'If You Wish Upon Me' Kdrama | Is it Worth a Watch?

Who is Yoon Gyeo Rye? Why did Yoon Gyeo Rye join Team Genie?

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2022 can be officially rebranded as Korean dramas with healing themes. The first vibe of If You Wish Upon Me does give a sad, lonely yet healing vibe making you naturally curious.

If You Wish Upon Me is a 2022 KBS drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung and Sung Dung Il in major roles. Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeo Rye is quite endearing and heartful to watch the character struggle with his own issues. Here’s why to watch If You Wish Upon Me Kdrama right now!

A Unique Protagonist

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Just one look and dare you might fall for Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeo Rye in If You Wish Upon Me. The introduction of the character was quite appealing and shocking nevertheless. Yoon Gyeo Rye was released from prison and there are people who are chasing him for the stolen money.

A quick-witted Yoon Gyeo Rye easily escapes from the clutches of the henchmen who are pretty much bloodthirsty for him. Yoon Gyeo Rye’s tattoos are worth taking a look at. The tattoos might create more prejudice towards him as society pretty much defines and judge people.

Wonder why people see tattoos as a sign of Yakuza or gangs, normal people can have tattoos as well. Well, there’s that. The first thing that Yoon Gyeo Rye does is to straight up meet up with his buddy from the orphanage who is a vet. He retrieved his bag of cash from Jin Goo along with his son!

Yoon Gyeo Rye’s son is a dog who is terminally sick. Forgive us as the name wasn’t mentioned a lot except Yoon Gyeo Rye calling him his son. Yoon Gyeo Rye doesn’t look like a man seeking money, thrill or luxury but wants to be happy at least once in his life.

Even when Yoon Gyeo Rye goes to an expensive hotel or buys a car just to be with his son, he really has nowhere to go or no one to be with. It just gave a lonely and very sad vibe.

Strong Female Lead

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One of the best things about If You Wish Upon Me Kdrama is Sooyoung. She never disappoints. Sooyoung can make any role come alive as if it was written just for her. Her take on Seo Yeon Joo, a hospice worker at Woori and part of Team Genie was a good combination of a sense of duty, rationale and level-headedness.

The first impression of Seo Yeon Joo was quite stunning, as she is depicted as a body-building woman, there’s that and she brashly tackles Yoon Gyeo Rye when they meet again.

There goes a flying kick to Yoon Gyeo Rye’s brand new car and serves as a warning/ The woman screams “Don’t mess with me” vibes. Seo Yeon Joo might seem more of a gangster type than Yoon Gyeo Rye would ever be.  Seo Yeon Joo may appear as tough on the outside, but she’s caring and dedicated as she works with Team Genie to fulfil the dying wishes of patients.

Team Genie

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Charity begins at home or so the phrase said. It’s relevant and so ironic as Kang Tae Sik works with Team Genie to help the patients. Mr Yoon worked to create the Team Genie to help other patients and fulfil their dying wishes at Woori Hospice.

When Mr Yoon was on his deathbed, that’s when Kang Tae Sik first met Yoon Gyeo Rye. Yoon Gyeo Rye was out for a good walk with his son when Jang Seok Joon rained on his parade chasing him like a soul reaper.

The accident caused Kang Tae Sik an injury and he decided to drag or literally kidnap Yoon Gyeo Rye to become their driver. Thus began Yoon Gyeo Rye’s journey and a fated meeting with team Genie.

There’s more shock awaiting us. Yoon Gyeo Rye and Kang Tae Sik are more than just acquainted. They are the estranged father and son and it seems that Kang Tae Sik recognised him but not Yoon Gyeo Rye.

The Trio Assemble!

It was quite a heartbreaking moment when Yoon Gyeo Rye went to the beach. Along with his son, he walked towards the sea to commit suicide by drowning himself. The reason is still not mentioned why  Yoon Gyeo Rye wanted to die but he realised dying isn’t easy and living is painful as well. It was perplexing and a huge relief when Kang Tae Sik stops Yoon Gyeo Rye from his attempted suicide.

Why did Yoon Gyeo Rye join Team Genie?

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Due to violations of traffic, Yoon Gyeo Rye has two options either pay a fine or go to jail again. Maybe it was fate again, but Kang Tae Sik pleads with the judge to give Yoon Gyeo Rye a third option - community service.

Together with his son, Yoon Gyeo Rye arrives at Woori Hospice where he leaves a very sharp, spoiled and bratty kid image. Everything about his appearance spoke of a dangerous, rich and spoiled brat. It’s weird as none of them is true.

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Let’s not forget doctor Yang Chi Hun who might have a secret crush on Seo Yeon Joo or maybe not. Seo Yeon Joo seems interested in both Yang Chi Hun and Yoon Gyeo Rye, but a sudden love confession may even throw us with misdirection.

Overall, If You Wish Upon Me Kdrama is hard to skip and quite frankly the drama gives a slow-burn vibe but clearly it’s not the case. If You Wish Upon Me is adequately paced with not over the top scenes and a very clear sight of establishing how each character delivers their take on things.

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Episode 1

Another thing that makes If You Wish Upon Me such a pleasant watch is because of Jing Chang Wook and how he portrays Yoon Gyeo Rye. This Kdrama is definitely a masterpiece and most of all Yoon Gyeo Rye has the appeal to draw everyone in.

Yoon Gyeo Rye had his own struggles and wants nothing more than true happiness in life. He tries his best and yet has a very distant and lonely vibe. The bad boy persona is a real treat and Ji Chang Wook yet again nails his role.

Thanks for watching!!!