Is Alchemy of Souls Kdrama Worth Watching?

The new TvN/Netflix drama Alchemy of Souls starring Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min in pivotal roles might just be the next fantasy favorite.

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When it comes to supernatural and fantasy drama, no one does it better like TvN. The new TvN/Netflix drama Alchemy of Souls starring Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min in pivotal roles might just be the next fantasy favourite.

The Alchemy of Souls Kdrama is getting support and bashing due to the style being similar to a Wushia/Xianxia Chinese Drama. However, the Kdrama is an original and no country should have a monopoly or copyright in genres, right?

So far, Alchemy of Souls might be confusing yet intriguing because of the plot and too many characters. The question is whether Alchemy of Souls Kdrama is worth watching? Let’s check it out!

What is the Plot of Alchemy of Souls?

The plot of Alchemy of Souls may sound confusing. There are two central characters around which the drama is revolving.

The main character is Jang Uk, from the noble Jang Family and Naksu, the shadow assassin.

The Krama is set in a fictional or mythical kingdom as the monarchy is still important. There are mages and spells which makes it different from a normal era setting. Jang Uk’s, Jang Gang father is a highly recognized Mage.

What’s wrong with Jang Uk?

From the understanding of episode 1 of Alchemy of Souls, there are weird zombie-like creatures or the return of the dead souls. Jang Gang was developing a new spell (Alchemy of Souls).

What is Jang Uk's Birth Secret?

The king was sick and dying without an heir. The king requested Jang Gang to switch souls with him for a week. Jang Uk was born to Do Hwa and Jang Gang, only in the King’s body.

There are rumours about Jang Uk’s lineage as people are convinced that he is not Jang Gang’s son.

Jang Uk’s mom passed away after birth, but it’s hard to confirm whether the king and Jang Gang switched souls back again or not.

After his birth, Jang Gang locked Jang Uk’s gate which prevents him to use spells or becoming a wizard.  Jang Gang has disappeared for a long time leaving Jang Uk alone.

As Jang Uk’s gate is closed he was kicked out by 12 teachers who couldn't teach and train him.

Jang Uk is convinced he needs a different teacher who can unlock his gate and teach him. As Jang Gang couldn't unlock his gate, no one in Songrim dared to unlock Jang Uk’s gate leaving him to become weak and a spectacle.

Who is Naksu?

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The feared Shadow assassin, Naksu was attacking the Songrim led by Park Jin. The exact motivation for her attack is yet unclear. In a bloody battle with Park Jin, Naksu was injured and had to switch souls. Naksu ended up with Mu Deok’s body, a blind girl soon to be sold.

How did Naksu become Mu Deok and Meet Jang Uk?

As fates intertwined, Jang Uk and Naksu had a chance encounter. Jang Uk was convinced that Mu Deok was Naksu, the assassin. After switching souls, Naksu became weak. She lost her body and sword and couldn’t do any spells like before.

Jang Uk saw Mu Deok’s eye change due to the soul spell and brought her home. The dynamic between Mu Deok and Jang Uk is worth watching as both of them have a cat and mouse relationship.

Mu Deok & Jang Uk - The Troublemakers

It’s an oddball but both Jang Uk and Mu Deok are comedic duos with enough troublemaking capacities. Jang Uk is loved in Songrim and has a free pass to enter and exit at will.

People care about Jang Uk especially his two besties, Seo Yul and Park Dang Gu. in a weird twisted fate, Naksu and Seo Yul knew each other before. Danger kept brewing as someone in the shadows want Naksu dead for good.

They sent the zombie-like dead souls and Songrim tried to find the intruder. Both Mu Deok and Jang Uk were in troublesome waters as Jin Cho Yeon could sniff out the dead soul.

Thankfully, Naksu was not caught and the impending doom was averted. Well, things didn’t exactly get smooth sailing for Jang Uk as he broke the family heirloom of Cho Yeon which resulted in him getting punished.

Mu Deok-The Schemer

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Jang Uk and Mu Deok shared the secret with each other. Mu Deok (Naksu) wanted to part ways with Jang Uk and she did.

Naksu’s body was burnt and her sword was gone. Jin Mu had her sword and guess he’s also from Naksu’s former side, and currently wants her to be dead for good.

Jang Uk got hold of Naksu’s sword and later convinced Mu Deok to go back with him. Jang Uk wanted Mu Deok to become his teacher but Naksu refused him.

His gates are closed and no one has the guts to open them. Even Naksu was at her weakest. Even after possessing her sword, she couldn’t unsheathe it.

Although she did it temporarily that was not of her own doing. Mu Deok is sly and schemes Jang Uk to get his gates open by poisoning him. Great way to go Naksu.

One thing’s for sure, Alchemy of Souls Kdrama is nothing like a Chinese Wuxia or Xianxia drama. It’s much more believable and enjoyable so far. The characters and cast are quite likeable.

It’s hard to make predictions about characters’ motivations and what everyone is scheming. The most unpredictable character is Naksu aka Mu Deok.

The chemistry between Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk and Jung So Min as Mu Deok is good to watch. Alchemy of Souls Kdrama is totally worth a watch.

Do check out Alchemy of Souls on Netflix on weekends, currently streaming. Happy bringing and streaming!

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