Is Park Chang Ho Dead in Big Mouth?

Is Big Mouse Dead? What was Big Mouse’s Dying message?

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The grand reveal of the real identity of Big Mouse came as a surprising shock with unexpected twists. Big Mouth Kdrama in its penultimate week left fans puzzled and excited. With flames, ablaze, is Park Chang Ho Dead? Is Big Mouse Dead? Which characters die in Big Mouth Kdrama? Can Go Mi Ho and Park Chang Ho stay alive till the end?

Is Big Mouse Dead?

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It wasn’t a happy ending for Big Mouse aka No Park. The moment Big Mouse was revealed to the world, his days were numbered. While Park Chang Ho claimed innocence and regained his life.

Unfortunately for No Park, his presence was a threat to the NR forum and Choi Do Ha. Choi Do Ha killed Big Mouse (No Park) through his scheming.

RIP Big Mouse. Luckily, Park Chang Ho managed to escape death, for now.

A grand funeral was held for Big Mouse and the reveal of Park Chang Ho’s friend Kim Soon Tae in the secret organization was another shocking revelation.

It makes sense now why Big Mouse had to save Park Chang Ho. The bestie (Kim Soon Tae) in his rescue. While warden Park Yoon Gab wasn’t pleased with No Park’s dying message, Kim Soon Tae calmed the situation.

What was Big Mouse’s Dying message?

No Park aka Big Mouse was sure he wouldn’t survive once his real identity is exposed.

Big Mouse was sure he would die which is why he made contingency plans. He hoped that Park Chang Ho would become the next Big Mouse to fight the enemies and avenge his daughter’s death.

It was Kim Soon Tae who recorded the message. Park Chang Ho was quite shocked to see his friend as part of the inner circle. At least, for now, Kim Soon Tae managed to calm Park Chang Ho and convinced him to join their side.

What happened to Go Mi Ho?

While Park Chang Ho is fighting against Choi Do Ha and others, Go Mi Ho might have her own secrets.

Go Mi Ho is revealed to be sick from Leukemia as she experienced the same symptoms as Tak Kwang Yeon (The Psycho). Go Mi Ho has yet to disclose the news to Park Chang Ho, as this can change everything for the couple.

Did Park Yoon Gab Betray Big Mouse?

Loyalty may seem like a fleeting term in the criminal organization. Park Yoon Gab was more loyal than one can expect. He didn’t hesitate to take action and send goons to take revenge on Choi Do Ha.

Of course, Choi Do Ha made it out alive. Now that Big Mouse is dead, Park Yoon Gab refuses to accept Park Chang Ho, an outsider as the next Big Mouse. He is more than willing to betray Park Chang Ho and Choi Do Ha is aware of their indifferences.

A perfect scope for Choi Do Ha to eliminate Park Chang Ho and control Park Yoon Gab.  Park Yoon Gab did betray Park Chang Ho; or did he now?

Is Park Chand Ho Dead?

While Park Chang Ho dropped a new bomb on everyone by announcing his candidature for the post of Mayor, Choi Do Ha wasn’t pleased.

Park Chang Ho quickly managed to get Kong Ji Hoon on his side, irritating Choi Do Ha even more. Scheming to get rid of Park Chang Ho, Choi Do Ha contacted Park Yoon Gab with an offer he can’t refuse.

Choi Do Ha was living his own plan of revenge against the Elder for killing his grandpa and family. Living the life of his dead friend, Choi Do Ha wouldn’t stop just at the ruthless murder of Park Chang Ho.

His cold-hearted psychotic actions can turn anyone to hate him for his calculated slaughtering. With Park Yoon Gab as his perfect pawn, Choi Do Ha lured Park Chang Ho to kill him.

It’s impossible for Park Chang Ho to die because of protection from plot armor! This was an elaborate plan of Park Chang Ho to expose Choi Do Ha’s real identity to the Elder.

Park Yoon Gab worked with Park Chang Ho to fool Choi Do Ha.  So, Park Chang Ho is not dead, he just fooled everyone including Go Mi Ho.

Who died?

Unexpected but not surprising, Choi Do Ha was one step ahead of Park Chang Ho as he schemed to kill the Elder (Chairman Kang Sung Geun). Park Chang Ho met him so he’s aware that it was Choi Do Ha who killed him.

The funeral scene where Park Chang Ho called Choi Do Ha by his real name was chilling. While the cold-hearted Choi Do Ha pretended to grieve, Park Chang Ho served him a head-on challenge to expose him. With only 2 episodes left, the final showdown between them would be exciting.

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