J-Hope: "Jack In The Box" Album Arson Song Review

After all of the sunshine mixtape themes, J-Hope of BTS has another side of himself that he wants his fans to see. To learn more about him, read this article.

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BTS have officially begun a new exciting chapter in their musical careers with this latest release from the 28-year-old rapper, as they individually focus on solo endeavours following their previously announced hiatus from releasing songs as a group.

Though the septet has previously issued solo singles, collaborations, and mixtapes, J-new Hope's 10-track studio album heralds the start of a new era of full-length individual album releases from each BTS member.

This is his first official album 'Jack In The Box', j-hope aims to showcase a strikingly different side to his music and character.

The album contains a total of 10 tracks including the "Intro", "Pandora's Box", "MORE", "Stop", "= (Equal Sign)", "Music Box : Reflection", "What If...", "Safety Zone", "Future", and "Arson".

The powerful MV for "Arson" dramatically captures j-hope's honest thoughts and feelings about the road he has walked on, people's views and opinions of him, and the road ahead for him as an artist and an individual.

Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about the music and Army's thoughts on the new single Arson. To be honest, fans hear the same strengths that we did with More.

This is clearly a passion project for J-Hope, which is a refreshing change from the corporate polish of the Dynamite/Butter/Permission To Dance era.

He deserves some artistic catharsis, and the lavish nature of songs like Arson provides something for listeners to gnaw on. This is a straight-up hip-hop banger with poppier aspects such as sung choruses.

For this strategy to be effective, we are looking at a good beat and/or a dynamic flow that captures and holds our attention. Arson contains aspects of both. The rough, nearly industrial production has a chilly, mechanical charm.

The distorted synth creates a terrific texture that feels straight out of the early 1990s. J-Hope's performance follows the beat's repetition, creating an aggressive flow from the outset.

This never slows down or fluctuates much, emphasizing emotion and intensity above all else. This, combined with Arson's brief duration, makes the song feel more like a mood-setting intro than a lead single.

Arson and More are probably the rawest and banger songs by J-Hope. J-Hope wished to tell his different side from this album and we guess he did.

What Do J-Hope's "Arson" Lyrics Mean?

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The album's overriding subject of J-Hope's desire to show oneself unedited and unrestrained is echoed in "Arson." "Let's burn / It's done," the singer-songwriter sings over scary siren-like sounds and simple, gritty percussion.

The song, which combines elements of electronica and hip-hop sounds, finds the musician at a crossroads in his illustrious musical career, contemplating where to go from here.

"If somebody asks, 'Right, I kindled the flame,' / Now I question myself, pick what / Do I put out the fire or burn even brighter," J-Hope muses in the chorus.

As the song unfolds, J-Hope begins to confront the inevitable pressures and worries that come with his level of success.

In the third stanza, he raps, "My dreams, done / Success, done / My part of the job, done / What else, none / Less is more / Leaving when there's still applause, that's my style."

Though being a member of BTS has brought J-Hope enormous fame and popularity among legions of followers, the singer just briefly mentions the group's choice to take a break rather than burning the candle at both ends.

"Setting the fire / Is something I did for myself / Who thought the world / Would go up in flames," he goes on, implying that realizing his potential as a solo artist broadened his knowledge of his work.

While it must have been frightening at first, embracing this side lead him to unlimited possibilities as a musician even at the pinnacle of his fame.

How Does J-Hope's "Arson" Music Video Connect to the Lyrics?

J-Hope begins the accompanying "Arson" music video by slowly strolling beneath a bridge, Joker-style, with flaming automobiles all around him.

As the world around him burns, the singer, clothed in clean white overalls, appears to be unharmed by the fire.

As the situation worsens, billowing fire smoke fills the entire screen, revealing the vocalist scorched and blistered. The camera pans into the singer's body to reveal his beating but burnt heart.

"'Cause with my fans / With my label / With my fellaz / We burn bright together," the song's lyrics begin. J-Hope reflects on how his supporters give the group the strength to face even the most vexing haters and problems.

When the critics are down, J-Hope and BTS are up. then pans back out to reveal J-Hope smiling despite his ember-like wounds.

However, it might also be viewed as the singer shattering public stereotypes as he sets those false perceptions on fire and emerges brighter than ever before.

J-Hope is on the ground as the shocking news unfolds, the blazing figures surrounding him spelling out the word "arson."

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