Iconic Times BTS Shut Down Their Haters

Despite the fact that BTS is without a doubt one of the most brilliant musicians on the planet, they are constantly subjected to unwarranted scrutiny. Here, Iconic times when BTS gracefully shut down their haters.

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Who hasn't heard of the worldwide phenomenon of 'BTS'? No one, in fact. BTS, a Korean boy band, has made history with their music all around the world. Their message of encouraging young people to embrace their flaws and the philosophy of "love yourself" has earned them a devoted and international following.

Furthermore, BTS is credited with establishing K-pop as a global music genre. The seven boys began their careers by joining Big Hit Entertainment, now known as HYBE, at a time when the business was dominated by the Big 3, namely SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. BTS not only built a reputation for themselves, but also for their agency, through their blood, sweat, and tears.

BTS broke 25 Guinness World Records last year. Not to mention the fact that they are the first K-pop idols to be nominated for both the Grammy and the Brit Awards. Despite the fact that BTS is without a doubt one of the most brilliant musicians on the planet, they are constantly subjected to unwarranted scrutiny. Making it popular in the western industry as an outsider is difficult; BTS has to deal with prejudice, plagiarism accusations, and other issues. But, over time, the boys have learned not just to ignore the haters, but also to respond with grace.

1. Suga Suing Haters

BigHit Music has always prioritized the health and well-being of its performers. Suing those who try to disparage or spread malicious rumours about their artists falls under this category.

When addressing the haters on VLive, SUGA stated that he enjoys it when people make hateful comments because he does not see it. People who make defamatory allegations about the boys are sued by his company.

As a result, the more hateful comments there are, the more people are punished. As a result, he jokingly requests that detractors hate them even more.

2. RM's Ears Itching

BTS performed during Lil Nas X's performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards. An Entertainment Tonight reporter asked RM about those who insult BTS online on the red carpet.

To the trolls, RM provided one of the sassiest yet graceful responses. He used the idiom "itching ears," which refers to a condition that occurs when people gossip behind someone's back about them. In Asian cultures, it is a very popular expression.

RM remarked that his ears were itching right then and there because someone was too busy hating on them. But they're here at the Grammys to have a good time, and they have fans that adore them and will gladly assist them in overcoming any problems.

3. The Iconic Suga Performance At the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon Stage

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The seven-membered K-pop Boy group BTS had a fantastic year in 2017. They made history as the first K-pop group to perform at an American award ceremony. In addition, on November 19, 2017, BTS had an incredible performance at the Americal Music Awards, as they always do. They suited themselves in rainbow hues to perform their smash hit song DNA. While this was a major moment for BTS, K-pop, and the ARMYs, there were a few onlookers who couldn't believe such a flawless performance could be real.

Perez Hilton, a well-known American blogger, was one of the onlookers. He remarked on Twitter that, despite lip-syncing throughout the performance, BTS' dancing redeemed them. And, as expected, BTS's devoted fans rushed to protect the boys' honour. But no one expected BTS' iconic lead vocalist, Suga, to put an end to the critics once and for all. Suga stopped rapping the last line of their song 'Mic Drop' during their live performance at the SBS Gayo Daejeon End Of Year Stage later that year to establish that they don't lip sync. Mic Drop, to be sure!

4. Jin’s Response To The BTS Chart Manipulation Controversy

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BTS's infectious song 'I Need You,' which is still a hit today, received its first music show prize on SBS in 2015. Furthermore, the group topped all of the charts, surpassing prominent boy groups such as Big Bang and EXO. This clearly did not sit well with the critics, who began accusing BTS of chart manipulation. Despite the fact that fans quickly proved them wrong by posting photographs of BTS albums, the debate raged on.

It didn't help matters that major news sites continued reporting on it every time BTS was sighted. It would be 2019 if we had to pick a year in which BTS did not hold back. They did it all, from globalizing the Korean Wave to selling out shows and shutting out haters. The eldest member of BTS, Jin, addressed the subject indirectly during his victory speech at the 2019 MAMA awards, where they won 'Song Of The Year.' He stated that he believes in crafting honest music. He urged audiences to recognize and appreciate the effort and hard work put in by artists who create music with integrity.

5. BTS' Hot100 VLive

After their single Butter spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot100, BTS debuted on VLive. SUGA then mocked the critics and tabloids who were hoping for their demise.

Their advancing age and the fact that they have achieved their peak is a regular topic of discourse among their detractors. The group, on the other hand, continues to disappoint the trolls by consistently exceeding their past offerings.

The tabloids and detractors will be eager to write disparaging pieces if the group's songs fail to chart. SUGA, on the other hand, taunted them, claiming that they wouldn't have the chance because they had been number one for five weeks.

