Is Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Kdrama Worth Watching?

Bulgasal is a supernatural 2021 Kdrama. Conflicted whether to watch or not?

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2021 TvN Kdrama Bulgasal: Immortal Souls have finished airing. The Korean drama series was a visual highlight and an immense sucker of emotional tear-jerker moments.

The Korean drama successfully maintained suspense till the very last episode. The fans could probably guess how Bulgasal Kdrama would possibly end.

However, no one saw the twists coming. The series is best for a perfect binge-watch session and there were hardly any scenes worth skipping.

There was a plethora of Kdramas airing last year in 2021 which made one question whether watching Bulgasal is worth it or not.

The characters were more than a two-dimensional concept and showed the idea of varying levels of emotion and a particular shade.

The drama has all the necessary elements which make you reconsider switching sides with the particular characters.

Too Many Emotions

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It had anger, resentment, vengeance, emotional pain, trauma, betrayal, hungry for acceptance, existential crisis; you name it all.

Imagine having to reincarnate over and over, only to be killed by a deranged psychopath trying to fill their void. Truly painful for all the parties involved!

Bulgasal did so many things right and one of the best things was the unidirectional flow of the story and maintaining the connection between the past and the present without disrupting either of the events and showing the distorted version of the memories.

You don't necessarily have to be Sherlock to decipher what will happen to the main characters.

What made Bulgasal worth the binge value because of the characters, the perfect storyline, the aesthetic visuals, and the cliffhangers wanting you for more.

Imagine having to wait for 8 weeks to watch particular episodes and to know what's gonna happen to your favorite characters.

The fate of the characters was often hanging by the thread and dare you; don't make a favorite character.

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You will end up crying anyways irrespective of what happens to anyone.

Imagine your favorite characters on the brink of death and the modern vampires and mythical/spiritual creatures haunting them down because why not.

The constant struggle between Dan Hwal, Ok Eul Tae, and Min Sang Un was interesting.

Unfortunately, Nam Do Yoon seemed like an innocent bystander having to choose sides. The price of the betrayal is death according to Ok Eul Tae.

Lee Joon - The Show Stealer

Quite frankly Lee Joon stole the show with his perfect acting in the role of Ok Eul Tae, the antagonist of Bulgasal Immortal Souls.

His character was the most difficult to portray.

The character had mixed feelings; anger and resentment towards others, yet at the same time haunted by the betrayal from family, and seeking acceptance even after a century.

Ok Eul Tae truly set the events in action, and oh well, how badly it backfired.

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What made Bulgasal worth watching was the bittersweet reunion of the people from their past lives. Every person from Dan Hwal's past made an appearance on the present timeline.

The Characters You Love

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The thing that most people would not have seen it coming was the character detective Kwon Ho Yeol. He was the adoptive father of Dan Hwal in the past life.

Kwon Ho Yeol was one of the most unpredictable characters and his fate was ironic.

The entire curse of Bulgasal was somehow revolving around him, that's a different story for later.

No character was perfect, every character was humane and very vulnerable. Even the oldest Bulgasal Ok Eul Tae was suffering from pain and eternal torment.

He was one of the contributors to the horrible fate for everything, yet he was the most pitiful character in Bulgasal Kdrama.

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One of the most likable characters was aunt Lee Hye Seok. No matter what you can never hate her character.

Yet another irony, she was the shaman in the past life (600 years ago) who convinced others to kill Dan Hwal.

Dan Hwal initially saved her from fire maybe for his own benefit, but he grew attached to her and it's hard not to. She is one of the people who truly cared about Dan Hwal.

Bulgasal or Goblin?

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Still not convinced whether to watch Bulgasal or not? Here's why Bulgasal will be worth your time.

Although Goblin Kdrama was amazing, and the comparison might throw you off, Bulgasal did better than Goblin at least the way it executed towards the end.

The last few episodes of Goblin were a bit boring, but Bulgasal promises you torment, gut-wrenching angst, anger, action, unfortunately, a lot of gory scenes and violence (avoid if you can, it's a supernatural action drama after all!).

Can TvN’s Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Surpass Goblin Kdrama?
What happened to Dan Hwal? What happened to Dan Hwal’s family? What happened between Bulgasal and Dan Hwal? What happened to Min Sang Yeon?

The Dear Precious

Min Si Ho, Min Sang UN's sister, and Dan Hwal's wife in the previous life was a bit annoying in the beginning.

As the Kdrama progresses, Min Si Ho quickly grows in your heart. You can't hate her at all, although, at times, she resents Dan Hwal.

The scene between Nam Do Hyun and Ok Eul Tae was surprisingly good, given they had a give and take relationship. Ok Eul Tae genuinely cared about him till one point.

It was interesting to see Ok Eul Tae weirdly obsessing with Dan Hwal for his end game.

His hatred towards Min Sang Un was justified and yet at the same time, you can't side with him knowing the entire truth.

One of the best things in Bulgasal Kdrama was the dysfunction but the loving family tied together with a bond, although lacking proof of blood ties.

The grandfather detective Kwon Ho Yeol, the grandaunt butcher Lee Hye Seok, the angry, cold but warm father Dan Hwal, his teenage rebellious son Nam Do Hyun, and his two Noonas Min Si Ho and Min Sang Un.

Although there was no romantic plot and no forced skinship/relationship, Bulgasal was a well-created Korean drama that deserves all the credit.

Do watch Bulgasal Immortal Souls because it's totally worth it.  Though there's no guarantee you won't end up ranting,

Bulgasal Kdrama certainly took the bar way too high. It's enjoyable, likable and you can't help falling in love with all the characters. Have fun streaming!!!

Thanks for reading!!!