd fаns аre left to wonder who or whаt he is. He is a sociopath who has no regard for human life.

Moreover, he portrays himself to be a kind and good person when in reality he kills people to enjoy.


The K-drama takes a turn when Andrew’s identity and part of his story are revealed.

Andrew’s reveal proves the infected residents are not the only evil in the building.

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