How to get Intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact?

"A fateful stone that connects dreams. Its glimmers can entwine fates and connect dreams, just as how its glimmer links stars into the shapes of a heart's desires."

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Intertwined fates are one of the most valuable resources that every player in Genshin Impact is required to collect.

They are used to pull characters or weapons as a wish, in a certain event-related banner.  

They are also described as "A fateful stone that connects dreams. Its glimmers can entwine fates and connect dreams, just as how its glimmer links stars into the shapes of a heart's desires."

How to collect Intertwined Fates?

Intertwined Fates

With a rarity of ***** ( 5 star), there are a lot of ways to collect these intertwined fates, some of them are listed below.

Paimon's Bargain Shop

Paimon's Bargain shop is a store where you can buy weapons, characters, and other necessary items using the in-game free-to-play resources.

Most importantly this shop allows you to buy fates to make wishes in order to increase your roster.

The intertwined fates can be purchased by using three different currencies.



Primogems are a type of currency that can be obtained through quests, looting and unlocking chests, and activating teleportation waypoints.

Masterless Stardust

Masterless Stardust

These are different forms of currency that are obtained from wishes. One can get 15 Masterless Stardust for every 3-star weapon you receive.

The only current use for Masterless Stardust is to trade it in for other items in the Paimon's Bargains shop

Masterless Starglitter

Masterless Starglitter

It is another form of currency that can be obtained from wishes.

Masterless Starglitter is obtained when a ⅘-star  weapon or a character that the player already owns is pulled.

The amount of Masterless Starglitter obtained varies depending on the weapon or character obtained.

Adventure Rank Rewards

Adventure Rank Rewards

Adventure rank is the progression of a player through the game which can be raised by gaining Adventure Experience.

On increasing the adventure rank, players can claim the reward from the adventures guild.

After reaching a certain adventure rank players can increase their World rank automatically or by completing an ascension quest.

It increases the difficulty of monsters and bosses, and also gives a surplus amount of rewards.

Adventure Handbook Rewards

Adventure Handbook Rewards

The adventure handbook records the progression of the player though out the game's system.

It also provides various information and rewards based on accomplishments.

It is unlocked during the Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild quest, which is available after completing Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.

Battle Pass Rewards

Battle Pass Rewards

The Battle Pass is a recurring event The Battle Pass is a recurring Event unlocked at Adventure Rank 20.

Once unlocked, players can complete various daily, weekly, and BP Period missions in order to gain Battle Pass EXP.

There are a total of 50 levels and each requires 1000 XP. On reaching each level, players can unlock various rewards mostly primogems and fates.

Frost Bearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree Rewards

A frost-bearing tree is a landmark in Dragonspine where you can offer crimson agates to increase the gratitude of the tree.

The level of the tree increases with gratitude and provides some valuable rewards including Mora, fates, ores, and weapons.

Character Ascension

Character Ascension Rewards

Character Ascension is a feature that allows a character to go beyond their max level and also provides additional bonuses.

It is helpful as it raises a character's max level, raises a character's base stats, raises a character's Ascension Bonus Stat, and unlocks new Talents.

Ascension also gives fates that can be obtained from the character page.

Spending Real Money

Crystal Top-Up

Crystal Top-Up

A player can spend their real currency to buy crystals which are further used to buy primogems from the in-game shop.

It's very difficult to get a character of your favorite in Genshin as the pity system is random.

It gives a 4-star character out of 10 wishes and a 5-star character out of 70 wishes.

It is a great option for players who like to spend money and get their favorite character.

Gnostic Hymn

Battle Pass Bounty

Gnostic Hymn is a special Battle Pass event that can be purchased by spending $ 10 USD which will unlock a second tier for the battle pass.

It includes an extra battle pass reward at level 30 where players can choose any of the 4-star weapons from the bounty.  

It awards additional items with the battle pass boundary such as Mora, hero's wit, primogems, fates, and resin.

How to use Fates?


Fates are used to make wishes. Wishing in the gacha system is the only way to get new characters and make your roster a powerhouse.

To unlock the ability to Wish on your account, you'll need to complete the 'Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind - Knights of Favonius' Archon Quest'.

You can make 20 wishes in the Beginner Banner, using Acquaint fate, and get some good characters to start your journey.

In order to continue through the late game, you need to make a lot of wishes in the Standard Banner (using Acquaint Fate) and Event or Weapons Banners (using Intertwined Fates).  

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