J-Hope: "Jack In The Box" More Song Review

J-Hope wants to express how important his talent is to his existence from the beginning of "More. And the music video is all to it. Read to know more.

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ARMY, the moment has finally come. BTS has officially launched the rollout of each member's songs as bonafide solo artists with the July 1 release of J-debut Hope's single "More."

"Jack in the Box," J-highly Hope's anticipated debut single off his next album, sees him fusing his characteristic gritty hip-hop beats and lyricism with a new sound: rock! Heavy-metal guitars ring out every time J-Hope enters the chorus of "More."

The song, which is mostly in Korean, expresses J-Hope's desire to push himself musically beyond his comfort zone in order to keep his enthusiasm alive.

Check out the English translation of J-Hope's "More" here, then keep reading to have a better understanding of the song's content.

What Do J-Hope's "More" Lyrics Mean?

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J-Hope expresses how important his talent is to his existence from the beginning of "More," and he reiterates this fact multiple times throughout the song.

"Yeah, I'm thirsty / I'm in my element / Soak up the music... That's half my life / Reason for living / Joy of living / Driven to continue, "In the first verse, he raps.

He emphasizes the importance of improvement, citing 11 years of "endless learning" to become the self-taught rapper and producer he is today.

He goes on to say that while crafting music that resonates with his followers is essential to him, his connection to the music is ultimately what matters. "Make it mine, make it right / Someone's favorite song once more," he says.

Verse two appears to be a time-lapse as J-Hope muses on his achievement. At one point, he raps, "I want it, stadium with ma supporters, still / Bag all the trophies and Grammys too".

But in the next breath, he drags himself back down to Earth, emphasizing that celebrity and success aren't everything if the art he's doing isn't rewarding, which is why he always wants more.

"I already know that fame and money aren't everything / My work allows me to breathe, so I want more."

The chorus of "More" appears to be the song's most basic component, with J-Hope repeating the phrases, "Hah! "Shout out," I say, "more,"/ Hah! Sure, because I want some more! "It serves as the song's emotional center.

J-Hope shouts the lyrics passionately, representing his visceral desire to delve deeper into his talent and reveal more parts of himself to the public.

J-Hope raps in the song's outro, "Keep my desire, I gotta go / I'm still (not enough)," implying that he will always strive for more.

How Does J-Hope's "More" Music Video Connect to the Lyrics?

A box is given to J-Hope in a dark room at the start of the "More" music video.

J-Hope is then shown performing "More" in various settings, such as an office building surrounded by workers, a hospital bed while getting an X-ray of his skull, or a room with a zombie-esque band.

Finally, the music video concludes with J-Hope peeking into the now-opened package he received at the start of the tape, which reveals mini versions of the rooms he was performing in throughout the video. He shuts the box.

J-closure Hope's of the box could mean that he refuses to be pigeonholed into a single concept or genre, and "More" symbolizes only one form of J-Hope.

He shuts the box on the rooms from his "More" video because he may perform in more "boxes" in the future.

Finally, the idea that J-Hope can fit into numerous boxes relates to the theme of his new album "Jack in the Box," because a Jack in the Box is essentially supposed to surprise you.

The lyrics of "More" guarantee that J-Hope is continually working to improve his craft and refusing to be boxed in, so listeners can undoubtedly expect even more unique and intriguing sounds in whichever "box" J-Hope opens next.

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