5 Unanswered Mysteries About Sukuna

Sukuna is the primary antagonist of the series. He was a powerful jujutsu sorcerer over a thousand years ago and is now reincarnated as a cursed spirit. There are a lot of mysteries that surrounds him.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular anime and manga series by Gege Akutami. The first season of the anime series aired from October last year to March this year.

The series is popular with characters like Gojo and Sukuna being extremely popular among the fans.

The story typically centers around a high school student Yuji Itadori.

He is a 15-year-old boy living a normal school life with his friends in his occult club.

Following his grandfather's death, Yuji found himself involved in a supernatural world he had never even heard of before.

As a member of an Occult club, Yuji loved to find spooky objects for his friends.

He took a cursed object from his school and handed it to his club members, not knowing that this dangerous item was classified as a special-grade object.

Megumi Fushiguro, a first-year student in Jujutsu Tech briefed Yuji about curses, spirits, and Jujutsu Sorcerers and explained to him why his friends were in danger.

The cursed object was a finger that belonged to Sukuna and it was capable of attracting cursed spirits that seek its powers for themselves.

As Fushiguro said that the spirits consuming the finger would gain immeasurable powers, Yuji decided to consume it himself when he and Megumi were about to die due to the curses.

If a normal person had consumed the finger, they would've died instantly.

However, there is a one in a million chance that the cursed object being consumed becomes reincarnated as a cursed spirit.

This is exactly what happened in Yuji's case.

Due to Yuji's desperate move to save Fushiguro, Sukuna got reincarnated as a spirit and started living inside Yuji's body.

As the primary antagonist of the series, Sukuna is feared by everyone; curses and sorcerers alike.

Sukuna is a legendary figure in the jujutsu world. Crowned with the title of the King of Curses, Sukuna was perceived as a demon in legends.

Here, we will discuss the 5 mysteries about Sukuna that remain unanswered to this day.

1. Sukuna had Four Arms and Two Heads

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According to legends, Sukuna was a demon with four arms and two heads.

However, Gojo Satoru explained to Yuji that Sukuna was, in fact, a human sorcerer.

So, the fact that he developed one extra head and a pair of arms doesn't make sense.

Even in a supernatural world such as in Jujutsu Kaise, it's completely unheard of a human sorcerer possessing such unique physical traits.

It was hinted in the series that Sukuna developed those extra physical parts at some point in life after gaining immense powers as a sorcerer.

However, till now, we haven't seen a glimpse of any cursed technique capable of doing that.  

2. Sukuna Looks Exactly Like Yuji

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It makes sense that Sukuna looks like Yuji whenever he takes over the latter's body.

But the fact that even in his innate domain, Sukuna looks like the exact replica of Yuji is a bit unsettling.

There are several fan theories that suggest the possibility of Yuji being Sukuna's descendant so they ended up sharing the same face, but that's not true at all.

According to Akutami, Ryomen Sukuna never had a wife or children, so Yuji being Sukuna's descendant is out of the question.

3. Sukuna was Unable to Take Control of Yuji's Body

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In the first episode of the series, Megumi was baffled by the fact that Yuji consumed Sukuna's finger to save him.

His first thought was that Yuji will either die or help Sukuna reincarnate as a cursed spirit.

However, never once did it cross his mind that Yuji may end up being in control of his body after the incident.

Not just Megumi, even Gojo, and Sukuna were astounded by the fact that Yuji can suppress Sukuna so easily.

This hints at the fact that Yuji had some unknown powers even before consuming the finger.

The origin of his parents also remains a mystery.

There are several fan theories suggesting that it is due to Yuji's mysterious abilities that he can keep Sukuna dormant within himself.

Unfortunately, nothing like this has ever been explained in the series.

4. Sukuna's 20 Fingers Compile all his Powers

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Sukuna's fingers together make up for 100 percent of the powers that he had over a thousand years ago before his death.

But it was never explained why only his fingers possess all his powers.

According to the legend, after the group of jujutsu sorcerers killed Sukuna, they cut off his fingers and sealed them away.

This leads to two possibilities. It was either those sorcerers that sealed Sukuna's powers in the fingers or it was Sukuna himself who did that to have a chance of reincarnation.

Regardless of the theories, there was never a clear answer to this mystery.  

5. Sukuna's Real Name and Past Life

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Many fans believe that Ryomen Sukuna was his real name. However, it was only a title granted to him by the sorcerers of his era.

In Japanese legends, there was a spirit/person having the same name and was known for his strength and intelligence.

Referring to Sukuna as Sukuna is a symbolism of the fact that he is unparalleled in strength and wit.

Sukuna's real name and his past life remain a mystery to us all.

The jujutsu world is a mess, tainted by the clans who like to remain in power and suppress those whom they see as a threat.

By now, we have all found out that not all sorcerers are good.

There are several fan theories suggesting that Sukuna wasn't that evil except for the fact he cared about himself.

His death and every detail of his life may have been purposely hidden by the jujutsu sorcerers.

Whether or not he was evil, we can expect that the revelation of his past will definitely blow up our minds.

Jujutsu Kaisen: What if Sukuna isn’t Evil?
Sukuna is the primary antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He was a powerful jujustu sorcerer over a thousand years ago. In the series, he was reincarnated as a special grade cursed spirit.