Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo Kdrama Worth Watching?

What is Extraordinary Attorney Woo Kdrama Plot? Who are the Hanbada Law firm team? Does Lee Jun Ho like Woo Young Woo?

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The new Netflix Kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo starring Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo has created a buzz. The new Kdrama has made us curious with the stellar performance of Park Eun Bin as the autistic talented lawyer working at Hanbada Law firm.

It’s not the first time Kdrama introduced us to different disabilities like Autism to create awareness and better understanding. The Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has presented fans with a fresh plot with a talented cast of veterans and nevertheless a good plot.

4 episodes have aired so far, so the question remains whether Extraordinary Attorney Woo Kdrama is worth watching or dropping. If you haven’t watched the Netflix Korean drama, here’s why it’s worth adding to the list!


Extraordinary Attorney Woo introduced the main protagonist, a young girl, Woo Young Woo living with her father who hasn’t said her first word yet. Miraculously, when she spoke, Woo Young quoted law which made her father ecstatic.

A grown Woo Young Woo goes to work at Handbada Law Firm where she’s in for some prejudice against her from her superior, Jun Myeong Seok.

The Kdrama is based on how Lawyer Woo Young Woo deals with people around her as she works as an attorney who has an Autism spectrum disorder. The story gets better with how she provides creative solutions to protect her clients and win the case for them and the firm.

Who are the Hanbada Law firm team?

Woo Young Woo directly reports to Jun Myeong Seok. Initially, Jun Myeong Seok (Kang Ki Young) was disappointed to meet her and instantly went to complain to CEO Han Seon Young. According to him, he wasn’t convinced if Young Woo is fit to be a lawyer.

Quite frankly his discrimination against her was very infuriating. Despite Young Woo having top grades from SNU, she has to face prejudice from top firms who didn't hire her. This was quite a realistic portrayal of prejudice and bias which is common in every society.

However, it was good to see Jun Myeong Seok change his opinion once he started working with her. He was able to see her talent and her way to get out of the crisis by understanding the law and how it can be used to protect their clients.

The male lead Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh) works at the law firm had had casual interaction with Young Woo. Choi Su Yeon is an interesting character.

She has studied with Young Woo at university and knows for a fact that no matter what Young Woo will always be first. Although she is shown as a character who doesn’t really like Young Woo, she doesn’t really hate her.

Choi Su Yeon has a conscience and empathises with her although she doesn’t have a prejudiced attitude towards Young Woo.

Although she can be quite cryptic and get annoyed with Young Woo as she keeps talking about whales, especially with Lee Jun Ho. Kwon Min Woo works at the firm and often has a squabble with Choi Su Yeon.

There was a point he didn’t like Young Woo as he thought she was getting preferential treatment due to her disability.  To this Jun Myeong Seok corrected him and told Kwon Min Woo to learn from her.

A New case

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One of the best things about Extraordinary Attorney Woo Kdrama is that the show presents a new case every episode. The cases are not dragged and end in a single episode. Different cases have been handled so far and in every case, Woo Young Woo showed her wits and knowledge of the law to win the case.

There was a point when she was removed from the case due to the client and she thought she couldn’t help the client. Young Woo felt guilty and even resigned, which was not processed by Jun Myeong Seok.

It was nice to see the progress of the characters as Jun Myeong Seok even went to protest the CEO when Woo Young Woo was removed from the case. The CEO was touched and criticised Jun Myeong Seok because initially, he was biased towards Young Woo as well, mocking him directly. As a resort and a suggestion, both Woo Young and Myeong Seok stepped away from the case.

Does Lee Jun Ho like Woo Young Woo?

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The interaction between Lee Jun Ho and woo Young Woo is precious. Lee Jun Ho genuinely listens to Woo Young Woo talk about whales. He tried to accommodate and help her, not that she needed any.

Watching the character is a breath of fresh air because he genuinely holds no bias and treats Young Woo equally which quite often other characters don’t. Lee Jun Ho was genuinely concerned when Woo Young Woo resigned without saying a word.

Woo Young Woo’s family and friends

The backstory of the girls was heartfelt and touching. When Woo Young Woo was in school she was constantly bullied. Even when she changed schools people bullied her.

main lead with her father and friend

The only person who stood up for her ended up becoming her true friend. Woo Young Woo often visits Dong Geurami, her high school friend at the bar, and Kim Min Sik, the bar owner. Woo Young Woo’s father is very understanding and is familiar with the CEO of Handbada Han Seon Young. Nothing is shown about Young Woo’s mom.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Kdrama is a must-watch this season. Park Eun Bin is amazing in the role as she portrays the role with such excellence.

The innovative writing and creative team have worked which reflects in the drama. This is not just a typical courtroom/ law drama. The Kdrama is heartwarming while highlighting some of the issues faced by Woo Young Woo and the clients she ends up helping.

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