Is Narco Saints Kdrama Worth Watching?

Did Narco Saints have a Happy Ending?

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group of people with a lot of money and guns

The new Korean Drama on Netflix Narco Saints (Surinam) might leave you with mixed feelings. The 6 episodes drama is quite a good addition to the popular short Korean series.

Narco Saints starring Ha Jung Soo, Park Hae Soo, Hwang Jung Min, Joo Woo Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok, and others was quite a well-balanced cast.

Based on the true story of a drug lord ring, the characters in the Netflix series were likable and chaotic and the plot was pretty fast-paced. Unsure whether Narco Saints Kdrama is worth watching or not, here’s why it’s worth the shot!

Good Plot

Narco Saints Kdrama was quite a different plot from the rest of the 2022 dramas. Set in the early years probably during 2005 or something, there were flip phones with multimedia, and the internet but no smartphones.

Kang In Gu played by Ha Jung Soo leaves for Surinam, a South American country to sell skate (fish) back to Korea. The plan was wonderful but only to be met by three obstacles. The military which he pretty much took care of, the Chinese gang, and the Pastor.  

Chen Zhen pretty much nearly decapacitated In Gu but Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan was like an angel to save him, or was it? Pastor Jeon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and was the biggest drug cartel-running boss dealing with coke.

Kang In Gu’s life gets ruined due to Pastor Jeon who tried to smuggle drugs only to get caught.   In Gu goes to prison but meets NIS agent Choi Chang Hoo who offers him a way out.

A Likeable and Unpredictable ML

leader giving orders to his men

In the Kdrama history, for once the ML is not some dumb, naive, and brainless person who does what he’s told. Kang In Gu makes a very likable male lead with good problem-solving skills and knows how to think on his feet.

Kang In Gu’s ordeal in Narco Saints trying to stay alive, take the drug lord down, and double cross Chen Zhen while trying to stay wary of David Park played by Yoo Yeon Seok.

NIS or Drug King Pin!

2 men waiting for someone in the washroom

It was worth watching Park Hae Soo as the NIS agent undercover while keeping Kang In Gu in the operation while messing away with Pastor Jeon. Pastor Jeon is another character whose sense of danger is pretty apt. He trusts no one and would not budge once he makes a decision.

There were near-death times for both In Gu and Chang Ho as they try to meddle with Pastor Jeon and Chen Zhen.

Chen Zhen, the Chinatown boss is a character designed with no brains but brawns and ready to doublecross anyone anytime.

The portrayal of Surinam can be questionable with military control, a young country but with its own flaws, and corruption. That goes pretty much for everywhere.

Pastor Jeon had everyone in his pocket thanks to his Dollar bills, pretty neat if you ask.

Who’s the backstabber in Narco Saints?!

Watching David Park was refreshing. The guy does have his own tactful nature and he’s in charge of the mission. Constantly at odds with David and Byun Ki Tae, it’s tough for Kang In Gu to save his skin.

Luckily for the hidden undercover cop, Kang In Gu saved his neck more than once. It was shocking to see the sudden death of David, while Byun Ki Tae as the NIS undercover operative was quite a good twist and unpredictable.

Byun Ki Tae saved Kang In Gu even at the end when Pastor Jeon cornered In Gu realizing the threat.

Did Narco Saints have a Happy Ending?

The definition of a happy ending in this context is very apt. Yes, everything was wrapped perfectly.  Narco Saints delivered a happy ending.

The look on Jeon’s face when Chang Ho arrested him was priceless. Kang In Gu managed to safely get back to his family and even opened a store. The money promised to him was never given though.  

Chen Zhen was dead in his own kingdom due to the military invasion, but Kang In Gu played a big role in taking him down.

Narco Saints Kdrama is a good 6 hours+ series that’s hard to miss. The acting was top-notch and for serious quit complaining about how English is bad when the Korean actors were saying the lines.

It’s pretty understandable that even in the show it shows that the people in the context are Korean not English.

There’s no need for perfect English as long as they communicate the message to the parties involved. If language is an issue, Netflix has provided English Dub, check it out!

Do watch Narco Saints and have fun streaming. The short series is definitely worth the binge session.

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