Is Sorcerer King Manhwa Over-Hyped?

Lee Sunghoon is the main character of this story. This is one of the first manhwa which develop the idea of dimensions, monsters and awakening new powers.

Is Sorcerer King Manhwa Over-Hyped?

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The Isekai genre is one of the most popular genre nowadays. Now, all of the anime and manga, manhwa looks same. Their storylines are somewhat same. Here comes Sorcerer King Manhwa with a fresh storyline which is why it very hyped and it is okay to be hyped. For these particular reasons!

Why Sorcerer King Manhwa Is Hyped?

Lee Sunghoon is the main character of this story. This is one of the first manhwa which develop the idea of dimensions, monsters and awakening new powers. So, Lee Sunghoon is working for his mother as his mother is hospital. Lee Sunghoon lives in such a world where 10 years ago Dimensions or portals started to appear in this world. To fight of the monsters people on earth are given special abilities which makes a human superhuman after which the daily life of the humans got disturbed. People with abilities started to have more distinguished place in society as compared to normal human beings.

So, the normal human abilities which don’t have any sort of abilities do normal jobs and Lee Sunghoon is one of them. But for medical expenses or treatment he joins the awakened persons as their backpack picker. There is a lot of discrimination between those who are awakened and those which are normal. There is the difference in status, revenue etc. As most the awakened earn more much more than regular. These awakened are also categorized into various categories upon the type of abilities they possess.

So, our main character is also a regular one and during one expedition he was on the blink of death. Suddenly, his past memories returned to him and he remembered that he was the great sorcerer king in the past. His name was kratraus. Sorcerer King Manhwa main story start from this point as how a normal teenager turn into an overpowered character which is feared by every nation. How he make his own team . There are a lot of things in this series which makes a person captivated into knowing what will happen next in story!

An Mc So Badass Who Breaks the Game!

Well we all have read a lot of manhwas and manga where there is an overpowered character whose abilities just change the while scenario which is beyond the knowledge of that particular world.

Sorcerer King Manhwa is just like that where there is an overpowered character named Lee Sung-hoon. He is the only one of the earth who possess more than 3 types of abilities and only more than 3 types but he possess a lot of abilities which is not known to the general pubic.

It can be his ability to surpass the 9th tier magic as on this world there is no concept of sorcerer. Lee is the one who brought the concept of sorcerer in the first place after which Korean government made him his ally.

His ability to conquer unconquerable dungeons is also an ability to uphold. Lee is the only one to clear lot of S grade dungeons by going in by himself. Where there is impossible to enter without forming a team and proper strategy.

At one point he reaches the level where he forms his country by pressurizing US in return to add military power in their personnel and clearing S grade dungeons in their country. All the countries have to acknowledge at one point that there is no strong being more powerful than Lee Sunghoon which is an accomplishment by itself. T