Is 'Twenty Five Twenty One' Kdrama Happy Ending?

What happened to Na Hee Do’s friends? Why the Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Ending is a disaster?!

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Twenty Five Twenty One finished airing and the fans have been seeking one answer! Is Twenty Five Twenty One Happy Ending? It’s quite hard to address whether it’s a happy or a sad ending, depending on what you view as “Happy” or “Sad”. One thing is for sure, Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama didn’t have a happy ending exactly, and here’s why!

The Break up between Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin

Fans didn’t see that coming at all. At best everyone thought that even if the couple broke up, they might get back together in the future just like Reply 1994 Kdrama where the main couple reconciled after a long duration.

Unfortunately for the fans, Twenty Five Twenty One left us disappointed as Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin never made up and decided to bid each other goodbye.

Both of them headed in different directions in life after the bittersweet and sad breakup. The writers hyped it up when Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do ran like crazy before he went to America, but that was just pure mutual feelings to properly break up.

That moment left us crying in tears as the couple properly and officially broke up. It was pretty clear, that Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin had no scope for the future. At least, it was an amicable breakup.

What happened to Na Hee Do’s friends?

At least some people got a happy ending even if Na Hee Do didn't get the ending we all hoped for. Ko Yu Rim retired and was back from Russia to settle down in Korea permanently.

Moon Ji Woong proposed to Ko Yu Rim and they got married.  Twenty Five Twenty One didn’t show the wedding scene but it can be implied they were together.

Ko Yu Rim opened her school where she trained people. She became successful and financially stable. Moon Ji Woong became popular as well and later started his own business. At least Ko Yu Rim and Moon Ji Woong had a happy ending.

Ji Seung Wan became an entertainment reporter/member for another station.  She kept in touch with Baek Yi Jin as they met outside of work and even at the funeral. Not only that, Baek Yi Jin’s little brother, Baek Yi Hyun met Ji Seung Wan again.

It was implied that they can get into a relationship in the future. Actor Kang Hoon (Red Sleeve) made a cameo appearance in the role of Baek Yi Hyun. This ship was the highlight of Twenty Five Twenty One episode 16.

Why the Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Ending is a disaster?!

There are many reasons why the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One was a disaster that no one expected. Throughout the drama, it was hinted that Na Hee Do drifted away from her schooltime friends including Ko Yu Rim.

It doesn't make sense why she fell apart from her friends and remained out of touch despite technological advancements in Korea including 5G.

The entire point of the show was passion, lifelong friends, extreme dedication and commitment to following your dreams.

It doesn’t make sense why Na Hee Do acted like the people in the photo (her friends) really didn’t matter to her when her daughter Kim Min Chae asked about it.

It’s understandable to remain out of touch with one of two friends, but difficult to believe why Na Hee Do cut ties with everyone especially Ko Yu Rim, and by default extended to Moon Ji Woong.

What was the point of talking about friendship if it was fragile in the first place? It’s a bit difficult to believe that either one of them is dead or something bad has happened.

The biggest red flag of Twenty Five Twenty One was no introduction of Na Hee Do’s future. After she broke up with Baek Yi Jin, she got married within a span of 2 years. It makes one wonder, who the person was and how can she get married to someone unless she fell in love again.

Na Hee Do’s husband must be someone special. There were so many loopholes in Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama ending episode, that one can create their never-ending theories, but only the writer will truly know.

Honestly, Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama is no less than just a disaster, but quite a disappointment.

From all perspectives, Twenty Five Twenty One did not have a happy ending because the fans were waiting so eagerly to discover who Na Hee Do ended up with.

Even if the endgame wasn’t Baek Yi Jin, the show didn’t reveal the identity of her husband which is still the talk of curiosity and angst among fans. Fans didn’t get the closure that we were hoping for.

The epilogue or ending scene was so random when Baek Yi Jin was trying to access some files.

He tried resetting his password and the question was related to his first love. Baek Yi Jin entered “Na Hee Do” as the answer to unlock and reset his password.

So, should the fans be satisfied that Na Hee Do was Baek Yi Jin’s first love forever? Then what about the number of girls he dated before Na Hee Do? Wow, Baek Yi Jin was quite a player in his days.

The scene has almost no relevance to the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One Happy.

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