Joo Dan Tae vs Han Ji Young: The Most Villainous Character?

Joo Dan Tae (Penthouse) vs Han Ji Young (Mine) | Who reigns as the most villainous Character in 2021 Kdrama Universe? Is Joo Dan Tae more Evil than Han Ji Young?

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2021 is just the right year for K-drama bingers! There are two Kdramas that have captured the hearts of people in Korea and internationally. Penthouse: War in Life produced by SBS and Mine by TvN are driving people insane for the wait for the next episodes. Mine, the 16 episode drama will finish airing on 27th July 2021, whereas Penthouse season 3 will finish airing on 20th August 2021.

The Penthouse has 3 seasons with 10 episodes and what drives Penthouse and Mine Kdrama towards popularity are the two evil characters that fans love to hate. Joo Dan Tae from Penthouse and Han Ji Young from Mine Kdrama, are the epitome of psychopath and evil.

The actors have done such a phenomenal job to portray their roles, that literally gives the fan creeps and shivers, and how fans would wish both of them to just..die? Or Worse, probably incarcerated. Joo Dan Tae vs Han Ji Young: Who’s the evilest Kdrama Villain? Who will you bet on?

Joo Dan Tae (Penthouse) vs Han Ji Young (Mine) | Actors

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Lee Hyun Wook & Uhm Ki Joon

This isn’t the first rodeo for actor Uhm Ki Joon to play a negative role. The actor is versatile and every role he has played has been different from the previous ones. From popular lovable role in Dream high to evil incarnate in Penthouse Kdrama, Uhm Ki Joon has shown his dynamic and versatile acting that makes you love and hate him at the same time.

Hate the character, not the actor, please! Lee Hyun Wook has played the role of Han Ji Young in Mine. On one side we have Joo Dan Tae, and on the other hand, we have Han Ji Young.

Actor Uhm Ki Joon is famous for his role in Dream High, Phantom, Defendant, I’m not a robot, and other movies and drama. The list is huge! Actor Lee Hyun Wook is famous for his role in 3 Days, Mrs.Cop 2, Strangers from Hell, Search, and other movies and dramas.  

Both the actors have portrayed the role of a deranged, self-centered, conceited and extremely ambitious person who wouldn’t have second thoughts before killing someone. They enjoy the thrill to trample over people and love tormenting their wives. The characters have a very similar nature, but the question is still haunting our minds, Joo Dan Tae vs Han Ji Young, who is the best Vilain?

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Who is the most despicable and evil character?