I Am Number Four And The Crime Of The Missing Sequel

“When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”

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I Am Number Four was what one might count to be a forgotten epic. The movie kicked off the adaptation of the book series with the same name, however, it was unfortunate to see that it never truly got a continuation of its story.

Even though the movie wasn't as well received by critics as fans would have liked, book fanatics knew just how big of a gem was being missed out by there not being a sequel.

Pittacus Lore's book series spread across multiple beings who were possessing superhuman abilities.

The series itself is named the Lorien Legacies and the first book follows John Smith or Number Four along with his ever-growing feelings for his girlfriend, for whom he's ready to sacrifice his own race. The movie too followed the same.

It even gave the fans an amazing cast and a growing curiosity to follow Number Four.

However, due to the audience reviews, a second part of the same was never developed.

However, there are a few reasons why audience reviews should not be the sole focus for the decision of making a continuation.

Great Effects

Monster dog in a dark background scene

Unlike a few films of its time, I Am Number Four has impressive digital effects going on in its film due to the nature of the movie revolving around aliens with powers.

Due to the film following a protagonist that not only projects light but also has the power of telekinesis, the film faces the challenge of how to portray this as a cinematic viewing experience.

I Am Number Four, which was produced by Michael Bay, was the first DreamWorks Pictures movie to be distributed by Touchstone Pictures as a result of the studio's 2009 distribution agreement with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

They delivered on this aspect with everything expected and more.

The effects of the monsters within the show seem in place with the reality of the movie with realistic animalistic behavior and realistic skin that you can imagine what it would feel like to touch.    

Multiple powers at play

Man shooting blue beams out of his hands

The movie was not only eye candy. It also served out great action sequences with its antagonists and supporting characters.

John Smith or Number Four has the incredible athletic ability as it is, but he also has the power of illumination, and telekinesis and acts as a battery for others of his race.

With all of these powers in mind, action scenes become a light show to watch.

Not to mention that he is not the only one with powers that require heavy effects as Number Six or Maren Elizabeth has the power of manipulation of elements along with the fact that she can turn invisible.

Needless to mention that it would have been a spectacle to watch if this film triggered off its own franchise with the book series as its inspiration.

All powers are represented in the color blue while the antagonists carry ammunition rounds that are red, making the color tone of the film that much more vibrant and the action scenes that much more cinematic.

Perfect setup for a sequel

A bike and a car riding off into the sunset

The movie ended with Number Four and Number Six attempting to find the others and team up against the upcoming evils for their race in hopeful spirits.

That sounds like a movie trying to tell its audience that there will be a sequel.

Unfortunately, the audience treated I Am Number Four poorly and gave it poor reviews, and robbed the fans of the book series of any future installments.  

The movie established an entirely new world, and with it, there was left a possibility of everything that could possibly happen with the other legacies.

It created an entirely new fandom and even so, gave life to the fans who were following an underappreciated book series.

It is a shame to see such potential remain on the shelves, never to reach the silver screen due to it being ahead of its time.

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