Is there more romance between Kaneki and Touka?

Is there more romance between Kaneki and Touka in the manga? And all the relationships between character?

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Is there more romance between Kaneki and Touka?

Well, the answer to this question is definitely no because there is very little romance. What not many people don't know about Tokyo Ghoul is that the producer of the anime made a bad decision in Tokyo Ghoul root A as they messed up the whole plot from the source material with characters Kaneki joining Aogiri but this is not it, they also messed up the Kaneki as a perfect character which is very bad in this case as Kaneki had so much potential as a character.

On the other hand in the anime, Kaneki is always a stern as well as a serious-looking character but in the manga, Kaneki is shown as the same kaneki even after being tortured and is the loved kaneki by Touka due to her nature on the flip side due to being of extreme nature there is not much romance between both.

She is also way more brutal towards her enemies in the manga. The fight with Ayoto shows that the fight with Ayoto resulted in breaking half of the Ayoto's bone one by one making him shivering in scream.

So, in the manga part of the Jason arc, Kaneki is the one who joins Anti Aogiri and Touka asked to come with him. Where Kaneki comes and says that Touka can't join the except anyone. This means that Kaneki cared about Touka.

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Haise or Kaneki: Who loves Touka?

Both of them love Touka but Haise or Kaneki both love Touka in one way on the other hand Haise is not fully aware of being attracted towards Touka there is a sort of crush towards him.

While Kaneki was given the Title One-eyed king Haise and Touka mentioned this thing that Haise gives or sees her through the same vision when he was just an ordinary college student.

We know that Haise still keeps many of the Kaneki's abilities which shows us clearly that Haise holds a crush on Touka whether it can be an unconscious feeling from the time when he was Kaneki once. Or it may also be the fact that he fell in love once again.

Spoiler alert ahead!!

Near about the end of Tokyo Ghoul before the dragon even struck Ken was the one who was killed by the member of the CCG. He then remained into nothing and more than his head when he had conversations with all of his personas.  They all agreed on the point that they can do whatever they can even be eating children to save Touka which shows how sincere the love towards Touka is.

Does Touka love Kaneki?

Well, this is the most asked question does Touka loves Kaneki or not. The answer to this question is that there is enough evidence or scenes in manga or anime to confess that Touka later in the manga or anime comes to care about Kaneki.

So, yes there is a love scene between both. She is quite stressed with the idea of him joining Aogiri and hence leave Anateiku itself. At one point in the story, it thus seems like a love-love relationship but in reality, it is a love-hate relationship.

There seems to be a budding relationship between both but later we got to know that this is not the case. But it doesn't remains always the same as later on again there grows a relationship between both and they both seems to care about each other. Which is quite a good experience ultimately for the viewers in the end.

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While some suggest that after the second season it was not supposed to happen like that and both Touka and Kaneki were not supposed to love each other. This was suggested because some viewers think that their relationship was not serious at all. And as well as it was not supposed that they will or should get married in the story. Which seems unfair to them.

It is hilarious that some people think that they were meant to be brother and sister. This seems ridiculous. Well, one thing that they are right about is that in the first season Touka hated Kaneki so how they ended together. But the thing is everyone progresses with time so she starts to understand him and ultimately they ended together.