How To Increase Stamina In Genshin Impact | Easy Guide

Stamina in Genshin Impact doesn't limit your daily gameplay but it's essential for combat and movement actions.

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Genshin impact is an open-world RPG game that has joyful landscapes and colorful characters.

Stamina is required for various actions that can be performed in the game.

Actions include fighting, eating, running, and swimming.‌‌

What is Stamina in Genshin Impact?


Screenshot 1
Stamina bar

Stamina is the most important resource in Genshin.

It doesn't limit your daily gameplay but it's essential for combat and movement actions.

There's a stamina gauze beside your character which naturally refills with time when exhausted.‌‌

What Kind of Actions Require Stamina?



Screenshot 2

To glide after getting a Wind Glider, players just need to press the jump button while they are already in mid-air.

It can be cancelled by pressing the jump button again, by touching the ground or by using a plunge attack.


Screenshot 3

Dashing can be performed in Genshin Impact by clicking on the Sprint button.

A double dash while sprinting takes a short cooldown.


Screenshot 4

Swimming consumes stamina in Genshin.

Unlike other activities, combat cannot be performed while swimming.


Screenshot 5

In order to climb a mountain, cliff, or wall, you need to jump towards it.

Combat cannot be performed while climbing and it takes stamina.

If players run out of stamina they will fall and sustain damage based on the point distance from where they have fallen.

Charged attacks


Screenshot 6
Charged attack

Charged Attacks can be performed by holding the Normal Attack button.

These are usually stronger and consume stamina to perform.

Note: Don't run out of stamina while gliding or climbing at a high altitude, falling off might result in death. ‌‌

How to Increase Maximum Stamina?


1. Collect all the Anemoculus/Geoculus ‌‌

Screenshot 7
Anemoculus and geoculus 

Anemoculus are special hidden items that are found all over The Tevyat.

They cannot be found on the map unless you get close to them.

Geoculus are the equivalent of Anemoculus but instead, they are found all over Liyue. ‌‌

2. Worship the statue of seven ‌‌

Screenshot 8
Statue of seven (electro)

After collecting the oculus, offer them to the statue of seven to increase the statue's level.

Doing so will increase the level of the statue as well as your max stamina.

The amount of oculi required increases with the increase in level.‌‌‌‌

Tips For Finding Oculi


Stars on the Minimap‌‌

‌                                                                       ‌‌‌‌

Screenshot 9

When you are close to an oculi, star shaped icons appear on the minimap.

These are a major hint to find oculus. ‌‌

Look around , glide and climb‌‌

Screenshot 10
Floating anemoculus 

Make sure that you look around while hunting for oculi , they are not always straight forward to find.

Sometimes they can be on top a tree, inside a barrier made up of rocks and mid air.

For a floating oculi , you have to climb a high point and glide towards your destination.‌‌

How To Use Less Stamina


1. Anemogranum


Screenshot 11

Anemogranum are small floating, glowing creatures that, if you run into them, will reduce your stamina consumption.‌‌

2. Active passive of some characters


Screenshot 12
Kaeya passive 

Please refer to this for all Active Passive‌‌

Characters with a passive talent of decreasing consumed stamina help a lot on your adventure.

Genshin characters with this special ability are Kaeya, Xiao, Beidou, Kokomi, Venti, Razor, Rosaria, and Amber. ‌‌


Use kaeya for less stamina consumption while sprinting.
Use amber for less stamina consumption while gliding.
Use beidou for less stamina consumption while swimming.