Is Ergo Proxy Worth Watching In 2022?

Why is Ergo Proxy Unique? What was Ergo Proxy inspired by? Is Ergo Proxy philosophical? Why is Ergo Proxy so confusing?

Ergo Proxy

The 2006 Sci-Fi/ psychological anime series Ergo Proxy is quite highly rated. Ergo Proxy was quite an advanced anime for its time. The Story of Ergo Proxy was quite complicated but interesting at the same time. Despite the high ratings why is Ergo Proxy not well known?

The new generation of anime fans may or may not have heard of Ergo Proxy. The real question arises whether Ergo Proxy is worth watching in 2022 or not.

Over the years, there have been many animes from different genres but the Sci-Fi series Ergo Proxy did so many things right that this series is hard to miss. What makes Ergo Proxy so interesting and unique at the same time? Should you watch Ergo Proxy in 2022? Let's find out.

Why watch Ergo Proxy?

Re-L Mayer

There are two kinds of anime fans, one who likes Ergo Proxy for the plot, amazing story, and characters created. The second type of fan did not like Ergo Proxy after watching a couple of episodes or perhaps is not motivated to watch the series.

It’s true that watching Ergo Proxy anime will require the use of a lot of brain cells because of the complex storyline. In Ergo proxy, there are some episodes that may be a little boring and there is no harm in skipping the scenes. As an overall series, Ergo Proxy deserves a minimum of 8.5/10.

Why is Ergo Proxy Unique?

Ergo Proxy with Re-L Mayer

One of the most interesting and compelling things about Ergo Proxy was the use of narration from the point of view of the main character Re-L Mayer. In most of the episodes, you can see the character narrating the perspective of what is going down in the story and sometimes breaking the third wall and directly presenting the situation; the conflict and the inner monologue.

The main protagonist Re-L Mayer is a complicated yet attractive character you can't help but praise her and be angry at the same time. Often Re-L Mayer is unable to make up her mind and is bounded between her duties and her curiosity to find the answers.

She ends up getting in a difficult situation even at the cost of her health. Re-L Mayer is a level-headed character but can be extremely obtuse and stubborn when she makes up her mind. One of the positive aspects of Re-L Mayer is that she has her own convictions and uses her own logic to make decisions instead of believing in hearsay.

She has strong analytical and deductive skills that make her a superior human being rather than acting as puppets like other characters who are driven by emotions and motives.

Rather than quietly following the system and being unable to decide what's right and wrong, Re-L Mayer is a rebel but for the right causes.

She definitely had enough chances to kill Vincent Law, one of the main protagonists of the series but she decided not to and trusted the character despite being emotionally vulnerable.

What was Ergo Proxy inspired by?

Ergo Proxy

Indeed the concept of Ergo Proxy was developed from a philosophical idea created by Renee Descartes who quoted "Cogito Ergo Sum". This translates to "Because I think, therefore I am".

This concept was developed as the major storyline for Ergo Proxy where infected robots get a virus called Cogito which gives them the ability to think and develop human emotions and thinking capacities.

Is Ergo Proxy philosophical?


One of the main characters in Ergo Proxy Pino is affected by the cogito virus which developed their human personality and enhanced her emotional development. Another philosophical hint was the character of Daedalus.

In Greek mythology, Daedalus is an inventor and intelligent man, a skilled architect, and a mythical person who holds power, wisdom, and knowledge.

In the series also, the character was seen as an intelligent researcher who successfully cloned and Re-L Mayor and was in charge of the different projects to work with the proxies for the development of the city.

The character did hold a lot of knowledge, and power and was significant, however, somehow he was a bit twisted and definitely creepy.

What is the Cogito Virus?

Re-L Mayer and her entourage Iggy

Much later in the series, Re-L Mayer’s entourage Iggy gets affected by the cogito virus which causes a sudden shift in his personality as he starts attacking her. Before the effect of the virus, Iggy was a loyal retainer of Re-L Mayer.

However, there was a drastic shift in his personality and he even went as far as to call her an incapable person who relies on Iggy's skills to solve cases. According to the infected Iggy, Re-L Mayer was overprivileged and calls her inept.

In his defense, Re-L Mayer is quite dependent on Iggy.

Why is Ergo Proxy so confusing?

Ergo Proxy

One of the reasons that the series is so confusing is due to the complex nature and use of many philosophical and psychological references that most users are unable to understand.

Ergo Proxy is a well-crafted anime series that has multiple layers and different shades for each and every character who is willing to go to any lengths based on their motivation and their agenda to achieve the end game.

It's a matter of perspective and many fans had trouble understanding the second half of the series as it gets more complicated.

Many of the secrets and the origins of the proxies and different concepts are neatly packaged in the episode that may seem like a filler but was carefully and cleverly giving out the details in the form of a quiz show that Vincent law attended.

The episode uses the quiz show as the plot device and brought different information which was previously not discussed causing intense confusion and may have bored you.

It was also confusing due to the motivation of the characters and why they were behaving in a strange way.

The most contradictory character was perhaps Re-L Mayer and Vincent Law. Ergo Proxy is set in a dystopian future where robots and humans coexist. The proxies have experimented with humans and created pseudo humans which were termed as a failed experience by Proxy One.

The proxies in the series are referred someone closer to God, however acting as the proxies of the creators. Proxy one is the original creator of Romdeau City.

Ergo Proxy is available on Netflix, do check out the series and who knows you may end up liking the series.

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