How to Create Best Comedic Characters Feat Gaus Electronics Kdrama!

Who are the best characters of Guas Electronics?

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2022 at its best again with Gaus Electronics. Perhaps, one of the most iconic and hilarious Korean dramas of the year, Gaus Electronics was a manifesto of unabashed comedy and not so believe reality.

The popular Kdrama created some of the best characters and all of them are equally lovely.

You can’t help but like them and laugh with them through the 12 episode journey. Gaus Electronics is not an ordinary comedy-drama, it’s so gold with slapstick comedy that every character makes it quite entertaining. Who is the most legendary and iconic Character in Gaus Electronics Kdrama?

What is Gaus Electotnic’s Plot?

Drama vs Webcomics

Meet Marketing Team 3 of Gaus Electronics. The team is so ominous that even auditors won’t visit them!

A team that consists of some odd members who band together to create an exceptional team of misfits but are sincerely unapologetic as they educate Mr Lee Sang Shik.

An odd guy, the sincere but troublemaker Sang Shik doesn’t make life easy for others, especially his sunbae Cha Na Rae.

Both Kwak Dong Yeon and Go Sung Hee make their characters so memorable with their love-hate charades. On the other hand, Gaus Marketing Team 3 gets a hidden card, the dark horse Baek Ma Tan. Gun Kang Mi and Baek Ma Tan make us question everything that we know about work, love and the Kdrama cliches!

Who are the best characters of Gaus Electronics and what makes them such a keep?

Ki Sung Nam

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The salaryman, Ki Sung Nam is one of the experienced team members of Marketing Team 3.

At first, Ki Sung Nam may look like one of the atrocious and blood-sucking bosses who would do anything to torment his peers and juniors, but don’t get fooled.

Sung Nam is quite different and in no way evil. His team members like him and look upto him. He is overly compassionate and looks after his subordinates.

His way of looking for Baek Ma Tan and offering extreme generosity was genuine. Sung Nam picks a lot of flaws of the youngest member, Lee Sang Shik because of his odd behaviour but means no harm.

Mo Hae Young

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One of the crazy characters of Gaus Electronics, Mo Hae Young can be a narcissist, self-centred and most definitely a Sang Shik abuser.

Mo Hae Young works in the same office as Sang Shik and uses her charm to make Sang Shik work for her almost like a slave.

The polyamorous Hae Young is childish and can drive one's blood to boil, but the harmless character means no harm unless it’s to Sang Shik.

She would do anything to get out of dating Sang Shik yet making him miserable and embarrassed. Good thing, Sang Shik finally moved on from her.

Sung Hyung Mi

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The unpredictable sunbae of Marketing Team 3 in Gaus Electronics, Sung Hyung Mi is a negotiation specialist. Hyung Mi never smiles and people made it a challenge to make her smile.

Legend says the only time she smiled was when she quit work after gaining a lot from selling bitcoins.

The unexpected couple of Gaus Sung Mi and Cha Wa Wa was one hell of an unpredictable twist. Hyung Mi is perceptive and knows when things are going off for Cha Na Rae.

Wie Jang Byung

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The department head of Marketing Team 3, Wie Jang Byung is an avid gamer. Although he likes minding his own business, Jang Byung is a victim of Choi Dal Soon’s planning.

No matter how much he tries to outwit her, he never wins. On top of that, Jang Byung’s life gets into more misery because of Sang Shik who tries his best to do things right, but things go way wrong than expected.

Maybe it’s his fate or pure misery that Jang Byung gets the short end of the stick and never gets out of trouble.


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The representation of diversity in Korean dramas and breaking typical cliches and stereotypes, Gaus Electronics did it best.

Sang Shik’s roommate and Na Rae’s neighbour, Aziz was a fresh breath of character who was certainly one of the best.

With his exceptional quote “That’s your prejudice”, Aziz took a dig at the biases while his way with words to monopolise and make both Sang Shik and Ma Tan work for his part-time gigs.

Aziz joins Marketing Team 3 and Ma Tan volunteers to train the new maknae.

Gun Kang Mi

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The cheerful, helpful and bright Gun Kang Mi is the only one who knew Baek Ma Tan’s secret.

Although their relationship started with a huge secret and Kang Mi paying off a huge debt, Ma Tan is head over heels for her.

The way Kang Mi rejects Ma Tan but also falls for him, in the end, was precious. The only one who doesn't give in to Ma Tan is Kang Mi.

If there’s ever a season 2 of Gaus Electronics, the power couple Kang Mi and Ma Tan will be unforgettable.

Cha Na Rae

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The hate-to-love trends in Korean drama would never die down. The incompatible sunbae-hoobae of Marketing Team 3 Cha Na Rae was the one who bullied Sang Shik the most.

Although it wasn’t exactly the typical workplace bullying, the name-calling was hilarious for some reason.

Hyung Mi reminded her how Na Rae was the one who name-called Sang Shik the most and if someone who oppressed poor him was Na Rae herself.

From the typical damsel in distress, Gaus Electronics didn’t have any, rather strong female characters including Na Rae.

Let’s not forget it was Na Rae and Aziz who saved Sang Shik from second-hand embarrassment and a lifetime of a predicament when Hae Young was atrocious enough to trample on poor him.  

Na Rae and Sang Shik made a lot of sense and the cuddly cutesy vibes of the drama were quite entertaining even if you don’t like fluffy typical workplace romance.

Lee Sang Shik

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The main protagonist, Lee Sang Shik has a bright personality but is the troublemaker of Marketing Team 3.

Sang Shik causes trouble, although unintentionally, but never gets his spirit broken.

His obliviousness to others' moods was a fun thing to watch. It is like trouble attracts Sang Shik. No matter how much Hae Young used him, he is no pushover and was more dedicated to Na Rae when they started dating.

Sang Shik’s comedic relief with Ma Tan is the high point and one of the best things about Gaus Electronics. Long live Marketing Team 3!

Baek Ma Tan

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One of the best characters ever written in Gaus Electronics. The chaebol and heir to Power Group,  Baek Ma Tan rebels against his father and joins the rival company Gaus Electronics.

His idea of struggle and living the not-so-rich life can be often exaggerated and has elements of disbelief, but his genuine lack of knowledge and pure chaebol behaviour is pure gold.

Ma Tan falls head over heels for Kang Mi but gets rejection every time. Baek Ma Tan’s role will probably be the most iconic in Kdrama history.

Watch Gaus Electronics to get your daily dose of laughter. The series is very highly rated and rightfully so. The series deserves a solid 9.5/10!

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