Is Mirio Togata Stronger than Izuku Midoriya?

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series of the decade.

The manga recently concluded the Paranormal Liberation War Arc and headed towards the Final Act Saga.

However, although the story is currently entering its final stages, there are still a lot more action fans can expect from the series.

Over the years, the series has introduced several amazing characters.

The coolest of them, are definitely the pro heroes.

They fight the villains, rescue people from disasters, and do pretty much everything that requires saving the lives of others.

In the superhuman society of MHA, being a hero is the most honorable job.

Children learn to be like them while adults admire them.

Mirio and Izuku are such people who grew up wanting to be heroes and joined U.A. High School in pursuit of their dreams.

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Ever since season four, Lemillion and Deku have created a special bond during the battle with Shie Hassaikai.

They both shared the same mentor for their work studies and became more familiar with each other.

After the incident with Eri, both of them felt the same guilt and vowed to protect the girl.

There are many things that are common among them.

Both of them have the charm of a trustworthy hero that gives people hope.

They both held the same level of admiration for All Might and strive to become like him.

Among so many similarities, it is no wonder that fans who have always put them together can compare them.

Here, we will discuss if Mirio is stronger than Izuku or not.

1. Quirks

Lemillion: His quirk is called permeation. It allows him to phase his body through any physical matter.

It is extremely difficult to control and can be life-threatening if not used properly.

He can control what parts of his body he wants to make intangible as well.

This gives him a huge advantage in battle as he can strike with the blindspot of his opponents.

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While using his quirk, Mirio can pass through any object and while doing so, he loses his sense of sight and hearing.

The only thing he can feel is falling down into an abyss. If he were to lose focus while using his quirk, he may keep falling down forever.

Deku: He has the legendary One for All quirk passed down to him by the former number 1 hero All Might.

With the help of this quirk, he has gained superhuman strength.

The user can stockpile the power into their single body part, allowing them to increase their strength significantly.

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The speed, durability, strength, and agility that come with this quirk are unparalleled.

Not only that, but now Deku is able to use the original quirks of his predecessors.

They are all considered as extensions of One for All.

Deku can use six different quirks namely; Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, Float, and an unknown quirk.


In terms of quirk, Deku has a clear advantage.

Not only is he the possessor of one of the strongest quirks in the history of superhumans, but he also has numerous other abilities with it.

Meanwhile, Lemillion's quirk is not that impressive on its own. It has more cons than what it's worth.

However, with his relentless hardwork, Lemillion was able to use his quirk, which could've been his weakness, into an extremely powerful weapon.

2. Techniques and Experience

Lemillion: He has superhuman strength.

His quirk isn't that powerful on its own, but due to his unparalleled skills, he can use it to his advantage.

What makes him special is that while most heroes use quirk as their primary weapon, Lemillion uses his quirk as a supportive element.

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Due to the nature of his quirk, he can only pass through objects, which isn't always useful in battle.

So, he trained his body along with his quirk.

One of the finest examples of it was when he sparred against class 1-A and defeated everyone with a single punch on their guts.

Another was when he lost his quirk due to the Quirk-Destroying Bullet during his fight with Chisaki.

Even after he lost his quirk, Lemillion fought against the villain and proved his superior skills.

Deku: While Lemillion follows the conventional approach to his training, Deku's approach is the most unique in the entire series.

His greatest asset is his years of keen observation of the skills and techniques of every hero.

Even though he was quirkless, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a pro hero.

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Deku knew he can't train like his peers who already have quirks.

So, he instead studied and made notes of heroes so he can use them in the future.

His hard work paid off when he finally gained a quirk.

His knowledge has saved him and the people around him from multiple crises.

Other than that, his fighting skills are also remarkable. Initially, he used to imitate All Might by using his hands for fighting.

Later, he learned to use his legs instead and developed his ultimate move.

Deku can use his quirk equally in his entire body to avoid the backlash of the power.


When it comes to techniques and experience, Lemillion definitely has the upper hand.

While it is true that quirks and techniques play a huge role in battle, without experience, even the strongest heroes can be at a disadvantage.

Whether it is raw strength or agility, he is way superior to Deku. Even his speed is not much different than Deku's.

His control over quirk is better than Deku who gained powers at the age of 14.

His ultimate technique, The Phantom Menance, can put him at an advantage even in the most unfavorable situations.

Mirio uses this special move by completely phasing himself into the matter.

With the help of his quirk, he barrage his opponents with swift blows they can't defend themselves from.  

While Deku marches on to attack head-on, Mirio is rather unpredictable.

3. Intelligence

Lemillion: Even though he appears as a carefree and laid-back guy, he is actually very sharp-witted.

His one year of training with Sir Nighteye has taught him to predict the movements of his opponents.

When he was sparring with class 1-A, he first took out long-distance fighters who'd be most troublesome.

This shows his keen intellect and ability to read the room.

He can also adapt well in unfavorable situations whether it is in battle or not.

When he and Deku encountered Chisaki, Mirio kept his cool and took the best course of action by not getting in a fight with him.

That's why he and Deku escaped from there alive and were able to report to the Nighteye Agency.

Deku: Whether it is in battle, academics, or in any other situation, Deku has proven his genius.

On top of being hardworking, he is a quick learner, an exceptional strategist, and a tactician.

He is able to analyze the weakness of his opponents and take advantage of them.

In season 1, class 1-A was attacked by the League of Villains for the first time.

The villains separated the students to take them out one by one. Deku ended up with Asui and Mineta.

They were in the middle of the water. Deku quickly scrutinized the situation and concluded that the villains don't know their individual quirks.

He then came up with a plan and managed to get himself and his friends to safety, despite being surrounded by several villains.


This one is a tie. In terms of intelligence, both are more or less equal.

While Mirio can control his emotions and adapt to any situation, he doesn't have keen observational skills.

Whereas, we can conclude from their first encounter with Chisaki that Deku cannot always adapt to the situation quickly.

He lost his cool, especially when he saw Eri's situation.

If Mirio hadn't handled that, they both could've been dead.

That said, his strategic skills are unparalleled in the entire series.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Lemillion may not win in a full-on battle with Deku.

He did win against him along with the rest of 1-A.

But that's only because Deku didn't have enough training and experience like him.

Even then, he was almost able to launch an attack on Lemillion.

3 classmates enjoying their time

However, now the situation has turned completely upside down.

Not to mention Lemillion, even the strongest of the villains have a hard time dealing with Deku.

Even though Deku loses to Lemillion in terms of techniques and experience, he makes up for all that with his superior quirk and the extended abilities that come with it.

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