Is This Miyazaki’s Last Gift to us?

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Is This Miyazaki’s Last Gift to us?

Ever heard of studio ghibli? Yeah, right it’s only the most famous and drooled upon anime studio in the world.
Hayao Miyaki created that studio in 1985. Maybe, Miyazaki gave us the last gift.


His most known works are  My Neighbor Totoro(1988), Spirited Away (2001), Ponyo (2008), and Howl’s Moving Castle (2004).

Is This Miyazaki’s Last Gift to us?

Miyazaki announced his retirement in 2013 after the release of the wind rises the same year. This was expected even tho if it was a displeasure to many fans all around the world. As all things good must come to an end.

Or not.

Yes, my fellow ghibli studio lovers. Miyazaki is back. Probably his final work as a director. All the things that we loved. The sheer beauty of mundane tasks shown with such elegance and details. The out of the world created and fantasies that go in Miiyazakis mind would once again be coming to life.

“How do you live?” By Miyazaki    

“How do you live?” would be sadly his final work. The news of him making a comeback has been lingering on from around 2017. Now it can be confirmed. He just couldn’t keep himself away from drawing and telling stories again.

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Yoshino Genzaburo’s novel from 1937 is the inspiration behind the upcoming feature film “How do you live?” By Miyazaki.

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