Jujutsu Kaisen: Best Fights That Live Up To Its Hype

JJK provides tremendous action and combat sequences in addition to intriguing characters and a thrilling storyline.

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Jujutsu Kaisen includes spectacular action moments in addition to fascinating characters and an exciting tale. The battles are easily among the best in any currently airing anime, and they stand out for being both imaginative and intense.

Season 1 of the anime included numerous thrilling fights that are still fresh in fans' minds. The series has so far given non-stop action from start to finish, from the spectacular combat during the Goodwill Event to the conflicts with the Finger Bearers.

11. Yuta Vs. Geto

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Geto requires greater power to achieve his aim of destroying all non-Sorcerer humanity. He decides that Rika, a super-strong Curse linked to Yuta Okkotsu, is a fantastic source of such strength. Geto must destroy Yuta in order to obtain Rika's strength.

Yuta doesn't understand Geto's motivation, but he knows he won't be defeated by someone who just knocked out all of his pals. So he declares his eternal love for Rika and pledges to stay with her forever if she lends him every ounce of power she has.

This enables him to generate a tremendous beam of energy that not only destroys Geto, but also the Vengeful Spirit Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate and the Maximum: Uzumaki technique that Geto fashioned out of thousands of Curses.

10. Satoru Vs Sukuna

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Jujutsu Kaisen gets right into the action, pitting Satoru against the newly resurrected Sukuna in only the second episode. Due to Yuji's innate ability to restrain Sukuna, Sukuna is only given 10 seconds to battle Satoru, but the two make the most of every second of that time.

Despite his strength and speed, Sukuna is unable to land a strike on Satoru, and Satoru effortlessly dispatches Sukuna with a tremendous blow.

Sukuna, to his credit, takes the hit like a champ and unwillingly admits that sorcerers are bothersome regardless of the age before Yuji reclaims control of his body.

9. Maki Vs Kasumi (And Then Mai)

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Several tremendous conflicts take place throughout the Goodwill Event, but one of the most emotionally charged is the one between Maki and her younger sister, Mai.

Maki fights Kasumi before the combat, who is rapidly overwhelmed by Maki's polearm talents and loses her blade in the process, essentially finishing the fight.

Maki then shifts her focus to Mai. She effortlessly avoids all of Mai's bullets and charges in, but Mai shocks her by shooting a seventh bullet generated with her Construction Technique.

Maki, unfazed, catches the bullet with her bare hand before putting Mai out cold, proving once and for all who is the stronger sister.

8. Panda Vs Mechamaru

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The clash between Panda and Mechamaru is another exciting Goodwill Event encounter. Mechamaru strikes first, shooting one of Panda's cores with a cursed energy beam.

Panda then provokes Mechamaru into launching his Ultimate Cannon from a considerable distance and then unleashes a dizzying combination of blows during the cooldown.

Realizing he must approach near, Mechamaru uses his Ultra Cannon at point-blank range to smash Panda's second core, prompting Panda to morph into his Gorilla mode.

Panda charges forward, temporarily supercharged, and after tricking Mechamaru about the location of his final core, he manages to administer the knockout blow.

7. Nanami Vs Mahito

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The struggle between Nanami and Mahito in Kawasaki City's sewers is truly epic. Nanami uses his Ratio Technique to sever Mahito's arm at the wrist after escaping his first attack.

This inspires Mahito to reveal that his Idle Transfiguration Technique allows him to modify souls, and he uses it to restore himself before flinging a cursed corpse at Nanami.

Mahito then sneaks past Nanami's guard and attacks him with a cursed energy blast. Fortunately, Nanami survives until 6:00 PM, allowing him to gain power with his Binding Vow, Overtime.

Nanami employs his Ratio Technique: Collapse to tear away the sewer wall and crush Mahito beneath the debris before beating a tactical retreat.

6. Nanami & Yuji Vs Mahito

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Despite his greatest efforts, Nanami is unable to defeat Mahito during their first combat, necessitating a rematch. Yuji erupts in a rage as Mahito murders Yoshino, attempting to land as many hits with his Divergent Fist as possible.

