Is Love All Play Kdrama and Love All Play Anime the same?

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This might be one of those coincidences in the Kdrama and Anime history when two series having a similar name and similar content are released exactly around the same time.

There’s been confusion going on between Kdrama and anime fans about whether the series Love All Play is the same. Upon further analysis, Love All Play might surprise both Anime and Kdrama fans.

Honestly, whether they are the same or not, why not watch the first episode and decide for yourself whether to continue it or not? If the first episode of Love All Play Kdrama and Love All Play Anime doesn’t appeal to you, drop it and maybe the series isn’t for you.

Personally, there was quite a surprise as Love All Play Kdrama and Love All Play Anime are both worth watching and totally recommended, and here’s why!!!

Love All Play Kdrama vs Love All Play Anime

Firstly, the plot is entirely different. The concept and the overall theme of Love All Play Kdrama and Love All Play Anime might be the same, but both the series are aiming for a different end game and storyline.

Let’s begin with Love All Play Kdrama. The Kdrama isn’t adapted from any webtoon or manga, so that’s an original series creation unless stated anywhere otherwise.

The Kdrama plot of Love All Play revolves around the protagonist Park Tae Yang who was a prodigy and a promising badminton player.

Due to a corruption scandal, she left the team and after three years she’s back in the game. The real reason for quitting is still unclear but clearly, corruption due to bribery wasn’t the real reason why she left previously.

Now back in the game, Park Tae Yang joined the Yunice team to resume her professional career once again.

Of course, not everything is easy for Park Tae Yang as the bribery charges made her an outcast in the team. Only one person, Park Tae Joon could be her hope to create a doubles team.

Love All Play anime is created from the novel series created by Asami Koseki. Love All Play manga was adapted and illustrated by Dam Miyata and is currently ongoing since 2022.

The original novel had four volumes which were published from 2011 to 2014.  The main protagonist of Love All Play anime is Mizushima Ryou and his experience after joining the prestigious school Yokohama Minato.

Mizushima Ryou is preparing for the inter-high tournament after joining the skill under the guidance of an experienced and talented coach Ebihara Hitoshi.

After hearing the offer from the coach, Mizushima Ryou was interested to join the school, but his parents weren’t exactly all supportive of the idea.

Only Mizushima Ryou’s sister Mizushima Rika fiercely pushed him to consider and join the school.

Mizushima Ryou has the potential but lacked real experience till now which didn’t reach his full potential. Now that Mizushima Ryou has officially joined Yokohama Minato, how will his future change?

Is Love All Play Kdrama and Anime worth watching?

Firstly, anime is totally worth investing your time in. It’s another sports anime of 2022, and quite frankly, in comparison to other sports anime of 2022, Love All Play is quite a nice watch.

Yes, it’s nowhere near Ryman’s Club (Badminton sports)  anime’s level, yet the series is something you don’t wanna pass out.

Coming back to the Kdrama, Love All Play has a cast full of fresh and veteran actors. Extracurricular/Zombie Detective famed actress Park Ju Hyun is playing the main character of Park Tae Yang.

She is always playing fun and interesting characters and hoping Park Tae Yang will shine.

So far, Love All Play Kdrama was well-built, and fast-paced and created a hype drawing on the mysterious reason why Park Tae Yang never corrected the bribery scandal rumors.

In simple words, whether you are a Kdrama fan or an anime fan, do check out Love All Play Kdrama and Love All Play Anime.

Both are entirely different and equally entertaining to watch. Have fun streaming the Kdrama and Anime. If you’re a sports enthusiast, what’s stopping you to watch the series?

Thanks for reading!!!