Is Sisters Neighbor Manhwa NTR?

Sister Neighbor Manhwa is a South Korean adult Manhwa. The main character of the story is Ji Ho. The story starts off with a young girl who came back after giving interviews.

Is Sisters Neighbor Manhwa NTR?

Sister Neighbour Manhwa is a South Korean adult Manhwa. The main character of the story is Ji Ho. The story starts with a young girl who came back from giving two interviews at the apartment. There Ji Ho is jerking off. The young girl tells Ji Ho to stop doing so and clean the laundry up.

After that Ji Ho goes to see his sister Dahee. he haves a beer with her and after that Ji Ho goes to get some fresh air with his friend. There they both get drunk and his friend starts talking about his sex friend. It was the situation where all the mess begins. This changed Ji Ho's life.


The main character of this manhwa is a sex addict. He bangs whatever girl he finds on the streets. He is emotionless and treats the girls as sex toys.

Sister Neighbour Manhwa's story continues further after the last meeting with his friend Ji Ho makes her sister come with him to meet his friend. He tells the whole story to his sister, at first she was angry at him but she agrees to that.

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Then Ji Ho meets with his friend where he meets his sex friend Youn Ji and he makes him meet his sister. After that, they started a conversation, and at some moment when Ji ho and his friend are alone, they start to talk about some erotic stuff.

During which he tells his trade secret in return for having sex with Dahee. Quite a let-down from the MC point of view. After that Dahee goes with Changki and Youn Ji with Ji Ho.

Sister Neighbour Manhwa contains a lot of intimate scenes which will definitely lift the mood of readers. MC is a hypocrite at this point as he had sex with Youn Ji but doesn’t want Dahee to get too close with his friend after he traded her. Honestly, he is not a man of his word.

After this incident, he checks on Dahee if she came home while having all those unnecessary thoughts. He finds that Dahee is at home and she seems to be quite sleepy and taunts him. Another day he spends his whole day watching T.V at home. Then in the evening, his sister came back with Dahee home.

There were several incidents after that where Ji ho began to have intentions full of lust for Daheee. His friend organized 2 days' vacation for four of them including Dahee and Youn Ji. This was one hell of a vacation with a lot of intimate scenes.

During vacation time while shopping Ji hon hits Youn Ji's behind and it seemed she enjoyed it while Dahee was shocked. Her hidden desires began to pop out. After that, they went for barbeque and campfire where Ji Ho gets intimate with Youn Ji quite erotically.

During their intimate scene, Youn Ji happens to notice Dahee. She told dahee that Ji Ho is cute and quite masculine to which she replied yeah! After that, there are a lot of intimate scenes during the vacation which is very pleasurable to watch.

Is Sister Neighbour Manhwa NTR?

Sister Neighbour Manhwa is not an NTR as the main girl doesn’t cheat on the protagonist. But the drawing of this manhwa is quite sick honestly saying. Images are quite sharp. The main character has an open relationship but it can not be considered an NTR.

The main character of this manhwa is basically like a sex addict. He bangs whatever girl he finds on the streets. He is emotionless just treating the girls like sex toys which honestly, is not at all appreciated.

Sister Neighbour Manhwa Art Style

The art style of Sister Neighbour is hentai manhwa. Tim and Hailey grew up together before relocating to Seoul. Denise is one of Hailey's closest friends and visits her frequently, so they live together. Everything will probably be fine until Tim convinces his pal Chuck that Denise is his sex partner.

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