MHA: Was there something between Inko and All Might?

Inko is seen to admire All might for the person he is!

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inko blushing in front of all might

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series illustrated and written by Kohei Horikoshi. The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku. Izuku is shown to be born without superpowers, but still dreams become a superhero by himself.

It is shown in the manga series that he was scouted by the greatest hero named All Might, who picked him as his successor after recognizing his potential.

This hero also helped him to enroll in a prestigious school for superheroes so that he can expand his knowledge and be trained. As All Might entered Deku's life, he also made his entry into his mother's life too.

This story is more than just about superheroes. This story has Love angles too. You guys must be shipping many of the characters. But what if I say that there is something between Deku’s mom and All might? Let's find out!‌‌

Was there something between Inko and All Might?

inko conversing with all might

Inko Midoriya is the mother of Deku. Can we say that something is going on between Inko and All Might? As her own son, she is also seen to admire All might for the person he is!

She met him for the first time when he was going to her apartment to talk to her about the dorm system in episode 50 of the manga series. We all saw on her face that she was very nervous when she got to know that the most famous All Might was at her apartment.

Also, we saw that Inko was very much worried about his son and wanted to take him out of the high school as she knew that he used to admire All Might a lot and she was scared that All Might would make him like him. Because of this reason she wasn't afraid to criticize All Might.

This is when All Might convinced her and showed her that she can trust her with Izuku. He promised her that she would prevent him from every obstacle and would never let him walk the wrong way.

This created a soft corner in her heart for her. Also, we saw in the further episodes that she asked him to promise her to live properly and raise her son and All might without any hesitation agreed with her.

So, from all these instances from the story (& at the time of writing this article), we really do get an idea that there was something cooking up between All Might and Inko which is not clearly shown in the manga series. Let's wait and see what more things add up here.