Mahito responds by morphing his arms into various weapons such as three revolving blades, a drill, and a massive spiked mace.

Nanami enters just as Mahito is about to deliver the killer blow, and he and Yuji go on the offensive. Mahito, high on the adrenaline of combat, manages to unleash his domain extension and confine Nanami inside, but it is insufficient, and Yuji rapidly breaks through the barrier. Mahito escapes into the sewers before he and Nanami can finish the fight, and he lives to fight another day.

5. Yuji And Then Sukuna Vs Finger Bearer

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The fight between Yuji and the Finger Bearer within the juvenile detention center is the series' most stressful action scenario yet. Despite the fact that he cannot use cursed energy at this time, he volunteers to keep the Curse occupied. Megumi and Nobara can flee and seek assistance. He fights, but the Finger Bearer eventually crushes him.

Yuji enables Sukuna to possess his body in order to survive. Sukuna easily defeats the Finger Bearer by slamming it to the ground and insulting it repeatedly. He plays with the Curse, severing all of its limbs before dispatching the Finger Bearer with his Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine.

4. Nobara & Yuji Vs Eso & Kechizu

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The battle between Nobara and Yuji against Eso and Kechizu begins harsh, but it is also what makes the ending so wonderful.

The two brothers use their Rot Technique: Decay to poison Nobara and Yuji, but unfortunately for Eso and Kechizu, Yuji is immune to most poisons due to his link with Sukuna, while Nobara uses her Straw Doll Technique to insert nails into her own arm to assault the brothers' blood inside her veins.

Yuji and Nobara thus turn the tables on the brothers and go on the offensive. Nobara kills Kechizu with her Hairpin Technique, while Yuji chases down the fleeing Eso and finishes him off with a bone-snapping blow from his Divergent Fist.

3. Megumi Vs Finger Bearer

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Megumi's initial experience with a Finger Bearer resulted in him fleeing, but he refuses to flee in his second meeting. The Finger Bearer has the upper hand right away, putting Megumi on the defensive.

Megumi attempts to utilize his shikigami, but the Finger Bearer is too quick and blasts him into a wall, forcing his head to bleed profusely. He loses control of his shikigami and alternates between states of consciousness.

Megumi wills himself to expend extra effort and manages to activate his Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden just as it appears he has lost. The floor is covered with shadows that grip and fight the Finger Bearer, allowing Megumi to exorcise the Curse with his Divine Dog: Totality.

2. Aoi & Yuji Vs Hanami

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The fight between Aoi and Yuji against Hanami is the most entertaining bout in season 1. Yuji begins by attempting to strike Hanami, but he becomes sidetracked and his first attack is ineffectual.

Aoi slaps Yuji and reminds him to concentrate in response. Yuji attempts again, this time totally concentrated, and delivers a strike with his Black Flash, injuring Hanami.

Aoi then unleashes his Boogie Woogie Technique, and he and Yuji completely overpower Hanami with their lightning-fast combos. Hanami, on the other hand, shows that she can repair herself by draining life from the environment, putting the sorcerers at a disadvantage.

Satoru bursts through the barrier and ends the battle by unleashing a blast of cursed energy on Hanami, who barely manages to escape alive.

1. Satoru Vs Jogo

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While Aoi and Yuji's battle with Hanami is the most entertaining fight of season 1, Satoru's struggle with Jogo is unquestionably the coolest. Jogo ambushes Satoru and fires multiple explosive blasts that look to the land, but he is unable to injure the cunning magician.

Satoru decides to reveal the truth of his technique to the Curse while enjoying Jogo's incredulity. Satoru even takes the time to travel and invite Yuji to observe their fight, demonstrating full contempt for his opponent.

Infuriated, Jogo releases his Domain Expansion: Coffin of the Iron Mountain, only to be met with Satoru's Domain Expansion: Limitless Void. Jogo, unable to move, can only watch helplessly as Satoru severs his head.

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