Is Jirisan Kdrama Worth Watching?

What makes Jirisan Kdrama so special? Jirisan starring Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon is a mysterious and supernatural drama. What's happening in the Jirisan?

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Another month, another new drama. Officially replacing Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Jirisan Kdrama started airing in October 2021. With Jirisan, it’s natural to have high hopes because of the multi-starer cast with Gianna Jun, Ju Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, Park Il Hae, and others.

To be honest, some of the Kdramas of 2021 was quite disappointing, so having hopes for new Kdramas can be very unsettling. However, Jirisan quelled such thoughts with a good plot, storyline, amazing acting, and a good amount of humor and cliffhangers. Jirisan Kdrama is worth getting your hopes up.

The weekends are great due to many amazing Kdrama lineups. November is an eternal blessing fan Kdrama fans, and with Jirisan Kdrama you can bet on it. Jirisan started with an interesting premise. It’s very refreshing from romcom and mystery/suspense and crime dramas in the current Kdrama trend.

What made Jirisan more interesting with the two timelines showed parallelly. One timeline in 2018 when Kang Hyun Jo was a new recruit as a rookie ranger Jiri National Park. The second timeline is the present timeline. Spoiler Alert, the present timeline may make you feel angry, anxious, and sad, and here’s why!

What is Jirisan Kdrama About?

Jirisan Kdrama started with a well-deviced introduction of the Jirisan mountain range and how it is spiritual and mysterious. The scene soon shifted by introducing the ML, Kang Hyung Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) coming to Jiri National Park for the first day of work. His entrance was welcomed with an emergency where the team rushed off to provide aid.

Cast of the show

The Haedong branch head Jo Dae Jin (Sung Dong Il ) welcomed Hyng Jo and sent him with Jung Goo Young (Oh Jung Se). Since everyone has a partner and plot device, Kang Hyun Jo gets partnered with the demon ranger Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun).

Seo Yi Gang lived with her grandma and had lost her parents in an accident in Jirisan. Despite Yi Gang saying that she hates mountains, it’s actually untrue. Yi Gang loves Jirisan and is the most experienced ranger that the Haedong branch has. She’s the best and has earned the nickname of the demon.

Kang Hyun Jo graduated from the military academy and chose to come to Jirisan to solve the mystery that has been haunting him. His Sunabe died at Jirisan, and he has his own secret as well. Whether it’s a mystery or divine powers, Hyun Jo can see flashes or some memories of the accidents that will occur in the future.

Somehow using the clues from the visions, he was able to rescue people. His exact detail of locations warrant suspicion from Yi Gang who didn’t believe him at first. Later, she starts believing him but also thinks it’s a relief that Hyun Jo doesn’t have those future memories.  This was the old timeline in 2018.

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In the present timeline, Yi Gang is paralyzed and returns back to work at the Haedong branch. Unfortunately for Hyun Jo, he was involved in an accident that left him hospitalized and comatose. The show switches back and forth showing both timelines as the story progresses. The reason and how the accident happened hasn’t been shown yet.

At times, Jo Dae Jin seems very suspicious because of his actions. There have been incidents where people have seen a ghost-like person in Jirisan.  Surprisingly the ghost-like person is none other than Hyn Jo himself.

Is he some sort of a guardian? Why is his soul here? Why is Yi Gang back? The mysteries are slowly unfolding. Watch Jirisan every week to find the answers.

Currently, 8 episodes of Jirisan have aired and the show has maintained a good amount of suspense, and the chemistry between all the characters is worth watching! Also, BTS Jin sang the official OST of Jirisan, don’t forget to listen to it. The song is amazing and goes with the drama theme.