One The Woman Kdrama | Is Kang Mi Na’s Identity Exposed?

Can Jo Yeon Joo survive to keep Kang Mi Na's identity safe? Who are the schemers?

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One The Woman Kdrama is entertaining and as the series progresses the ulterior motives of the people are getting Exposed. Killing Lee Bong Shik was perhaps the start of the chaos starting to unfold. Although bold, Jo Yeon Joo aka the Fake Kang Mi Na is living the double life as a prosecutor by day and Hanju group daughter-in-law by night. Things are getting complicated now that the real Kang Mi Na was last seen arriving back in Korea. What does it mean for the Fake Kang Mi Na? Will Kang Mi Na’s identity get exposed? What is Han Sung Hye planning?

The Identity of Han Seung Wook’s First Love

Things are starting to make sense. Many fans of One The Woman have theorized that the person who Han Seung Wook met in the hospital was Jo Yeon Joo and not Kang Mi Na. At least one mystery is solved. Seung Wook is aware that Jo Yeon Joo is helping them by impersonating Kang Mi Na. At least Seung Wook and Yeo Joo have mutual feelings for each other.  

Troubled Ex & Sly Han Sung Hye

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The fake rumour surrounding Kang Mi Na is circulating thanks to the jealous ex-girlfriend Park So Yi. Park So Yi meets up with Han Sung Hye and together they are more than happy to share their common animosity towards Kang Mi Na. Wow, both of them are super toxic and dangerous. Kang Mi Na Fighting!

Heart Break for An Yoon Joon

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Now that Yeon Joo and Seung Wook have confessed their mutual feelings, it’s time for heartbreak for An Yoon Joon. At least Yeon Joo dumping Yoon Joon coldly will give him the closure to give up on his first love. Poor An Yoon Joon, he deserved better but Yeon Joo X Seung Woo FTW!  

More scheming Together With Kang Eun Hwa (Yumin)

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Kang Mi Na definitely has too many toxic people near her. Her aunt Kang Eun Hwa joins hands with Han Sung Hye to prove that Jo Yeon Joo is the fake Kang Mi Na and resort to DNA evidence to expose Kang Mi Na’s identity in the next shareholders meeting. At this point to many people are aware that Jo Yeon Joo is impersonating Kang Mi Na. These two women are the most scheming person in One The Woman. Kang Mi Na better be vigilant!

Han Sung Woon discovers the truth

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After Han Sung Hye visits Mi Na’s room to collect hair samples for a DNA test, she gets caught by Yeon Jo and Han Sung Woo. Sung Woo backs up the fake Mi Na and chases his sister away. Sung Woon discloses that he knew Mi Na is fake and warns her to behave.

As if threatening ever works on Yeon Joo. Yeon Joo retaliates and threatens him back to stop meddling and protect her for his self-interest. Guess who’s listening to the entire conversation? Sung Hye bugs the room and is now sure that Kang Mi Na is fake.

Ryu Seung Deok Investigates Jo Yeon Joo

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This is why people should never get drunk and drunk dial people. This mistake will cost Yeon Joo quite heavily. Ryu Seung Deok is onto her and starts digging Kang Mi Na.

He had his doubts but he’s sure that Jo Yeon Joo is impersonating Kang Mi Na. Seung Seok is now sure and who knows what he might be planning. He goes as far as to threaten  An Yoon Joon so he can’t be taken lightly.

The DNA Results

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At the shareholder's meeting, Kang Eun Hwa gears up to expose Kang Mi Na/Jo Yeon Joo. One The Woman Episode 12 ended with a shocking twist and the revelation was related to Kang Mi Na/ Jo Yeon Joo’s identity. The DNA results were indeed shocking and showed that Jo Yeon Joo had a 99.99% match with the deceased head of Yumi Group, Kang Mi Na’s dad.

What does this revelation mean only One The Woman Episode 13 will reveal?  Kang Mi Na’s identity was nearly exposed. The DNA results were a wildcard working in Jo Yeon Joo’s favor, but does that mean she is related to the real Kang Mi Na? Are they twins?

One The Woman Kdrama: When Jo Yeon Joo Outsmarted Everyone
With so many enemies surrounding Jo Yeon Joo, what is she doing to deal with them? Can Kang Mi Na escape the traps laid by her enemies?

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