Top 16 "I'm Ready To Get Hurt Again" Moments In Korean Dramas

Kdramas addressing the history, unrequited love confessions, or the character breaking down due to stress and a tragic occurrence are all examples of emotional situations.

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Top 16 "I'm Ready To Get Hurt Again" Moments In Korean Dramas
sad moments in K-dramas 

Having a box of tissues always comes in handy while watching a K-drama. Whatever type of K-dramas you watch — thrillers, crime, romance, or horror — they all have one thing in common: emotional scenes that will make you cry. It aids in breaking up the plot and making it more serious and attention-getting.

The main characters addressing their history, unrequited love confessions, or the character breaking down due to stress and a tragic occurrence are all examples of emotional situations. K-dramas excel at crafting sincere and sorrowful situations that last far longer in the minds of viewers than beautiful kisses or sensational murder scenes.

16. When Teacher Kim found a handwritten note from her father (Hi Bye! Mama)

Fans adore the way Hi Bye, Mama! depicts the sadness of losing a loved one. Yuri helps the souls of the dead find peace in this series by sending messages to the loved ones they left behind. The incident in episode eight where a parent asked Yuri to write a letter for his daughter was particularly memorable for fans. The father assured his daughter that everything would be OK and that she could let go of her concerns. Rather than feeling sorry for him, she should remember him as a strong individual who will always be grateful for what she has done for him. Receiving a letter from a long-deceased loved one was reassuring.

Even if things fail, her father would always promise her that everything will be fine. While viewing this scene, fans desired that they, too, could get a letter from a loved one telling them that everything is well.

15. When Jin Joo’s mom said that she must go back to her son (Go Back Couple)

Although it has been years since this was released, it still causes us great pain. Although it is a brief series compared to the typical 16-episode K-drama, it has clearly struck a nerve. We all have what-if scenarios in our heads. We sometimes feel as if we made poor decisions in life, and most of the time, we only appreciate the significance of something after it has passed us by. I recall crying in the last episode, especially when Jin Joo's mother declared that she had to return to her son. It's difficult to lose someone you care about, and it's much more difficult to let go when you're given another chance to be with them.

14. Jae-Won's Confession In The Restaurant (Lovestruck In The City)

Lovestruck in the City, a Netflix Korean drama, will be remembered by fans for a long time. It depicts the painful realities of love and relationships. Fans were moved by Jae-Woon and Seon-narrative a's more than any other. Fans may be angry with Seon-a since he abandoned him and lied to him.

Jae-Woon pays a visit to the restaurant where they pledged to meet years ago in episode eight. He thinks the genuine Seon-a in front of him is just a fantasy now that he's inebriated on soju. She goes along with it since she doesn't want to face him directly. He sobs and says he can't forget her since they were married and it was genuine to him. He describes his agony in attempting to locate her for the past five years. Every day, he says, he dies a little on the inside.

13. When Soohyun was so relatable as the breadwinner of his family (At A Distance, Spring Is Green)

Soohyun would likely resonate with anyone who has struggled with money. Because he comes from a poor family, he can only concentrate on education and work to make ends meet. While watching this drama, thinking about how strong he is in the face of his own challenges and obligations can make anyone emotional.

12. When Eunji’s mom broke down in tears while waiting for a heart donor for her daughter (Hospital Playlist)

Fans expressed mixed feelings while watching the entire Hospital Playlist episode, especially when they watched the mothers supporting one another in the face of their children's health issues. Eunji's mother's anguish while congratulating Minchan's mother on her daughter's good news. As she sobbed alone at night, admirers felt her helplessness and desperation.

11. When Hong Si Ah got the bank book from her parents (18 Again)

For all of her firsts and achievements, money was deposited into her account. Her parents remembered everything—the day she was born, the first time she sat in a shopping cart, her first steps, the first time she said "Daddy," the first time she learned to ride a bike, and the first time she gave her father a scarf. The purpose of the last date was to tell her that they are always there for her and that they adore her. Everyone sobbed as she burst into tears and contacted her father to tell him she missed him. All this time, Hong Si Ah assumed that her parents were unconcerned about her. Turns out she was wrong all this time.

10. The Cheating Argument (Matrimonial Chaos)

In an era when divorce is more widespread, Matrimonial Chaos depicted the struggles of love and relationships of couples in their thirties. It becomes the centre point for one marriage that will make Yoo-admirers young's fall in love with him. Yoo-young ultimately breaks down over her failing marriage in episode 16. She had known for a long time that her husband was having an affair with her.

The scenario has a strong impression. She informs him, holding back tears, that when a husband sleeps with another woman, the wife is constantly awake. She goes through his receipts, smells his clothes, and reads his text messages. She fought to hold it in and began to despise herself for being like her mother.

9. Se-Ri Yells At Her Father (Sky Castle)

The heartbreaking scene in Sky Castle as Se-ri confronts her father will have viewers crying and on the edge of their seats. Her father is manipulative and controlling towards her in the drama. She gives the idea that she is a Harvard student to everyone.

Her father discovers her lies and reminisces about her made-up adventures. When she goes home, things get hot. Se-ri tries to argue with him, but in the end, she just tells him how she truly feels. She explains that she strived to live up to his expectations of her at all times. She bore the agony of concealing the truth so that he may be happy. She no longer wanted to be the daughter he desired.

