Is Jimin Baby J? BTS Responds To Rumours On The Fallon Show

Is Jimin Baby J? Is Jin the best chef? Is RM the clumsiest? Is it ARMY or BELL?

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The main photo of the BTS butter performance on the Seoul bridge

BTS has been a recurring guest on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". Even the bond that the group share with Jimmy is very strong. With the release of their latest song "Permission To Dance", the group has been pretty booked and busy these days, appearing at several events like the Louis Vuitton fashion show.

Jimmy Fallon is known to keep things interesting with his guests. He often shows many challenging games and knows how to make his show fun to watch. With BTS joining him it makes a great team to make the show more fun. Day one was as fun and engaging as BTS had their TV debut of "Permission To Dance" as they performed it for the first time on TV.

Watch the performance below

Permission To Dance On The Jimmy Fallon

While the video of Permission To Dance gave a retro vibe with countryside and cowboy looks, the performance gave more of a simple look with casual outfits. The performance gave the purple ocean vibe with Purple balloons all over the place. Also, the thing that stood out the most was that the balloons were in different shades of purple depicting their fans with different skin types from all over the world.

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The performance was later followed by an interview through a video call. The interview talked about Dynamite getting a nag from The Grammys, "Butter" music video making and release, working with Ed Sheeran, the story behind Permission To Dance, and Touring.

The interview has many funny and cute moments like Jin and Jungkook forming the 'A' in the ARMY which was first seen in the Butter Music video.

BTS Responds To Rumours

Being the biggest band in the world comes with a lot of information but not all of it is true. BTS responded to rumours on the Fallon Show. Their responses made the episode more fun to watch. Several of them turned out to be true.

A shocking revelation, before their fandom was called ARMY, RM agreed that they almost went with Bell. Fallon asked Jimin about his choices of names when he was deciding on the debut. Jimin revealed that it was either Baby J or Baby G but both the names sounded weird when it came to introducing himself so he finally decided to go with his real name. To this Fallon recommended that he can go with 'Jimin Fallon' if he wants.

The next rumour was about V auditioning for BTS. Apparently, V never planned for auditioning for BTS, he just went to support a friend. When Fallon asked about what happened to his friend to which he replied "He Failed" and left everyone laughing out loud. V proudly announced that he made it and RM supported V is for Victory. As it was Jin's turn, Fallon got an invitation through his rumour. The rumour was whether Jin is the best chef among all the members. To this Jin replied that all of the members have a similar level of cooking skills but the best dish that he makes is "Kimchi Fried Rice" and if Jimmy Fallon was ever in South Korea, he would cook for him.

Later Fallon addressed Suga's love for Eminem to which Suga replied that He was definitely a huge fan of Eminem and that the first CD he ever bought was of Eminem. Since there were no translations, his parents didn't mind it at all. Finally, last but not least J-Hope was asked if he considers himself the most fashionable member of BTS. Proudly, J-Hope replied that he definitely is the most fashionable member. It might seem like Fallon missed RM and Jungkook's question but the extended version of the interview was uploaded later on.

In the extended version, Fallon asked about their days before the debut when they used to share only one room. To this Suga replied that there were only three bunk beds and one normal bed and in between, there was space for only one person to walk. To this Jin added that "these guys are very messy and dirty".

Fallon even asked the most curated question RM if he is the clumsiest person in the group. RM agreed to this and even shared that he is the only one who doesn't have a driver's license and he decided not to have one for the world's peace.

Now for Jungkook's turn, Fallon addressed him as the most talented person and asked if there is anything he is not good at. To which Jungkook replied there are a lot of things he is not good at but if he has to choose one thing it's his problem of concentration. He can't concentrate on things he doesn't like.


BTS played Will It Fit?

We've seen guests often playing games on the Fallon Show but this time they came up with a whole new game called "Will It Fit?" The game revolved around fitting random objects into a random container which was given by the will it Fit generator. The game was fun to watch as the objects were very weird. It even had a very funny ending when Jimmy Fallon went into a washing machine full of Nacho Cheese.

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