Jdrama Male Lead Characters Appreciation | Which Character is Timeless?

Which Japanese Drama male lead character is timeless and memorable? Which character/actor is a fan favorite?

Jdrama Male Lead Characters Appreciation poster

Nothing better than Ikemen especially in a Jdrama. Over the years there have been countless Japanese dramas and some characters are here to stay, making the characters larger than life.

What makes Jdramas so appealing is that most of them are live-action adaptations of mangas and light novels. The characters come alive when the Japanese actors portray them.

There’s no denying that some characters are stuck in our heads even if the Jdramas are over. Which Jdrama Male lead characters remain timeless?  Which male lead character in the Japanese Drama can you never forget? Let’s check them out!

Shimamura Sora (Black Cinderella)

Black Cinderella

Itagaki Mizuki in Black Cinderella Jdrama made the male lead character Shimamura Sora so likable. His portal of the character as he played the central role in helping Kamiya Manaha and Tachibana Keigo.

We often either like the second male lead so much or cry for them because they just don’t get any justice. The character was so memorable and emotional and the bromance between the male characters when fighting with sincerity for their love was just soothing.

Shimura Takafumi (Invisible)


One of the best Jdramas of 2022, Invisible introduced us to Shimura Takafumi. It could be a personal bias as actor Takashi Issei played the role of  Shimura Takafumi, but we can’t help to fall in love with this character.

Everything in the drama was perfect and the major reason was because of Shimura Takafumi. He would do anything to get justice.

Chishiya Shuntaro (Alice on Borderland)


Let’s give a huge shout to the actor Murakami Nijiro for delivering Chishiya Shuntaro in Alice on Borderland. It’s an undeniable fact that Chishiya was a show stealer in the Jdrama.

The man knows what to do and how to manipulate everyone to get what he wants. He didn’t hesitate to play Arisu in the back of his mind and threw him under the bus when the situation wasn’t favorable to him.  Yea, all hail Chisiya the sly manipulator.

Kurosawa Yuichi (30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii)


Cherry Magic Jdrama is a favorite where we see the Kawaii Adachi and Kurosawa getting worried about countless things. What makes Kurosawa Yuichi such a memorable and timeless character in 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii is his kind demeanor and he constantly cares about Adachi Kiyoshi. It’s like his thoughts are only focused on Adachi.

Kurosawa Yuichi is played by Machida Keita who showed fans the different sides of Kurosawa. This character is so different from Alice on Borderland’s Karube Daikichi.

Ryohei Arisu (Alice on Borderland)


The reason why we like Yamazaki Kento in every project is that the actor brings out the best. Alice on Borderland is still fresh on our minds with Arisu and others leaving us with a massive cliffhanger.  

Ryohei Arisu played by Yamazaki Kento in Alice on Borderland made us cry and worried as he marches alone in the life survival/ death game. His different emotions and cry for justice with intellect were hard not to notice.

Saruwatari Keita (Okane no Kireme ga Koi no Hajimari)


Honestly, it was so hard to watch the last episode of the Jdrama without crying buckets of tears. Saruwatari Keita played by the late actor Miura Haruma made the character worth it.

Keita doesn’t understand the concept of saving money and treated money without a care. The difference in philosophies between Keita and Reiko in terms of money was a good watch.

Nanba Tsuyoshi (Nanba MG5)


The list would be a grave sin without the honorable mention of Nanba Tsuyoshi from Nanba MG5 Japanese drama. Actor Mamiya Shotaro brought the character of Nanba Tsuyoshi alive.

The reason Tsuyoshi is such a priceless character is because of his precarious double life. Although hard and struggling, Tsuyoshi is there for his family, and friends and even helps strangers. The Mr. Student Counsil President feat Toppuku is here to stay in our hearts. The drama is so amazing because of Tsuyoshi.

Dojima Otaro (Todomo no Kiss)


Who doesn’t love a character who can wreck with time, no? Meet Dojima Otaro, a selfish, self-centred, and pretty much a narcissist who likes preying on others’ weaknesses. Yamazaki Kento made Dojima Otaro so memorable as he lies through his teeth, schemes, and plans to bring Namiki Takauji (Mackenyu) down.  You will love and hate Dojima Otaro by the end of the Jdrama and feel worried about his last-ditch effort.

Hiragi Ibuki (Mr. Hiragi’s Classroom)


A meek and easily bullied teacher who turns exactly 180 degrees to show his true colors. Meet Hiragi Ibuki from the Jdrama Mr. Hiragi’s Classroom who changed so much with his extreme measures. Suda Masaki nails the role of Hiragi who had everything planned. He used ruthless methods to serve justice and doesn’t give a care about (his life) death.

Sakama Masakazu & Maribu(Yutori Desu ga Nani ka?)

main characters from Yutori Desu ga Nani ka?

The slice-of-life Jdrama made us feel nostalgic. The portrayal of three friends especially Sakama Masakazu made us cry tears and even laugh our hearts out. Actor Okada Masaki knows how to bring out the best in the male lead character Sakama and it felt like the character will just stay in our hearts rent-free.  

Maribu Michigami was another character in Yutori Desu ga Nani ka? Jdrama that made us scream, laugh, and feel every emotion. Yagira Yuya was made for this character and the friendship dynamic was amazing.

Akagi & Yurine (ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad)

Akagi & Yurine

The dynamic duo from ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad Jdrama, Samon Akagi, and Tamohisa Yurine are a match made in heaven, literally. The duo solves the crime and does everything to serve justice within the law.

The characters didn’t start out with a good beginning but by the end of the series, they cared about each other. The angst and comedic timing were amazing thanks to actors Tatsuya Fujiwara and Okada Masaki making the character come alive.

Ikuyo & Tatsuya (Ouroboros)

Ikuyo & Tatsuya

Yes, this might be very biased but the characters from Ouroboros Jdrama have a different twist and spin on the sad tale. Ikuyo Ryuzaki and Tatsuya Danno made Ouroboros memorable to the extent it’s hard to forget the characters.

Another reason to enjoy the cop and yakuza characters is because of Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun who presented their version of a goofy and serious version of the Ikuyo and Tatsuya respectively.

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