How To Breath Featuring Tanjiro

With a hundred broken bones, Tanjiro could still give Flash a run for his money thanks to his recovery breathing.

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a young boy fighting with water breathing

Shonen action fantasy often has insane power systems and origins.

The mystical source of inner power is present throughout these stories in various forms.

Hunter X Hunter’s 'Ren-Nen', Naruto’s 'Chakras', Dragon Ball’s 'Chi', Jujutsu Kaisen’s Cursed Energy, and so on are some examples of this.

Some of these are completely fantastical in nature while some derive their origin from real-world practices like Martial arts.

The breathing forms in Demon Slayer fall into the latter category.

Demon Slayer Breathing Styles

young boy using fire breathing

Sun Breathing, the first Breathing Style ever conceived, is the source of all known Breathing Styles currently taught inside the Demon Slayer Corps.

The majority of known Breathing Styles imitate a natural element (such as flame, water, or wind) by using the user's movements, methods, and talents to do so.

In essence, Breathing Styles are swordsmanship styles that employ an esoteric breathing method known as Total Concentration Breathing, which is performed and taught by members of the Demon Slayer Corps and used by Demon Slayers in combat.

Just like Naruto’s Chakra natures, different Demon Slayers are more suited to particular breathing styles.

The proficiency of their swordsmanship is related to their control over their breathing technique.

Demon Slayer Breathing Style In Real Life

young boys exercising to enhance their lung capacity
Demon Slayer Boys working on their lung capacity

Unfortunately and to the surprise of no one, there is no way of breathing that can give you superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

Demon Slayer probably draws its inspiration from breathing techniques taught in Martial Arts, Yoga, etc.

When done correctly, most meditative and improved breathing activities promote blood oxygenation and are thought to improve general physical and cognitive function.

During fights in Demon Slayer, we’ve seen Tanjiro recover from near-fatal injuries and fight like there’s nothing wrong with him just through proper breathing.

To Tanjiro, it doesn’t matter if he has 11 broken ribs or a punctured lung, with recovery breathing, he could overcome literally everything.

For us living breathing human beings, it may be impossible to attain demon-slaying levels of physical prowess through breathing alone.

However, enhanced breathing techniques and greater lung capacity may optimize your stamina and speed.

If you’re an aspiring athlete or just someone wishing to run one extra mile in the morning, Demon Slayer may inspire you in more ways than one.