Is Woori The Virgin Kdrama worth watching?

What makes Woori The Virgin Kdrama interesting? What will happen to oh Woo Ri and Lee Kang Jae?

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The SBS Kdrama Woori The Virgin is adapted from the American drama Jane The Virgin.

Woori The Virgin Kdrama stars Lim Soo Hyang as Woori, a young assistant writer on a popular tv drama. Due to medical malpractice, Woori becomes pregnant with Rafael's child.

Rafael, the cancer survivor has his own issues going with his wife Lee Ma Ri. Oh Woo Ri who has been dating her boyfriend of two years was soon to get married. That’s pretty much the premise of Woori The Virgin Kdrama.

The show has been adapted and some elements may have been the same, and some might be changed to suit cultural appropriateness. The real question is can the Kdrama maintain the same momentum as the American original series?

Is Woori The Virgin Kdrama worth watching? The story, the plot, and the characters are pretty well known, what does the Korean adaptation has to offer, let’s find out.

The characters

Woori (Oh Woo Ri) is an assistant writer in the famous drama of actor Choi Sung Il. Little does Woo Ri know that Choi Sung Il is her birth father.

If things weren’t complicated enough, Woo Ri’s mom Oh Eun Ran lied to her daughter her entire life and told her that her dad passed away.

The topic “Dad” is pretty much a forbidden word in Woori’s household. Woori’s grandma is a huge fan of actor Choi Sung Il without knowing the identity of the father.

In the original Jane The Virgin series, the character of Jane is pretty tough, independent, and strong. In comparison, Woori seems very kind, almost a crybaby, and definitely can’t be classified as an independent person who thinks running away is a solution for things.

Not sure if it’s an original trait, but Woori seems very fickle-minded and judges things very quickly. Raphael, the original owner of the sperm is having his own issues with his wife Lee Ma Ri.

Lee Ma Ri is shady and is busy committing adultery. Meanwhile, Raphael was busy battling cancer and his father and wife and taking to tuns to traumatize the hell out of his life.

Woori is dating detective Lee Gang Jae. Lee Gang Jae is investigating the Diamond Medical Foundation.

The medical mishap changed Woori’s life completely when she became pregnant. Lee Kang Jae was flustered and even tried to cover up Lee Ma Ri’s involvement, although there was no concrete proof of her involvement.

What will happen to oh Woo Ri and Lee Kang Jae?

Both of them seemed like star-crossed lovers but the relationship wasn’t meant to be. They bitterly broke up and it was not even hinted at. Lee Kang Jae wanted to make Woo Ri happy but it didn’t work out.

After the appearance of Rafael and Woo Ri’s dad, things went downhill for the couple.

The couple had so much potential and it even felt like they were the endgame, sadly, Woo Ri and Kang Jae broke up out of nowhere.

Woo Ri realized that she can’t imagine a future with him, who’s almost a saint-like person, but welp. Woo Ri didn’t take the break up nicely and nearly fainted and exhausted on several occasions.

What does Lee Ma Ri want?

It’s pretty clear right now that Lee Ma Ri has no intention to leave. Lee Ma Ri doesn't love Raphael and doesn't want to divorce him either.

She and her mom have ulterior motives and are clinging to Raphael.

In a desperate attempt to hide her ex-lover when Raphael visited at home, she signed the divorce papers.

It’s outright comical how much she looks down on Woo Ri and always cosies up to her for the baby she’s carrying.

Woo Ri set a condition that she would give the baby to a loving household only as she grew up without a father, a very not-so-perfect family. Lee Ma Ri had vicious antics and tried to frame Raphael to bring him down and create a negative sight in front of Woo Ri.

Little did she know that Raphael can manage to get out of any circumstances. The second lead syndrome was quite bad as viewers can empathize with Lee Kag Jae and despise Lee Ma Ri for being an obvious annoyance.

The only thing that feels so rushed in Woori The Virgin is the sudden breakup and the romance between Woo Ri and Rafael. It felt forced because Woo Ri was all cosy and lovey-dovey with Lee Kang Jae, but now she is moving on way too quickly.

The moments between  Oh Eun Ran and Choi Sung Il are fun to watch. So far, Woori The Virgin Kdrama is good for a binge-watch, adding the mystery, humour, and rom-com element.

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