Isekai Ojisan - A Fantasy Adventure In Another World Gone Awfully Wrong

Takafumi's uncle, Yousuke Shibazaki returns back to reality after being in another world for 17 years. Isekai Ojisan is a show about his daily life and countless struggles with change after getting back to Earth.

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What could possibly go wrong in an isekai adventure when you are the protagonist? Well, according to Takafumi’s uncle’s experience, life in another world is tough as hell.

With the isekai genre being oversaturated, this gem of a series that takes a different route from the rest will keep you up and make you question everything about it.

The Plot

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After 17 years in a coma, Takafumi’s uncle, Yousuke Shibazaki suddenly regains consciousness one day and is put under his nephew’s care.

To Takafumi’s surprise, his "Ojisan" claimed to return from another world called Gran Bahamal.

The duo starts living together and even create a YouTube channel in order to make money while showcasing Ojisan's magical abilities.

Every day becomes a different kind of struggle for Takafumi as he tries to get his uncle up to date with the technology and current trends.

Not Your Usual Main Character

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Ojisan is a character unlike any other and that is exactly what makes the anime a fun watch.

While a typical isekai protagonist is an overpowering charismatic individual, Yousuke Shibazaki is an ugly oddball in comparison.

During his time in Gran Bahamal, Ojisan was criticized and even faced a lot of hardships due to his bad looks.

Not only this, people even took up weapons against him, due to often being mistaken as some sort of monster because of his ugly face.

The protagonist was also called orc face as well throughout his time in the other world.

Ojisan as a person is also bad at communicating with people and reading his surrounding atmosphere.

This led him to be dragged into misunderstood situations, making his time in the other world even harder.

The Cringe Is Real

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Isekai Ojisan does a very good job of keeping the anime light-hearted.

The main character, Ojisan's ability to read the situation wrong every single time and then ensuing chaos is going to make you cringe really hard.

Even the show's supporting characters are clueless most of the time, making situations worse and creating misunderstandings.

The entire show is packed with intentional travesties and sarcastic comedy. It also makes sure that the viewer faces a lot of secondhand embarrassment just by watching the characters' choices.


Isekai Ojisan is one of the few recent isekai anime that gives you a fresh breath of air.

Its storyline is quite contrasting from the other countless "adventure in another world" genres in the anime industry.

The anime also portrays the concept of 'escapism from real life' through games and anime, so it is quite relatable to the viewers.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a light-hearted anime to lift up your spirits, then Isekai Ojisan is a must-watch.