Ji Sung is Back with The Devil Judge Kdrama in 2021

If you love action-packed and suspense-filled Kdramas, The Devil Judge is just the drama for you. Ji Sung is back again to Charm us with his acting skills in the Devil Judge along with Jin Young from GOT7.

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Ji Sung is a Korean actor famous for his notable roles in Secret Love, Kill Me Heal Me, Entertainer, Defendant, Doctor John and several Kdrama. The Korean actor is back with a brand new project - The Devil Judge in 2021. Ji Sung starring The Devil Judge is airing on TvN from 3rd July 2021. The Devil Judge is slated to have 16 episodes starring Jin Young (GOT7), Kim Min Jung, and Park Gyu Young in notable roles.

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Ji Sung’s dramas are always phenomenal. His acting skills are highly refined and he can deliver any kind of performance his role requires. Ji Sung last starred in Doctor John Kdrama in SBS (2019). The coincidental thing between Doctor John and The Devil Judge is Ji Sung’s character name: Both of them is Yo Han. The name Yo Han definitely suits Ji Sung!

He is back as Kang Yo Han in The Devil Judge in 2021. Don’t forget to watch this drama and get enamoured not just by Ji Sung but Jin Young as well. The entire cast of the Devil Judge has been amazing.


The Devil Judge is based in a future dystopian Korea where people were affected by some kind of virus. If it’s Covid or not, it’s not mentioned, but the virus was deadly enough to decimate a large section of the population in Korea. The current scenario has created a difference in the Korean societal hierarchy where the gap between the rich and poor has widened.

In this dystopian Korea, Ji Sung stars as Kang Yo Han, a righteous, cold and brutal judge who’s extremely loved and favoured by the public. The Devil Judge introduced a concept of the open live court where the common people can participate and help to render judgement on criminals using an app to raise their voice. Kang Yo Han is assisted by judges Kim Ga On (Jin Young) and Oh Jin Joo (Kim Jae Kyung).

Ji Sung as Kim Yo Han | The Devil Judge

Ji Sung is playing the role of Kim Yo Han, a judge in the Korean dystopian court who has his own principles of justice. He thinks that justice is a relative term and the system has abused the concept of justice. In a tragic accident, Yo Han lost his brother, the only family he had left.  

It’s clearly been an impressive development since the role in Doctor John where he played the role of Dr Cha Yo Han. Notably, there’s one thing consistent in both Yo Han played by Ji Sung is that the concept of justice can e twisted based on how it is executed.

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Jung Sun A played by Kim Min Jung is a secretary of the Social Responsibility Foundation. She is one hell of a twisted lady who can’t be undermined. Sun A is entangled with Yo Han through his past and would not stop in anything to achieve what she wants.

Kim Ga On is a righteous and kind judge who has a tragic history, His parents were scammed in a scheme orchestrated by powerful people. As a result, his parents end up passing away, leaving him behind.  Ga On gets support from his only childhood friend Soo Hyun played by  Park Gyu Young. She is a cop who is suspicious of Yo Han and keeps investigating the circumstances around Yo Han and the live court.

The Devil Judge | Review

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So far 10 episodes of The Devil Judge are out and the Korean drama is totally catchy.  The Devil Judge presents a new concept and Ji Sung is absolutely breathtaking in it. The chemistry and vibe between Ji Sung and Jin Young are worth noting. All the 10 episodes are not repetitive and the judgement they deliver is always new and refreshing.

It was good to see a manipulative Yo Han as Ji Sung, who’s busy pulling strings and creating troubles for the foundation. The Devil Judge has been a refreshing Korean drama that is different from the one currently airing. The show introduced the concept of a live court where people can participate was new. They even introduced flagellating as a punishment that can be too barbaric for the modern era.

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The episodes always end up in cliffhangers, so waiting for all the episodes can be a bit difficult, but that’s also a part of enjoyment while watching ongoing Kdrama. The Devil Judge with Ji Sung makes the weekends worth it! With Penthouse Kdrama back but airing once a week, The Devil Judge is highly anticipated. Don’t forget to stream and watch The Devil Judge and enjoy Ji Sung’s amazing performance. If you’re a fan of GOT7 Jin Young, then The Devil Judge is highly recommended!

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