Why is BTS so Influential?

This famous South Korean K-POP Boy Band is the biggest group worldwide at the moment. BTS is know for their powerful lyrics and accompanying passionate choreography.

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Why Is BTS considered as the most influential band of all times?

This famous South Korean K-POP Boy Band is the biggest group worldwide at the moment. BTS is known for its powerful lyrics and accompanying passionate choreography. Being one of the two artists to sell half a million copies across the United States of America, their album Map of the Soul:7 was a worldwide bestselling album. As a brand, BTS is extremely valuable. They're so influential, that reps at the Hyundai Research Institute told AFP they bring about $3.6 billion to the South Korean economy.

To date, BTS won 367 Awards out of 541 nominations. The BTS Fandom calls themselves ARMY. Their song ‘Dynamite’ has been a record-breaker of all time. BTS has broken 23 Guinness World records to this day after the release of their latest digital single 'Butter' on May 21st.

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How Was BTS's Member's Life Before Joining Big Hit Entertainments?

Before starting their career with Big Hit Entertainments, now Hybe, all of them had a hard life. None of them were rich. They all came from middle-class and poor families.

Suga did multiple part-time jobs. He used to sell his music at a very cheap price, just so he could afford a meal. Sometimes, he was left with so little money that he had to decide whether to buy food or take the bus to pursue his passion for music.

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Suga was also a victim who got in a hit-and-run accident when he was delivering as part of his part-time job which did serious damage to his shoulder. Out of fear, Suga never told anyone until recently in their documentary series 'Burn the Stage', as he was scared that he would be kicked out from the group since the K-Pop industry is known for its strict standards for its trainees. Suga underwent for surgery in November 2020 for which Big Hit even gave an official announcement.

Official Weverse Announcement

Also, Suga’s parents were against his dream which made him work harder and under physical and emotional pressure just to prove himself. From an underground rapper to becoming Suga and Agust-D, his journey is truly inspiring.

V of BTS With His Family

V came from a family of farmers. His dream was to become a saxophonist, but his family never had much money. Still, V’s parents constantly supported him through thick and thin. He went to BigHit auditions to support his friend but auditioned when the staff encouraged him.

J-Hope was a street dancer and wasn't originally a rapper but instead of focusing on his talent for dance, he was constantly judged for his looks. From being a dancer to an incredible rapper, writer, and producer, he has defeated all odds.

Jin was scouted for his looks right from the street by multiple companies yet he chose BigHit, now Hybe. Originally an acting student, Jin learned singing and dancing from scratch. Now, he is the most praised vocalist in BTS, his voice stands out the most and is by multiple high-profile music critiques as a 'Silver Voice'.

Jin Of BTS: The 'Silver Voice' Artist
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RM, a rapper and the leader of BTS has always been passionate about music, rap, and writing soul-touching lyrics. With an IQ of 148, his mother wanted him to take the traditional route and build a stable life. He got in a lot of arguments with his parents and was an underground rapper and went by the name Runch Randa. Eventually, he was able to work it out with his mother after several serious fights and was scouted by BigHit as the first member of what would now be the biggest boy band, BTS.

RM: The Leader Of The Group BTS
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Jungkook, the youngest member and the main vocalist of BTS, joined at the mere age of fifteen, sacrificing his entire teenage years to pursue his dream of singing and dancing. He joined BTS because he believed in RM. Working hard towards his dream, he started doing it mostly to support his parents.

Jungkook At Superstar K

Jimin, his first love was dance, especially modern contemporary dance. He came to Seoul from Busan at an early to pursue his dream and was scouted by BigHit because of his elegant and graceful dance moves and unique voice.

Jimin Of BTS

Why Is BTS A True Inspiration For The Youth?

BTS is a true example of dedication. They used to distribute their concert pamphlets themselves and ask people to come to see them perform for free. They even promote the message of ‘Love Yourself’. As BTS believes that true love begins once you learn to love yourself, they started the ‘Love Yourself’ campaign with UNICEF (United Nations).

BTS Campaign With The United Nations

They are the first Korean group to get an opportunity to give a speech at the United Nations. BTS even broke The Beatles' record. The Beatles set their twenty-two-year-old billboard record of getting three number ones with Anthology 1, Anthology 2, and Anthology 3. BTS broke the Beatles record in under 11 months with Map Of The Soul: Persona, Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer.

Groups like BTS are very important in today’s world as BTS always brings positivity and awareness on topics like mental health, depression, self-growth, and most important following your dreams. BTS is an inspiration to a lot of people. Many of the ARMY have themselves claimed that BTS brought a big positive change in their lives. BTS never gave up on their dreams. And they teach their ARMY to never give up either.

Once an ARMY, Always an ARMY

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