Will Gojo Satoru Die In The Story?

Gojo Satoru is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world. However, Geto has a plan for him. What will happen in Shibuya? Will Gojo lose his life?

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If you’ve watched/read Jujutsu Kaisen, you may have strong biases towards certain characters.

However, no matter who your favorite character is, there is one thing every Jujutsu Kaisen fan would universally agree with.

It is fact that Satoru Gojo is in a league of his own. There isn’t a stronger, sharper, or prettier character in the entire Jujutsu world than the blue-eyed sorcerer.

No one can stand up to or stand with the strongest jujutsu sorcerer. However, we saw Geto and his team plan to “take care” of Gojo in earlier chapters of the manga and season one of the show.

This refers to the yet-to-be animated “Shibuya arc” of the manga. What happens in Shibuya? Does Geto succeed? Does Gojo Satoru lose his life?

Major spoilers for the Shibuya Arc and Itadori Extermination arc from Jujutsu Kaisen Manga ahead!

Shibuya Arc

On October 31, Gojo walks through the curtain that has been erected over Shibuya.

As Gojo makes his way through the crowd, he deduces the enemy's intentions and decides to proceed to the basement.

Jogo, Hanami, and Choso confront Gojo as he approaches the underground subway. Gojo then gets ready to fight the three.

As Hanami begins to block all of the exits, Gojo remarks that this is unnecessary because he does not intend to flee.

What follows is an intense, amazing battle between Gojo and the cursed spirits aided by Mahito’s transfigured humans.

We won’t describe the battle as it is definitely something you should read for yourself or wait for it to be animated.

(We aren’t making any predictions but the day the Shibuya arc gets animated, the phrase “breaks the internet” will completely change its meaning.)

At the end of the battle, Gojo manages to subdue Choso and Jogo and kill Hanami. The place keeps getting flooded with more and more transfigured humans.

With his precise control over his technique, Gojo uses domain expansion for 0.2 seconds.

In that time he manages to get rid of all the transfigured humans.

However, in that instance, Gojo notices a small box on the floor. He is about to leave when Geto appears.

Gojo's confusion over Geto's apparent resurrection causes one minute to pass in his mind.

This fulfills the box's sealing condition, causing it to wrap around Gojo.

Gojo realizes this is checkmate because he can't move and can't feel his cursed energy.

“Geto” then proceeds to seal Gojo in the Prison Realm. Inside it, Gojo remarks to himself how he messed up this time.

However, he still has faith in his comrades and students.

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Itadori’s Extermination Arc

Following the Shibuya Arc, Gojo has been deemed an accomplice to Geto.

As a consequence, he’s permanently exiled from the Jujutsu world.

If anyone tried to get him out of the prison realm, they’d be considered traitors to the Jujutsu world as well.

Seeing as how principal Yaga was executed and the rest of Tokyo Jujutsu High students are practically in hiding, things do not seem to look well for Gojo at the moment.

Will Gojo Satoru die in the story?

Gojo Satoru has not been seen in any role since the Shibuya Arc.

We do not know the nature of time and space inside the Prison Realm.

However, during the sealing, Geto made an off-hand remark that indicated time doesn't pass inside it.

A lot has happened since the Shibuya arc. However, Itadori and his companions continue to find a way of freeing Gojo.

From a storytelling perspective, it would make little sense to kill off Gojo after having him incapacitated for so long in the story.

However, because he is an overpowered character, Akutami could take any approach to lessen his influence on the story as it progresses.

Ultimately, this is Itadori Yuji’s story primarily.

Even so, we should also remember Akutami Sensei was ready to kill off Itadori as well.

He has no hesitation in killing off beloved characters whether or not they complete their projected character arcs.

Hence, while Gojo Satoru isn’t dead in the story so far, only Gege Akutami knows what his fate holds as the manga progresses toward its end.

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