8. The Love Confession (Reply 1988)

Fans can agree that Jung-hwan suffered from "second lead syndrome" as a result of Reply 1988. Fans remember him for always being a second too late when he wished to be with his boyhood friend. Fans were in tears as he finally admitted his true feelings.

The scene cuts back and forth between his current confession and scenes of them together in the past. He described how he had always had her on his mind. The concert and how delighted he was when they were on the bus. But he realized that "fate" was always too late for him. Finally, he knew he had to let go of his feelings for her.

7. Han-Sung's Death (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth)

Historical K-dramas are just as good at generating big sobs from their audiences. The death of Han-sung in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth was particularly memorable. Han-sung was the show's cutest and most endearing character, always seeing the positive side of everything.

In episode 18, he suffers a heartbreaking death. Sun-woo is forced to spar with Dan-Se. But something isn't quite right as he fights with zeal and determination. Sun-woo is in danger, so Han-sung steps in between him and Dan-sword. Se's Despite the fact that he is mildly injured, he appears to be dying considerably more quickly. Dan-Se used their grandfather's oil on the blade, and he discovers Dan-Se poisoned it.

6. Eun-Tak's Mothers Death (Goblin)

For a reason, Goblin was a hit show. It wasn't without its dramatic and sorrowful scenes, which had viewers in tears the entire time. One sequence, in particular, makes it difficult not to cry. As a young girl, Eun-Tak is involved. On the beach, she and her mother are discussing a dessert for her birthday celebration. It cuts to them lighting candles at home.

Eun-Tak claims she can't blow them out, despite her mother's advice. She learns it's her spirit, not her biological mother, who is speaking to her. Eun-Tak is aware that her mother is no longer alive and inquires as to where she is. After an accident, she receives a call from the hospital. She claims that she already knows and that she is on her way. She tears up as she puts on her red scarf, examines the cake, and eventually declares that she will never make a wish.

5. The Letters (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Scarlet Heart for Moon Lovers Ryeo was a Korean drama that didn't have the happy-ever-after ending that many fans expected. There were a lot of sad events in it, but the one that drew the most attention was Ha-death jin's and Wang So comprehending the significance of her letters.

Ha-jin fell in love with Wang So, and they stopped talking at some point throughout the program. But she continued to write him letters in which she expressed her true feelings. She dies soon after childbirth in a heartbreaking scene. When Wang So receives the news, he recognizes the letters and reads them. He begins to sob uncontrollably as he realizes he has lost his love.

4. Grandma In Shopping Cart (My Mister)

My Mister is more than just a narrative about three brothers; it's also about Ji-an, who is struggling with her life. There's already an emotional scene in the first episode that fans are reacting to. Her deaf grandma is cared for by her, and the image depicts her in a hospital room. According to the nurse, her granddaughter does not answer the phone, is late on payments, and maybe evicted.

Outside, Ji-an hears something and decides to smuggle her grandma out of the hospital. Everything, including the bed. She then places her in a shopping cart and drapes a quilt over her. Fans can sense the emotion even when there aren't many words exchanged. This was done so Ji-grandmother an's could see the moon at night.

3. When Ji Yeong sacrificed herself for Sae Byeok (Squid Games)

Ji Yeong and Sae Byeok's growing friendship in Squid Game was a hit with fans. When they opted to spend the time conversing in episode six, viewers couldn't help but think that if they got out together, they'd make wonderful friends. I started crying as they talked about their personal lives, their pasts, and what they planned to do if they survived. Finally, Ji Yeong and Sae Byeok had a sorrowful talk after Ji Yeong sacrificed herself for Sae Byeok. Everyone's hearts were broken as they saw Sae Byeok, who was cold and expressionless with tears streaming down her cheeks, and heard Ji Yeong remark, "I have nothing." really broke our hearts.

2. Se-Ri's Close Call & Seung-Jun's Death (Crash Landing On You)

In episode 15 of the hit Netflix Korean drama Crash Landing On You, viewers were taken on a rollercoaster ride. Some hearts were racing and teas were running wild in this setting. In the hospital, Se-ri is in critical condition. Simultaneously, Seung-jun attempts to save Seo Dan but is injured in the process.

The scenes switch between their two critical stages. Fans were on the tip of their seats, waiting to see who would make it out alive. Se-ri is getting visions of what may have happened if she hadn't crashed. Seung-jun delivers a monologue about fate, claiming that if anyone had to die, it should be him, and inquiring as to what Seo Dan meant when he said he liked Ramyeon. Fans wept when they learned of his death and Seo Dan's loss of her new love.

1. He's Not Coming Back (Descendants Of The Sun)

Fans admired Descendants of the Sun because of its love story set in the military. Being in love with a soldier is difficult and has ominous ramifications. Shi-jin and Dae-young are killed in a perilous operation in episode 15, bringing the emotional love tale to a tragic conclusion.

Shi-kin hands Mo-Yeon a letter, his dying will and testament, in which he apologizes for not following his commitments. The scene also turns to Myeong-Joo discovering the truth. They meet at headquarters, and Mo-Yeon insists that Myeong-Joon tell her it was a mistake, but as they realize the harsh fact, they both cry.

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