Is Gintama Worth Watching in 2023?

Gintama, a decade-old Shonen anime and manga series has continued to garner a dedicated fanbase throughout the world.

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Is Gintama Worth Watching in 2021?

Gintama, a decade-old Shonen anime and manga series has continued to garner a dedicated fanbase throughout the world. With Gintama: The Final released in 2021, the question arises. Is Gintama worth watching?

Many viewers have faced the dilemma of whether to watch Gintama or not. With over 360+ episodes, 2 live-action movies, 3 anime movies, and many ova under its belt, Gintama still dominates the Shonen world.

Gintama creator Sorachi Hideaki started the famous series in 2003. The series gained immense popularity and 10 seasons have aired till 2021.

Gintama: The Final aired in theatres in 2021, and has also received a favorable outcome. It received an overwhelming response.  Is Gintama worth watching?

If you’re still unsure let’s see a few reasons to watch Gintama.

Funny? YES...

You’re bound to laugh with all the running gags and parodies throughout the series. The amount of parodies and famous references makes you curious to find where the references originated from.

Dynamic and Funny Characters From The Gintama Universe

The diverse range of characters with compelling backstories and heartwarming resolve to achieve their goals is truly commendable. The protagonist Sataka Gintoki is a very likable Shonen hero.

main characters from gintama

The characters are unique and loveable, and viewers get easily attached to them. You can feel the joy and sadness, the anger and angst with them. And the intense cliffhangers will keep up on your toes. The emotional rollercoaster with Gintama makes want to you watch it. Is Gintama worth watching in 2023, now that much new anime are out? The answer is simple. It depends on the kind of storyline you wish to watch. People who have a knack to watch lengthy anime series will surely love Gintama.

10 Fan-Favorite Most Lovable Gintama Characters

No anime can rival Gintama when it comes to action and comedy. Gintama is a decade-old anime but it’s still a masterpiece. Gintama is a cult classic and one can never get enough of it.  It starts off slow but picks up speed soon.

Art Style

The music and art style are equally beautiful. The story starts out quite slow in comparison to other shonen stories, but later it picks up speed. The action and fight scenes will keep you hooked up throughout the series.

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Is Gintama Worth Watching?

The Shonen series is totally watched at any time of the day, week, month, or year. You don’t need a schedule or timetable to enjoy Gintama. The Series is captivating and very hilarious. Even the serious arcs aren’t that heavy. This series is totally on an entirely different level.

Compared to other animes, this series is only on a different scale in terms of story, plot, and characters. You can’t hate any character as they all justify their actions. The most despicable character will captivate you as well.

Serious arcs will make you clench your fists, keep you hooked on the edge and make you seriously get into it. Gintama: The Final is the last instalment in the series. Fans are excited and hope that it’s available in their countries soon. Is Gintama: The Final worth watching? Watch it to find out the answer!

Is Gintama Finished?

Gintama is over. As much as we are sad to bid goodbye to the series, it’s over. Gintama: The Final movie got released in 2021. Two special episodes got aired that serves as a link to the movie.

The fans are sad because of the end of the series. However, Fans are excited because they get to know the end. The manga series is also over but we don’t know when the mangaka might drop something.

Series creator Sorachi Hideaki often trolls the fans so nothing surprising there. We can only hope that the final movie ends on a positive note and that fans are happy. Everything Good just comes to an End!

Is Gintama worth watching? Verdict: Definitely if you’re a Shonen anime lover and enjoy comedy series. With 10 seasons- a total of 367 episodes, 2 live-action movies, 3 anime movies, and many OVAs, viewers, and fans can enjoy Gintama on many streaming sites. Gintama is currently streaming on Netflix. Enjoy watching and decide for yourself whether or not is Gintama worth watching!