Is The Life on Mars Shown in Carole & Tuesday, Something We Desire?

Carole & Tuesday is a popular Netflix original anime. The story is set 50 years after making started immigrating on Mars. It centers around the lives of two struggling musicians.

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Carole & Tuesday is a Netflix original anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and animated by Studio Bones. The story takes in the future, 50 years after mankind have begun migrating to Mars. Set in a Sci-Fi world, the series focuses on two girls from extremely different backgrounds who share the same dream of being musicians.

The show also puts light on the political issues and discrimination against immigrants. The background and setting of the series were exceptionally unique, especially for a musical anime. Here, we will discuss whether or not life on Mars shown in Carol & Tuesday is something we desire.

The Plot

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The series focuses on the lives of two teenagers Carole and Tuesday. Tuesday was born on Mars and comes from a prestigious family. Her mother is a politician running for the presidential elections. Tuesday grew up in a strict environment and was forced to study even though she liked that. Her passion for music was always underestimated.

Ultimately, she ran away from home to pursue her dreams and met Carole who was playing on a bridge. Carole is an orphan who has to do several part-time jobs to make ends meet. She grew up in a refugee camp and lives on Mars as an illegal immigrant. Upon meeting Tuesday, she realizes that they had the same passion to become popular musicians.

In a world where Artificial Intelligence produces 99% of the songs in the modern music industry, it was extremely rare for people to sing and make music without them. Carole suggests Tuesday to form a team with her to which the latter instantly agrees. The two met up with Roddy and Gus who helped them in their journey.

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Life on Mars

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Although it wasn't explained in the series, it was hinted in a scene that Earth had become polluted and so more and more people wished to live on Mars. Mankind started immigrating on Mars over 50 years ago, but it still wasn't easy for just anyone to turn up and shift to Mars permanently. Apart from those born on Mars and people with official certification who live there permanently, there were also those who were transferred there illegally.

The series starts with Tuesday leaving her house and moving to another city. The city had two parts, one a futuristic set up in the posh area and another a simple residential area for the middle class. Everything was surrounded by artificial intelligence. There were no animals or the natural beauty that earth has to offer.

Since there we no animals, those who wishes to have pets had to buy AI pets that looked like animals but were actually robots. The weather was warm throughout the year with the help of a weather plant since the original weather on Mars was unbearably cold. As for oxygen, that version of Mars already had ample oxygen for people to survive.

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Wood, an extremely important material since ancient times, was scarce and overly expensive on Mars. Another issue that the series shed light on was the political scenario of Mars. It was, more or less the same as ever. Presidential candidates debated and competed with one another. There were corruptions, underhanded tricks, and dominance over others with the help of money and power.  

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Should We Desire life On Mars?

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The issue of the Colonization of Mars has been going around for a long time, so much so that it started being adapted in fiction. Life on Mars invokes curiosity among people as well as the desire to live a completely different life.

The life shown in Carole & Tuesday wasn't necessarily good or bad, so whether or not it is desirable depends on individual perspectives. Apart from the fact that there was no natural beauty, the whole planet was not much different from any other futuristic setting in sci-fi series.

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