Is Bastard Manhwa Worth Reading? | Manhwa Review

Is Bastard Manhwa Worth Reading? | Manhwa Review

Bastard Manhwa is one of the best and can also be said the best thriller manhwa ever. There are a lot of twists and turns in this manhwa which makes its story very intriguing and you will desire to see what will happen next? Just like its end what the character actually does and what the actual end came out like. The story is overall quite simplistic yet is quite complicated. This is a story which will make your head spin about how this happen? All the events happen in this story happens for a particular reason nothing is useless as everything is linked to other at one point. Which is the main reason in making this manhwa interesting.

The character and plot development is too good. The main character of the story is Jin Seon. This  manhwa is perfect blend of many genres like horror and romance. Not one genre overpowers other genre. There are different points to this manhwa which doesn’t let this manhwa becomes boring or lengthy. This manhwa shows how different person from different sections of the society comes together as it is fated. The best thing about this manhwa is its unpredictable nature it’s suspense and interactions that happen between the characters.

What is The Bastard Manhwa About?

Bastard Manhwa is written by Carnby Kim and it is drawn by Youngchan Hwan. It is a very dark themed thriller manhwa in which the main character is a pale boy whose father is a serial killer.

The plot of the story is about a young boy whose father is a serial killer. It basically takes place in Korea where a young boy is forced to commit a murder by his own father. But the main killing is done by his father he simply lures the women into the room and knocks her down with the help of a hammer. The main character have done this thing he had basically committed this act unknowingly because his father told him it is normal. He also began to think that it is normal.

It is not basically a horror story but much more than that each chapter into the story will get you excited to think what is going to happen in the next episode for sure. The main character commit those acts until he meet his classmate whose name is Kyun. Kyun is his father’s target. But our main character as suspected wants to save her from his father. Read the story further as i dont want to give any spoilers.


Bastard Manhwa have one of the best characters in a manhwa as their interaction with each other is a scene to be scene. Jin is our common shy character which is found in other manhwas too. But in this manhwa his character has more to it rather than only being shy. He also lacks common sense which is quite humorous. But the character I liked the most is Jin’s father. As we know each coin has two sides just like that jins father too have two faces or we can say he wears a mask of good guy behind which is a mass murderer.

Is Bastard Manhwa Worth Reading?

So, to answer your question I will simply say that it depends on the person if you like thriller related stuff then you will definitely love this manhwa. Overall, it is a definite recommendation to read this manhwa as there are not lot of manhwa which can compare to its intensity.