Is Vagabond Manga The Best Manga Ever?

Vagabond Manga has been portrayed in Kodansha’s seinen manga, with its chapters or volumes collected into 37 tankobon volumes or chapters as of 2014.

Is Vagabond Manga The Best Manga Ever?

Vagabond Manga is an epic japanese manga series which is written as well as drawn by the author Takehiko Inoue. The manga depicts a fictionalized character of the life of  the Japanese swordsman whose name is Musashi Mitanoto which is based on Eiji Yokishawa’s novel Musashi one of the best manga by the writer. Vagabond Manga has been portrayed in Kodansha’s seinen manga which is also known as  weekly morning  magazine which is present since September in the year 1998, with its chapters or volumes collected into 37 tankobon volumes or chapters as of 2014. The American publishing house Viz media licensed the series for English release in North America and has published 37 volumes or chapters as of the year 2015. The series is currently stopped due to some reasons.

Some of the seinen manga takes its meaning far away from the real meaning of it. It is close as it displays the gore and nudity found in this manga is simply disturbing, no longer artistic, just omnipresent and absolutely in-your-face, it displays real life in the manga. Vagabond Manga is not like any other seinen manga present in the industry. Since the beginning, Vagabond manga has a strange attention to it. This manga contains some awesome fight scenes which will leave it intriguing and quite hooked to it without any downsides of it.

The Manga is a complete package if anyone is tend toward action scenes. The manga starts off with a rather rude and beautiful character, depicting the scene of a battlefield with the help of beautiful watercolors. The manga just rides on from there, rising from peak afterwards the fighting scenes just gets better, the character grows alongside the fight scenes.

The story continues and the character is portrayed realistically as we grows through various ups and downs, going on wrong paths, choosing wrong situations and overcoming it as well as killing wrong enemies which is just like the part of real life. Main character of the manga finds it difficult to identify itself in the world just like sometimes we do, so it is one of the reasons it is close to real life.

The growth and development of the main character is more or more intriguing as it is not only about sword fighting or his fighting growth but his effect on the various characters of the manga. He manages to bring out the best in some people and sometimes brings the worst in a human being as humans are in the real life they put a mask on their face and hide behind the mask, leaving behind a trail of death, destruction, and the starting of the new life. It all happens as he is close to the real world at the same time different from it.

The manga consists the blend of various topics as well as portrays the real value of the manga through various story building elements as well as various flashbacks and the character development is quite intriguing of every character. Vagabond paints a rich and real picture of the samurai scene in the time of Miyamoto Musashi, the main character as close to the real life. Vagabond Manga will open the readers eyes and sees it as the real world.