Is Hive Manga One of the Best?
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Is Hive Manga One of the Best?

Is Hive Manga One of the Best?

Hive Manga, it is the year 2014 and there is a serious issue with global warming. Apocalypse falls over South Korea as gigantic mutated insects appear throughout the cities due to pollutants. Our protagonist Eun-Sung Lee, a corporate office staff member is faced with battling through hoards of killer insects to find and save his wife and daughter.

Hive Manga is good because i really liked about this manhwa was how well the story progressed and how new things were introduced in small increments. I thought it was a really nice touch because as a reader it makes you want to come back to find out more.

Hive Manga

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Hive Manga characters were amazing and while some were overplayed in being too needy, annoying or downright stereotypical – it was actually believable that this is how real people would act in the situation.

What an amazing art style, it is capable to produce a vivid image of being in the situation right alongside the protagonist and at times, question whether there would be a way to win.

I think once you begin reading this manhwa you will come to like one of the main protagonists, he is very unique and by far the ultimate badass – the upside being he himself has his own spin-off instalment called The Dog Man which covers his backstory. There is also an additional instalment alongside this called Dead Queen focusing on another story.

With a unique storyline, characters and art style – HIVE is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I will do nothing but recommend this manhwa to those who enjoy the horror and post-apocalyptic genres as this is by far one of the best out there.

Hive Manga sure contains have a lot of disturbing images. Sometimes the webtoon doesn’t censored the gorey images such as fingers getting peeled off, cuts, etc etc~ They also show infected people vomiting that sort of looks like in real life vomit, disgusting to see that coming.

If seeing people having metamorphosis transforming into weird insect ways isn’t the best for you to read, I’d recommend you not to see this webtoon. The art is quite solid. I like some action drawings with the people getting hit, and seeing some knife slashing movements. They often have explosions whenever they draw some gun attacks, like many.

Hive Manga is one of my favorite ongoing webtoons that I enjoy re-reading and researching some comments information. Chapter 0 isn’t that interesting to see so giving Chapter 1 as a first start would be a great read. What makes this webtoon interesting is the people surviving into camps, me Gramp’s bad-ass attacks and savage talks to enemies, and the bee attacks.

Hive Manga
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Hive Manga always have those unfortunate endings in most of their chapters, it keeps the readers hyped up and interested to see what the next chapter will be about. Characters are okay I guess, the MC isn’t that bad-ass or smart with taking care of people. There are a lot of idiotic characters that you will find them annoying or other hate thoughts you will give.

I recommend for those who likes apocalypse survival genres, some bugs and people killing actions, and for those who are into the walking dead series. HIVE is sort of like “The Walking Dead” series because of their surviving and character traits similarities. However our MC here isn’t the greatest, mr Gramps is.