Hunter X Hunter: Reason Why It Went On Hiatus!

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular manga and anime series which we have watched from childhood and here are some reasons why it went on hiatus!

huntex x hunter hiatus

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular shows from our childhood. The show got its popularity when it was reintroduced with modern drawings. Here are some of the reasons why our favorite show went on hiatus.

Some of the viewers argue that the author of Hunter x Hunter is lazy while some argue that the author got married to some women with whom he got busy and didn't get enough time to work on the story.

Well, there are a lot of speculations regarding this.

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But the reason the show went on hiatus is due to the pain that he was suffering from. To put it simply he was suffering from chronic pain which is very difficult to deal with.

It is also linked with what sort of activities we do.

For example, even sitting on a chair and relaxing for a while can be dangerous for the person who is suffering from chronic pain.

huntex x hunter hiatus

Yoshihiro Togashi is the author's name and he has done a great job in introducing us to this loving show which is full of action.

But due to his back pain, the story had always been through ups and down several times and now it went on hiatus.

Well, the other thing that comes to our mind a lot is that when will the series will finish, how long more will it take to finish the storyline as fans are eagerly waiting to read what is going to happen next in the storyline and even if we will get to see the ending as the author doesn't want any other person to draw rather than himself.

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Well, it is understandable as it is his years of hard work put together in this series and he wants to finish it properly as he likes.

The current arc of the story that I am talking about is the Dark Continent arc and it is only 30% finished according to the author so there is a lot of anticipation.

The other thing that pops up in the mind of the readers is that if the condition of Togashi is that bad will he be able to complete the manga?


Will, he dies due to the problem he is having. And then the publishers will have to abandon the whole project which will be very disappointing for many readers.

On the other hand, it is been said that in order to finish the story Togashi will rush up with the storyline and the ending of the series will be rushed which the fans will not be able to digest as we all know what happened with our other favorite series such as Bleach which had rushed ending and due to which fans all around the globe were not satisfied with the way things went.

So, it is also a point that some readers feel that the story will have a rushed ending due to which fans will have to go on their own way to make alternate endings if things go wrong. As we have seen in the Bleach Manga case.

Togashi will be around 70-80 years nearby maybe when he will finish his work on the manga as it is speculated by many viewers that it will take around 20-30 years more for Togashi to finish his work on the Hunter X Hunter manga possibly if everything turns right.

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The last time when we saw Hunter X   Hunter anime was around 2019. It finished with Chimera Ant arc which is by far my and many other viewers' favorite arc as there is a lot of action that is present in it.

Gon's last fight was the most epic one. It gets emotional when Gon sacrifices his all-life energy for his transformation. It definitely made a lot of viewers cry alone.

The Hunter X Hunter concluded on episode number 148 and covers up to manga chapter no. 339. This is not very far from The Dark continent arc as it is only 52 chapters ahead of the anime.

There is also a possibility of cliffhangers and fillers for the storyline which have been reported. As the writer only writes about 10 chapters per year. Which is considered a very slow pace for such a big series.

huntex x hunter hiatus

Yu Yu Hakusho is his other great work but due to the toxic working pressure in Japanese society, it broke Togashi mentally as due to the publishers he was being forced to work late hours. Which in return also took a toll on Togashi's health which got worse as time went on.

So the Japanese work culture can also be blamed due to its toxic nature and the workers who are doing their job have to work at odd hours as the publishers want.

They don't take into consideration the author's point of view but more importantly, they take into consideration the profit point of view due to which many shows get ruined in the end.

The same is the case with Bleach manga's writer as I have mentioned earlier.

So, the work of the manga should be as the author's point with minimal disturbance. Which will eventually create a good end result.

So, Togashi currently is trying to heal physically and mentally as the toll he took on his body and mind was a lot higher.

So, we can only hope that he can complete the manga in time and we can enjoy our favorite show without any hiatus. It has also been teased that Togashi can finish his work by the end of this year which gives a slight ray of hope.