What if Sukuna isn't Evil?

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular anime and manga series. The first season of the series aired from October last year to March this year.

The series is extremely popular with characters like Gojo and Sukuna being extremely popular among the fans.

The story revolves around a high school student Yuji Itadori. He is a normal boy living a normal school life with his friends in his club.

Following his only family member, his grandfather's death, Yuji found himself involved in a supernatural world he had never even heard of before.

As a member of an Occult club, Yuji was responsible for finding spooky objects for fun.

He took a cursed object from his school and handed it to his club members, not knowing that this dangerous item can easily claim their lives.

Megumi Fushiguro, a first-year ay Jujutsu Tech briefed Yuji about curses, spirits, and Jujutsu Sorcerers and explained to him why his friends were in danger.

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The cursed object was a finger belonging to Sukuna and it was capable of attracting cursed spirits that seek its powers for themselves.

As Megumi said that the spirits consuming the finger would gain immeasurable powers, Yuji decided to consume it himself when he and Megumi were about to die due to the curses.

If it was a normal situation, the person consuming the finger should've died instantly.

However, there is a one in a million that the cursed object being consumed becomes reincarnated as a cursed spirit.

This is what happened in Yuji's case. Sukuna reincarnated as a spirit and started living inside Yuji's body.

As the primary antagonist of the series, Sukuna is feared by everyone, except Gojo Satoru.

However, there have been instances where Sukuna was actually helpful to Yuji and other sorcerers.

Here, we will discuss if there is a possibility of Sukuna not being evil.

Who is Sukuna?

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Ryomen Sukuna was crowned as the King of Curses during the golden age of Jujutsu, which was over a thousand years before the timeline of the series.

He is perceived as a demon by sorcerers but was actually a human sorcerer.

For unknown reasons, he had four arms and two heads. A thousand years ago, almost all the jujutsu sorcerers joined forces to defeat a single entity.

However, his body was unable to be fully destroyed. As a result, his remains of 20 fingers preserved in grave wax were sealed in talismans and were identified as special grade cursed objects.

Over millennia, the fingers scattered in different places. Sukuna reincarnated as a cursed spirit and currently resides in Yuji's body, laying dormant and planning something related to Megumi Fushiguro.

What if Sukuna isn't Evil?

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It's not something new in anime when a character we perceived as evil turned out to be a really good guy. Take the Naruto franchise for example.

For over a decade, the series made us believe that Kuruma was an antagonist, only to give the fans a major shock revealing the truth.

A similar case happened with Itachi Uchiha as well. So, we can brace ourselves before such a thing happens in Jujutsu Kaisen.

There have been instances when Sukuna didn't really seem as evil as the legends.

When the first years at Jujutsu Tech were tricked into the mission regarding the cursed womb in the juvenile detention center, they were in a dire situation with all their lives hanging in a balance.

Nobara was sucked away from others and was fighting a very strong cursed spirit.

Meanwhile, Megumi and Yuji had to face the recently manifested cursed spirit, which was a special grade.

As the situation stands, Yuji made Megumi leave the area and asked him to find Nobara and escape.

He asked Megumi to give him a signal so he would let Sukuna take over his body and defeat the cursed spirit.

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As soon as Sukuna defeated the curse, he asked Yuji to take over his body again.

This was very odd because in normal cases, Sukuna wouldn't ask to let Yuji take over again.

Instead, he would make sure that he can use Yuji's body for himself for as long as he can.

There was another instance when Yuji was "dead" and was talking to Sukuna in the latter's domain.

Sukuna needed Yuji's body to survive so he offered a pact with two conditions.

One was that he would take Yuji's body for a minute without his permission. The second condition was that Yuji would forget everything about the pact.

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As expected, Yuji declined his conditions because he feared Sukuna would harm the people close to him.

In order to convince Yuji, Sukuna promised that during the time he had control over Yuji's body, he won't kill or injure anyone.

It wasn't an empty promise on Sukuna's side because it was part of the pact, which cannot be defied.

This also led us to believe that maybe, just maybe, Sukuna isn't really that evil. Because what kind of villain promises not to harm anyone?

There are many things about Sukuna that still remain a mystery to the fans. Regardless, we cannot deny that Sukuna is a fan-favorite character despite being the antagonist.

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