6. MIC Drop silence

One of the most common criticisms levelled towards BTS is that they do not perform live. This is based on the fact that their vocals remain consistent despite performing complicated and demanding choreography.

To disprove the critics, SUGA smirked and stopped rapping his part in MIC Drop while the audio track continued to play on SBS Gayo Daejun in 2017. This implied that BTS sings live, as else a loud backup track would be played.

They're also one of the few bands to perform at award events in person. While some use a backing track, the septet sings fully live, according to cue papers from several award presentations. The boys are just that fantastic at live singing, which is unfortunate for the detractors.

7. "Nugu Group" Not Anymore

the seven boys in white outfits

'Nugu Group' or 'Nugu Boys' is one of the most derogatory nicknames given to BTS by antis. Furthermore, the word Nugu means "who" in Korean, and it was quite famous before BTS broke into the western world because the locals refused to recognize their skill. Furthermore, BTS was distinct from the start. When the mainstream songs were all about money and fame, they were creating songs about the academic pressure that children endure and accepting themselves.

In their own nation, they were viewed as outcasts. It's hard to imagine now, but the same award ceremonies that currently honour BTS with headlining performances used to limit screen time. BTS, on the other hand, continued to work hard in order to prove themselves, as well as because of the affection they received from the ARMY. BTS has won a total of eight Daesangs this year. For those who are unfamiliar, Daesang, or the Grand Prize, is the highest honour bestowed in the South Korean entertainment business. And after winning not one, but eight awards in a single year, BTS ensured that anyone who refers to them as the 'Nugu Group' will be laughed at.

8. King Fahd International Stadium Sold Out

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BTS made history by becoming the first foreign act to perform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019. The guys performed in front of a sold-out crowd of 60,000 people at the King Fahd International Stadium. BTS has sold out a number of stadiums, including the King Fahd International Stadium. This is a retort to those who insulted BTS when they revealed the stadium lineup for their 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' tour, which included the colossal Wembley Stadium.

In addition, Wembley Stadium, which seats 90,000 people, is located in London. BTS, on the other hand, was able to sell out the stadium seconds after tickets were available. BTS has sold out numerous major stadiums throughout the world, including the Allianze Parque Stadium in Brazil, ZOZO Marine Stadium in Japan, Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA in Japan, Stade De France in France, Soldier Field Stadium in the United States, Rose Bowl Stadium, and the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

9. The Wings Tour Finale

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After 2015, BTS began to gain popularity one by one, and the road to fame was undoubtedly difficult for the seven members. Starting with a modest firm, producing meaningful lyrics, and having a distinct sense of style, in short, the qualities that made fans love BTS enraged antis. Hate comments were hostile from the start, but they became poisonous around the time BTS began to acquire mainstream media attention. The outfits they wore and their haircuts, as well as major allegations such as plagiarism and chart manipulation, followed BTS everywhere.

Haters trended hashtags like 'plagiarism guys' and 'plagiarism groups' on the days that BTS would perform concerts. Even though ARMYs donated all of their love, they were heartbroken knowing that the boys would see the hashtags. Immature Twitter trolls are one thing, but media outlets focusing on the topic was another difficulty that BTS members had to deal with. 'Wings Tour: The Final,' the final concert in BTS's famed trilogy, was placed in December 2017.

During the show, a VCR was played in which BTS reflected on their exhausting but gratifying journey. Tears welled up in the eyes of fans as they watched the adolescent lads discuss why they want to be idols. When the members of BTS were shown staring at a wall covered in terms like 'plagiarism,' 'prejudice,' 'discrimination,' and the iconic '#plagirismboys,' everyone realized just how much BTS has been through.

This was a watershed event in Kpop because hateful remarks are commonplace in the business. Idols are expected to accept it as a byproduct of their success and celebrity. BTS not only proved the critics wrong by standing up to them, but it also became an example for other Kpop idols to speak out against unfavourable comments.

10. RM's PTD speech

RM gave a really thought-provoking remark towards the close of the PTD Las Vegas concert on the first day. He admitted to hearing "a lot of sh*ts" about the Grammy Awards but advised ARMYs to ignore it.

This could be linked to the lads having to deal with a lot of racist abuse and trolling following the award ceremony, despite having produced the best performance of the night at the show.

They are grown-ups, according to RM, who do not need to fight it out on Twitter. People have the right to free speech, but RM would rather spend his time productively and with those he cares about than promote hate on social media.

They didn't come to Vegas for the Grammys, but for the ARMYs. This subtle but strong message caught the ears of all the haters who were rapidly composing Twitter rants. Haters, in RM's words, need to mature.

Because of their quality, BTS will continue to be who they are and ascend the ladder of success. Haters can detest them all they want, but that won't stop the group from attaining its objectives.

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