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Junjou Romantica revolves around a high school student Misaki Takahashi who seems to have difficulties with his studies. Later on, when he went to his elder brother, he met a man Akihiko Usami who became a private tutor of Misaki later.

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Junjou Romantica Watch Order
Junjou Romantica Watch Order

Junjou Romantica: Pure Romance is a boy love manga series written by Shungiku Nakamura. The story has focused on four storylines: the main couple, which comprises the bulk of the books, and three other male couples that play their roles in side stories.

The series revolves around a high school student Misaki Takahashi who has difficulties with his studies. Later, when he went to visit his elder brother, he met a man Akihiko Usami who became a private tutor of Misaki.

Misaki also finds out that Akihiko is a famous author and novelist who writes in a genre that contains bawdy and naughty content. The story contains two other couples who face difficulties in expressing their true feelings with each other. They also face other life problems while keeping their relationship upright.

Hiroki Kamijou, a university teacher of classical literature, was also Akihiko’s friend who was in the phase where he was grieving a failed romance. He met a student Nowaki Kusama who wanted his help in his studies when Hiroki was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Eventually, he lends his helping hands to Kusama and, as they both grow close to each other, they start having feelings for each other.

Shinobu Takatsuki, a wealthy teenager, learns that his sister has divorced Hiroki's coworker You Miyagi and decided to date the same man. Interestingly, he was the man who saved Shinobu from a robbery three years prior. However, You Miyagi does not feel the same way and tries to scare him off but, he soon realizes that Shinobu would be willing to do anything for their destined romance.

However, this yaoi anime fills itself with many scenes where the viewer often catches themselves tearing upon some scenes.

Junjou Romantica Watch Order

Release Order

Tv Series

Season 1 (Episodes 1-12)

Korean romance anime recommendation
Korean romance anime recommendation

Season 2 (Episodes 1-12)

Season 3 (Episodes 1-12)


Junjou Romantica Special


Junjou Romantica OVA

Junjou Romantica Watch Order

Chronological Order

  1. Junjou Romantica Special
  2. Season 1 (Ep 1-12)
  3. Season 2 (Ep 1-12)
  4. Season 3 (Ep 1-12)
  5. Junjou Romantica OVA

Junjou Romantica Watch Order

This anime is the first yaoi anime and was loved and appreciated by many lovers worldwide. It contains passion, love, patience, past lives, honesty, obsession, and complications, all added to the lives of three couples in the anime that makes an engaging plot.

Junjou Romantica Episodes List

Season # Title Couple Air Date
1 1 Truth   is stranger than fiction Junjou   Romantica April   10, 2008
1 2 No   use crying over spilt milk Junjou   Romantica April   17, 2008
1 3 Knock   and it shall be opened unto you Junjou   Egoist April   24, 2008
1 4 Fear   is often greater than the danger itself Junjou   Romantica May   1, 2008
1 5 Meeting   in the beginning of parting Junjou   Egoist May   8, 2008
1 6 Good   can come out of misfortune Junjou   Egoist May   15, 2008
1 7 Spare   the rod and spoil the child Junjou   Romantica May   22, 2008
1 8 Away   from home, one needs feel no shame Junjou   Romantica May   29, 2008
1 9 One   good turn deserves another Junjou   Minimum June   5, 2008
1 10 Boys,   be ambitious Junjou   Terrorist June   12, 2008
1 11 All   things are easy that are done willingly Junjou   Terrorist June   19, 2008
2 12 Even   a chance acquaintance is preordained Junjou   Romantica June   26, 2008
2 13 What   happens once can happen twice Junjou   Romantica Oct   12, 2008
2 14 What   happens twice can happen thrice Junjou   Romantica Oct   19, 2008
2 15 Third   time's a charm Junjou   Romantica Oct   26, 2008
2 16 The   mouth is the gate of misfortune Junjou   Egoist Nov   2, 2008
2 17 Many   a true word is spoken in jest Junjou   Romantica Nov   9, 2008
2 18 A   picture is worth a thousand words Junjou   Egoist Nov   16, 2008
2 19 Life   often brings misfortune in times of great happiness Junjou   Romantica Nov   23, 2008
2 20 Love   does not follow logic Junjou   Terrorist Nov   30, 2008
2 21 Out   of the frying pan, into the fire Junjou   Romantica Dec   7, 2008
2 22 Marriage   is made in heaven Junjou   Romantica Dec   14, 2008
2 23 Hate   the sin but love the sinner Junjou   Romantica Dec   21, 2008
2 24 All's   well that ends well Junjou   Romantica Dec   27, 2008
Specials - All   three couples 2008
3 25 All   good things must come to an end Junjou   Romantica July   9, 2015
3 26 Failing   to plan is planning to fail Junjou   Romantica July   16, 2015
3 27 Finding   Hen's Teeth Junjou   Romantica July   23, 2015
3 28 Where   there's a will, there's a way Junjou   Terrorist July   30, 2015
3 29 Even   the longest journey begins with a single step Junjou   Romantica Aug   6, 2015
3 30 A   bolt from the blue Junjou   Romantica Aug   13, 2015
3 31 The   darkest place is under the candlestick Junjou   Mistake Aug   20, 2015
3 32 A   Jealousy too hot may burn a man Junjou   Romantica Aug   28, 2015
3 33 A   battle of Irreconcilable Enemies Junjou   Romantica Sep   3, 2015
3 34 Hours   are like days to lovers parted Junjou   Egoist Sep   10, 2015
3 35 Labor   for love Junjou   Romantica Sep   17, 2015
3 36 True   Love is Fate Junjou   Romantica Sep   24, 2015
OVA (2   Episodes) All   four couples 2012-2015

A person looking for a different genre in a romantic anime series can go for this anime with slices of life stories and complications that come in a relationship.

Enjoy Watching!